Bethenny Frankel Reveals She Has Been Living Out Of Hotels For Two Years


The Real Housewives of New York City premiered Tuesday night on Bravo and Bethenny Frankel made her return to the show that made her a household name. Frankel revealed that she has been living out of hotels while her soon to be ex-husband lives in the Tribeca apartment they built together.

While apartment hunting with Fredrik Eklund, Bethenny broke down in tears over the fact that she is basically homeless.

Frankel tells Eklund that she has recently realized she is on “the last legs” of being able to have a baby.

“I’m at an age where it feels like I can’t do it anymore, you don’t have your options,” Bethenny explains. “You can but everybody isn’t Halle Berry doing it at 46. I don’t even have an apartment. I don’t have anywhere to live.”

Bethenny continues, “I don’t have any stability to be able to do it anyway. I want my life back. I don’t want the same life back, I want a new life. It’s not normal… I was broke six, seven years ago and now I’m homeless. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

“I work so hard and he [Jason] lives in there and it’s just really hard,” Frankel says.

In her interview, Bethenny confesses, “This is a stranger… a person that I wouldn’t even talk to on the street now. That’s very sad. It’ll mess your mind up. The fact that I live in different hotels, corporate apartments, I’m totally without a home for over two years and he lives in the apartment that I worked my whole life to buy. It doesn’t even make any sense.”

Watch the show highlight below.

Photo Credit: Bravo