Bethenny Frankel Reflects On Her Divorce From Jason Hoppy

It’s been six months since Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel officially divorced Jason Hoppy in July 2016, nearly four years after announcing their separation in December 2012. Now, Frankel is opening up about how she has been dealing with everything.

“It’s been a little gnarly. It’s been a rough couple of years that felt endless and I swear this is it,” she told Personal Space. “It’s going to be behind me. I’ve taken chnrge of my own life. I’ve taken steps that this bad chapter is behind me.”

“I find balance in spending quality time with my daughter — giving her love, being there for her at pick up and when I’m not working — well when it’s my time with her, when she’s not at school, I’m with her,” she said. “When she’s at school or it’s not my time, that’s when I work.”

“I haven’t celebrated the end of the chapter because it isn’t totally over, but I will,” she said. “I’m starting to feel that light and that lift in the bad energy and I will celebrate. I will celebrate in the most gigantic way — who knows how? Carole [Radziwill] will definitely be there. But I’m going to celebrate; I’m almost ready now.”

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4 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel Reflects On Her Divorce From Jason Hoppy”

  1. Good for her! I knew that Hoppy was a mistake from the get-go. What a whiney, annoying, push-overy, little man he was/is.

  2. I’ve always liked Bethenny a bunch, but c’mon, Girl!!! Another announcement that there will be another announcement of a celebration of the end of her marriage?!?! It’s not just bad taste, it’s not a good thing for your daughter! YOU picked the Daddy she is supposed to be allowed to love forever, and she shouldn’t have to feel ANY push-pull between you. And don’t tell me you disallow her to read media, because there is no way she will never be told by someone who knows or thinks they know something about her, and whatever holes or questions she has left she will Google at some point. Any kid would.

  3. I sometimes like Bethenny, she can be very difficult which is why I don’t really feel she will every find longtime happiness. I don’t wish her bad though. She still has to work through a lot of crap and I hope she does so she can find that person she needs. I am very glad she has a daughter. It may be her only happiness in life and that would be more than okay too.

  4. My main concern is Bryn. I hope that Bethenny can be the mother she herself never had. I hope that when Jason has Bryn he takes her to spend time with her loving grandparents. This little girl – like all children everywhere deserves all the happiness in the world.

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