Bethenny Frankel Reveals Why She Didn’t Participate In Group Hug at RHONY Reunion


At the end of part three of the Real Housewives of New York City reunion, the ladies, along with host Andy Cohen hugged. However, Bethenny Frankel noticeably remained seated and stayed out of the group hug and now she is explaining why she didn’t participate.

“I don’t double kiss & I don’t fake hug,” Bethenny tweeted. “Thankfully, I had strep so it wasn’t an option anyway.”

And even when she was called out by fans for not participating, she stands by her decision. “Truth. I wouldn’t have anyway. #nofakehugs,” she wrote.

She added, “Now that you mention it I don’t do group hugs anyway.”

Take a look at the footage below.

Photo Credit: Bravo


29 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel Reveals Why She Didn’t Participate In Group Hug at RHONY Reunion”

  1. OK, I know I’m not popular in my opinions of Bethenny, but all I can say here is, “Right on Bethenny”. I would not have hugged any of these ladies either. I am not real big on “fake & phoney”, just for appearance sake. It would absolutely have made me physically ill if I had had to do that. I know it isn’t popular and you will get lots and lots of backlash from this decision, but who cares?? I’d rather be my true self than a phoney any day of the week. As for the strep throat??? Well, I don’t think it was that contagious and you really didn’t need any excuse other than not wanting to be fake to explain your actions.

    1. I agree as well from another Texas gal :). I’ve had strep before though and it is contagious and systemic. I seem to be a day late and a dollar short when it comes to posting so not sure if anyone is going to see this.

  2. Not buying it…unless she is the center of attention and the spotlight is on her then count her out! Wish she would leave the show, not a team player.

  3. I call bullshit. Bethenny stayed on the couch to try to fish out whatever Ramona had behind her pillow when she alluded to there being more evidence of Tom cheating. While everyone was hugging you can see Bethenny fishing behind Ramona’s pillow to pull out her proof. Bethenny doesn’t know when to stop. She’s a psycho snake.

    1. She was getting her own phone and documents she brought that we didn’t see. Whatever Ramona does or doesn’t know, she will soon tell or already has told Bethenny. They are friends off the show. They both actually WORK. Maybe that’s why they finally became real friends. Luann is the evil one, making up total lies to try to ruin Bethenny’s character, because her own rep. in Manhattan is burned, & has been for years. Tom, after trying for 2 other HW, wants his business on Housewives. No other reason to go after 3. There are only 30 or so HW all together in the entire country, so going after 3 has no decent explanation. Dorinda is the mean one. Speaking for Jules and Sonja, telling Sonja what she felt during her thing with Bethenny, then actually arguing with her about how SONJA felt, no one has the right to tell another person how THEY FELT. How obnoxious. Sonja said she wasn’t afraid of or put off by Bethenny, and she had the gall to disagree with Sonja’s own feelings on the matter, then she tells OTHERS to mind their business. I used to like her even with her pig BF, but not much now. Yep, Bethenny has a business to run that she herself built ALONE, and she does not NEED this job. I would bet all the rest do though. That’s why most women don’t like her. I would be her friend way before Luann, Dorinda or Jules, that’s for sure. Jules needs to learn how to be a Mom to her kids. She can’t even handle taking care of 2 kids with no job and a housekeeper. Bragging about her apartment in the city being 10 times the size of Bethenny’s house in the Hampton’s, wow, as if that speaks to some kind of character she possesses! Never asking the nanny she interviewed one question about how she would treat her kids. Only about sample sales and how she would dress Rio. Never once did she say “the only thing I care about is how you treat my children, I only care that you are good to my children, that you are kind and loving toward them,” not one WORD. Bethenny would be considered a great business person if she was a man. People do love her, just not her own Mom. That messes anyone up, and for their entire life, too. People shouldn’t say how it would affect them if they haven’t lived it. She has many people she loves, mostly women, and who love her. Luann is so jealous of Bethenny she is eaten up with hate, and she thinks others are jealous of HER because she has a guy who has screwed his way around NY, just like she has! Wow! What a catch both of them are, soul mates my as*!!

    1. so agree.. she is the most miserable person out there.. 99% of the viewers HATE her.. you can’t be that mean, that vindictive, throw that much negative energy out there, ruin almost every gathering by your crazy, psychotic episodes.. and not think that all of that is not going to come back and wack you.. Karma Bethenny.. get serious help!!!!

  4. She never was a team player. Not buying the strep. She was loud and aggressive all 3 parts. I don’t like forced anything but she just looked so miserable sitting there. She’s pretty damaged……

  5. She has bad manners anyway, who cares what she did or didn’t do!!!!!!!! Too toxic
    and negative. She has a business to run, why does she need to do this show?? Good-by Felicia!!!

