Bethenny Frankel Reveals Which Of Her Co-Stars is Best to Travel With

We are currently watching the cast of RHONY vacation in Mexico and Bethenny Frankel is opening up about which of her co-stars is the best to travel with.

Surprisingly, Frankel shared that Luann D’Agostino is the best Housewife to travel with. That’s “because Luann gets ready quickly, she can hold her liquor, she’s fun, she doesn’t get in a bad mood and she’s up for anything,” Bethenny told E! News.

In fact, Luann falling into the bushes in Mexico was one of B’s favorite parts of the trip. “Luann falling down twice without a scratch on her was pretty fantastic too. The elasticity in her body from the tequila is mesmerizing,” she said. “And she got up to surf the next day! And did yoga!”

We will continue to watch the ladies in Mexico this week! Who would you want to travel with?

Photo Credit: Bravo