Bethenny Frankel Reveals RHONY Will Return April 7th


Bethenny Frankel got her start on the Real Housewives of New York City and in a brand new interview the Skinnygirl mogul is revealing that the new season will return to Bravo on April 7th.

Eric Herbst from Fusion sat down with Frankel at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival and she answered questions about her return to the show and her ever growing businesses.

When asked about the reports that she is getting into the medical marijuana business, Bethenny teased, “I’d rather talk about cocktails because I am in the booze business and I am not in the marijuana business. We are here to promote my cocktails and my cocktail book.”

Frankel’s latest book titled I Suck At Relationship So You Don’t Have To will be released the same day that RHONY premieres.

“I’m really excited to be back,” Frankel says. “It’s very different than past seasons and I’m surprised, but I really loved it and I’m excited.”

When asked about her past feud with Countess LuAnn, Bethenny explained, “I think we are all older and wiser… the veterans I’m good with. There will be new discord and of course I’m going to get into it with whoever is bothering me at that time. I haven’t changed that much. I don’t know if I bring the drama, I think the drama is there and I just might happen to call it out.”

Eric asked Bethenny if Jill Zarin contacted her when it was announced she was returning to the show. “I have… I’m not going to talk about that actually,” Frankel said.

To watch the video of the full interview, click here.

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5 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel Reveals RHONY Will Return April 7th”

  1. I feel like the RHONY cast is very boring. I think I watch 2 or 3 episodes last season. I couldn’t get into it.
    Bringing back Bethany in no incentive to watch this season either.

  2. Would that make next week the season finale of RHOBH (if they go with 3 part reunion and a lost footage episode)? That seems very sudden, though maybe they will loose the lost footage episode or only have a 2 part reunion.

    Have high hopes for RHONY, they really needed Bethenny back. Ramona just wasn’t a great “main” housewife.

    Carol, Heather and Kristen have all been great additions. But the show still leans Ramona (as all the shows do to one main original housewife) hopefully they redshift it away from her this season.

    Bethenny not wanting to talk about Jill is probably the most insulting thing she could do to Jill. She loves a bit of spotlight. Though I would like to know what she said if she did reach out. I’d kinda like to see them reunited but know they’d both be really fake with each other that it would probably be terrible tv.

  3. Hmmm, there hoes Bethenny, bringing the drama before the season even starts…I guess Andy’s already getting his money’$ worth!!

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