  6. I don’t blame Bethenny for starting to leave, after Luann asks and answers her own question. She is so obnoxious. She thinks she knows what others feel, what their reasons are, her and Dorinda. Answering for Bethenny, saying that she should have been the one! Really? So after 3 or 4 Dirty Martini’s she can slur to Luann that she saw a photo of Tom sucking face with some bimbo? And about the Strep thing, I believe that. The way they were seated, Ramona was a good 18″ away from Bethenny the entire time, and I believe that is why. Not because Bravo or Andy think she deserves more room on the “couch” blah blah blah. Bethenny has been quite ill, and she shared what she wanted to about it. After a prolonged illness, lot’s of medication, surgery, people’s immune systems become compromised. That is a FACT, no matter whether one is a fan of hers or not. She doesn’t do the editing. The entire “Sandbar” BS, one of the reasons for Bethenny, besides Luann and her attitude with squealing “I’m getting MARRIED 15 TIMES, was that she had a serious, life threatening illness and she can’t be jumping up on and off of docks, on her feet all day in the Sun, on a flat boat, God, give the woman a break there. I have ridden in those boats, it might have looked comfy, going very slow is fine, but speed up to 15 MPH and it is like sitting in something that hits rocks every 10 seconds, it jars the guts out of a healthy person. And, AND, a person would go to THEIR friend for advice and counsel, not someone else’s. How totally obtuse. That is like all the reunions, the others had all kinds of time to ponder and think and make up lies to cover THEIR TRACKS, like Luann accused Bethenny of. Why the hell would she go to someone she doesn’t know well or get along with that well? Dorinda blamed Tom during the show, where the blame belongs. Just EXACTLY what Bethenny said, tell someone the partner is cheating, they get back together, then they hate you for telling. I would be very surprised if Luann herself has been faithful to Tom since the urine ring came.
    Also, she didn’t accept Sonja’s apology for her day of bitchy, but Sonja accepted Luann’s total bashing of HER. What a TOTAL BITCH LUANN IS. And, I mean in every description of the word “bitch.” Like texussgal said, Luann would marry anything. She obviously forgives ANYTHING men do, it’s only women she refuses to forgive. Sonja was the one I felt bad for the entire reunion. Luann said the most disgraceful things about her, then not 5 minutes later, tells her she hopes happiness upon her. What a hypocrite. She proves she is a hypocrite every time she speaks for more than 5 minutes. When the scenes were playing with Sonja, about Tom, she was whispering such demeaning things. Sonja is the one who shouldn’t EVER forgive that bitch.

  7. Maybe she was searching for a throat lozenge or tissue….afterall, she did have strep throat! LOL. Bethenny really isn’t a mean girl per se. I think she grew up in the school of “hard knocks” and doesn’t look at the world and things around her with rose colored glasses on. I guess I can identify with her because I have lived a rough life (not looking for sympathy) and I refused to put a “pollyanna spin” on everything like my dear mother did. I didn’t bury my head in the sand and wait for the dust to settle. Had to face things head on and tackle them as best I could. I applaud Bethenny for taking the stands she has and love the fact that she refuses to be phoney and pretend that everything is all right. The rest of these “ladies” are so effin two-faced and phoney it isn’t funny. With friends like these, who needs enemies??!!

    1. Bethenny was gathering her own things. The seating almost proved the fact that she had strep. She is a lot of things, liar isn’t one of them. If she didn’t want to touch most of the bitches, she damn well would have said that. Can anyone deny she would have said that if that had been the reason, she has pretty much said it like she feels it all along, why would this be any different. She also said she wouldn’t have done the group hug anyway, so the fact she was contagious just made it easier for her.

      1. She didn’t look well either. I know she’s been ill recently, but she looked so pale at the reunion. The make up artists can cover all that up and make you look great, but she just looked wiped out. As far as the reunion itself, it seemed like a never ending yell fest with nothing really concrete to yell about. I found it kind of boring after a while.

  8. Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone voted for who they thought was Best Dressed at the RHONY reunion. They did a poll on WWHL. I voted for Bethenny because I liked what she was wearing; liked her jewelry as well. I tried to vote Best Overall (my own category:) to Sonja because she looked the most put together – hair great, makeup great, dress was pretty but not my favorite. Anywho, you can only text by first name so my choice was Bethenny. Anyone else vote or have an opinion? I will say that I do like Carole, but that dress! Yikes! Almost as bad as Luanne’s glitter pantsuit..

  9. I would vote Bethanny for best dressed too. Sonja looked beautiful too but the others were a bit weird. Ramona looked uncomfortable in her black dress with what appeared to be removable straps and Luanne just looked cheap (as usual). Carol’s outfit was all over the place and Jules looked ready to join a marching band! In saying that Bethanny always looks beautiful. She has great taste.

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