Bethenny Frankel Respects Dorinda for Standing By John


Bethenny Frankel is taking to her blog to share her thoughts on last week’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York City. Frankel says she respects Dorinda for standing by her man, but isn’t going to play the game of ‘anything you can do, I can do better.’

“Buckle up. This train is now leaving the station and there is no conductor. Now it’s gonna get interesting. Let’s break down this week.

As far as Jules not knowing how to make coffee after claiming to make breakfast every day, that’s just odd. So on this very day, when the camera crews are there and you’re doing your daily ritual, this is the day you will learn to make coffee. This was confusing.

Motherhood is a sticky topic, but structure is important to me, and your kids getting to school an hour late every day, and the school not caring because they need your money, well that’s some different shiz.

Getting into a NY private school is like getting into an ivy league. It’s also one of the wealthiest cities in the world, so there are plenty of people to give schools their money.

Ramona can talk the hind legs off a donkey, but in my experience, she asks a lot about what I’m up to. First we go through her, then we go through what I’m up to. I think she is engaging. She has a lot going on right now. Carole is mellow and she is in a stable, chill relationship and has less drama, info and gossip to impart.

Carole and I connected. She is in love. This is real. I’m now awake and taking this relationship seriously. Luann was pushy with me this summer with invitations, including her birthday (offering to disinvite a former housewife she is much better friends with if I came). I felt slightly used. She seemed lonely and a little unhappy this summer, and she really wanted a boyfriend. I will always have respect for the history she and I have. I just needed to take a step back.

Once we get to the hotel, I understand both sides with Carole and Ramona. They like each other, but they’re not fast and furious friends. Dorinda pointed that out, albeit a little harshly, but look who’s talking.

Dorinda went in and wanted us to be transparent, so I just got into it. Dorinda likes to wax poetic and talk about her man, and yes, they are both sales people. Again, look who’s talking. It was a weird summer, and some odd sh– went down, so I was doing some housekeeping. I deeply respect her standing by her man.

I thought she had a right to tell me she can date who she wants, and I stand by that. Just don’t shove him up my ass. Carole is already living there, and there simply is no room left.

Now to Ramona. ABORT! ABORT! I just went in the water and there are sharks in there. Stay out, bitch. But, God love her, and this is why she is TV gold. She dove straight in with no wetsuit and unleashed the beast. I started it. Stay mad at me. Ramona knows not what she does.

Oh and BTW, this is my birthday. As far as Dorinda’s fantasy game of “anything you can do I can do better,” I’m not playing. When you walk into a random hotel room, and you happened to have hosted a party there and run into someone you were friends with 10 years ago, it is mentionable. Dude, chill.

Speaking of chilling events, WTF with Jules taking an ice bath? Ummmm I’m drinking with that ice, and also, this is a hotel suite. There are three beautiful bathrooms for you to do your “mikvah” cleansing ritual in. That was drama for the sake of drama.

Next, enter at your own risk when talking about menopause and age. You can’t get upset at people talking about your weight if you go in on their age. And if we’re getting technical, one you can control and one you can’t. Plus menopause is very sensitive for a woman and has its drawbacks, like heat flashes.

Speaking of which, Dorinda and Ramona were cooling their flashes on the air conditioner which just brought me joy.”

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9 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel Respects Dorinda for Standing By John”

  1. I thought Jules was really unnatural trying to make it look likes she cooks, I thought it was so awkward and phony, I didn’t understand why they were introducing themselves as something they’re not, I would rather see what you really do and what your really like, hopefully that changes I can’t stand watching phony, but she is a newbie so I’ll let it slide……for now

  2. The only people who are going to want to be around Bethenny… if she doesn’t stop telling everyone what she thinks is wrong with them… are people she pays. If she wants to fix something…she should start with the person she sees in the mirror everyday…and leave everyone else alone.

    1. Very good point. I am going to give her a few more passes, but that’s it. I have always been a fan, but the the first 3 seasons of NY were great reality TV, IMO. Last season, when she came back she was a MESS. I believe Heather played a part in that. I really do think Heather was very unhappy that B was back. I never liked Heather, even though, naturally I had sympathy for her children and the health challenges she experienced with her son. As for her, nah. It was very transparent that she wanted to keep what she believed was the role of the “Know it all.” She thought she knew it all from the beginning, and I plain did not like her. She thought she was the last word on all things.
      Bethenny has a past that certainly makes for a challenging emotional life. And anyone who believes we can completely leave behind traumatic experiences from childhood is a better woman than I. Well, leave them behind is one thing. Leave them out of our personality and how we see things, react to things, how we parent our own children, how we run our business, how we relate to others, how close the feelings from those times sometimes are to the surface, not so much.
      I agree with Dorinda that what happens in the summer, off season, should stay off season. Only if it is a funny recollection of happenings is it allowed. IMO. I know it is a reality show. I know that I am far from understanding how it all works. I do KNOW that Bethenny does know though. She knows exactly how it comes off when she makes these insulting comments about John. Unless he is in her face being out of line, shut up. It makes you look bad, Bethenny, not John so much.

      1. I love NYC…it is my favorite HW franchise. Probably because these women don’t pull their punches…they react… immediately…no smiling faces/passive aggressive/ watch your back/ Beverly Hills type stuff here…and that is not only great TV…but much more real.
        But Bethenny, in my opinion, goes too far lately …and in this episode she shows how cruel she can be. While fun to watch, it is not something many people will tolerate for long in real life. I am not done with her, and I agree, probably much of this is about her childhood…but having so much money and control that she now gives zero phucks who she pisses off is going to have negative repercussions…like having no one who cared enough to show up for her when she had her surgery. In her own words she needs to…”Check herself before she wrecks herself.” and think before she starts firing.

        1. NY has always been my favorite because I see a lot of wacky humor, they don’t need the clam squads constantly around them, they’re not afraid to eat, swim, jump in the ocean, I just enjoy watching them the most!!

  3. I forgot about Jules saying her kids were an hour late for school every day. Yeah, she the icon of motherhood right there. Dorinda, your kid must have been 2 hours late every day for you to think Jules is special for what she does. Oy vey!

    And the hands in the ice bucket? WTF was that all about. Gross!

  4. It is a funny piece from Bethenny. I’ve always been a fan but there are times I must say, she can rub me the wrong way. I’m not sure why she thinks she has to comment about EVERYTHING. Having said that……I too get accused of that but I’m smart enough not to be on a reality show. That would be the absolute worst for me. I think Dorinda has a lovely soul and John, well she likes him. Who the Hell am I to say anything about him?! The new girl, Jules…..she is coming off a little ditzy but she has got to be so nervous. She’ll also regret some of the things she has said, like the coffee thing, the dropping of kids off to school late etc. More to come, I’m sure. Not sure why Ramona thought to say something to Dorinda. What was going through her mind at the time?

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