Is Bethenny Frankel Returning To RHONY?


Former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel reunited with Andy Cohen and Ramona Singer Tuesday night in the WWHL clubhouse. After the recent news that her talk show has been cancelled, many people were interested to see if there were any signs Bethenny planned on returning to The Real Housewives of New York or Bravo.

Andy was excited for the RHONY reunion in the clubhouse and even asked viewers in the poll question; Which RHONY would they like to see return? Bethenny won with 51%, Jill Zarin followed with 36%.

A caller asked Bethenny on the After Show what’s next for her, and if she would ever return to the show. Bethenny looked at Andy and said, “You planned that question.” Andy explains to Bethenny that it was a question they got a lot for her.

“I have my business with Skinnygirl and many other products that are launching this year,” Bethenny explained. “But I really do need a break.”

“Could you take a break? Andy asks.

“Totally,” Bethenny says. “Beyond. I’m full. I’ve been white-knuckling it for so long trying to get somewhere and I was hopeless and broke and alone. I’m just really happy, I’m so grateful, it’s been such a great journey, but I really do need to check-out and take a break.”

“I played the fame game. I won and I don’t really want to do that right now,” Frankel added.

Good news for all you Bethenny fans… Our sources tell us Frankel has talked to Bravo and with Andy about possibly returning to the network.

“Bethenny says she needs a break and she does,” our insider shares. “But she is made for reality TV and she knows it.”

“Bethenny is also great friends with Andy Cohen, who just launched his own production company. They have definitely talked about working together in the future,” our insider reveals.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


6 Replies to “Is Bethenny Frankel Returning To RHONY?”

  1. #1 : Ramona looks amazing, infact, better than ever. Whatever she is doing, she should publish it in her book. Looks young and rejuvenated (great dermatologist I guess).

    #2: Loved Bethenny, but she looks very tired and much older than she actually is. Stop with whatever you are doing honey… return back to your natural self.

    #3: She is a working girl, I can not imagine her not working. Afterall she is partly jewish 🙂 She is a very savvy business woman, so she probably already has a few ideas on how to sell herself…

    #4: Hated everything about Jill and what she stood for in last 2 seasons when she was on, but at least she was interesting (certainly not something I can say about current blah cast), yet vile

    #5: Andy should take a looooong break, he is very boring, fake and unoriginal host. I applaud him for creating the franchise, but I would prefer to see him behind the scenes… not everyone is a star honey

  2. I would love to see Bethany on the show. I started watching the show 3 seasons ago and would to see what she brings!!

  3. I love Bethenny, but she needs her own show. I don’t want to see her back with the witches on a housewives show.

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