Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer Feud Update – Will They Make Amends?

After Ramona Singer asked Bethenny if she’d had a conversation with her 6-year-old daughter about appearing topless in a movie in the ’90s, the two have been at war. So how do they end their feud? Ramona is speaking out.

“It’s gonna be very intertesting for the viewers to see how the relationship gets resolved between Bethenny and I — dramatic to say the least,” Ramona recently told The Daily Dish. “Hey, we’re Housewives right?”

Ramona explains that Bethenny doesn’t understand her. She added, “I have friends for 20, 30 years. I mean they know me with the biggest heart of gold. I mean people will tell me, ‘My gosh, Ramona, you’ve gone through so many things and yet you’re always there for and you’re always concerned.’ Somehow for some reason, Bethenny doesn’t get that part about me. But, you know, it is what it is and you’ll have to see what happens on the show to see how it gets resolved.”

“I think all of us on the show that have children, our children come No. 1. So I was kind of surprised by Bethenny’s reaction when I was bringing up her daughter because I wasn’t bringing up her daughter to talk about her daughter. But I just came back from Avery, visiting her at college [and] having a special experience with her. And then I’m out of concern, like mommy to mommy, ‘Hey, what’s going on with you and your daughter and this school because things like have an impact?’ I know when I’m in the press for something that’s negative, hey Avery’s friends can read it,” Ramona explained. “People talk, and it came out of concern, not to put her on the spot or to embarrass her. And I was really shocked at her reaction, how things all turned out. Of course, I admit my delivery might not have been the best but, hey, what can I say?”

“Bethenny got defensive and I just realized now with her she’s the type of a girlfriend that you can never bring up anything that’s a slight bit unpleasant unless she brings it up first,” she said. “Bethenny could have very simply said, ‘Hey, Ramona things are good. Don’t worry.’ ‘Hey, Ramona, I don’t want to discuss it right now.’ Instead she got very snappy and very pitbull with me and she took it all the wrong way. I mean that was her head trip though, not mine.”

Whose side are you on?

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9 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer Feud Update – Will They Make Amends?”

  1. Isnt that what Bethenny tried to do the 2nd time…tell Ramona she didn’t want to talk about it, didn’t like how Ramona was coming at her and she just kept coming. Then B said ok I need to get going and Ramona just kept on going….Ramona has no filter and I think she did do it drop it on her. She knows as well as everyone else knows that B does not bring up her child on the show very often it at all because of what she is going through. I think it was crappy of Ramona to do it.

  2. Ramona’s mind seems as cluttered as my kitchen sink. She is either on something or NEEDS to be on something. A bit cray

  3. “people will tell me, ‘My gosh, Ramona, you’ve gone through so many things and yet you’re always there for and you’re always concerned”
    And when you’re fighting she’s the kinda person to throw it in her face. Ramona is just vile and fake, she’s doing it for the cameras and everyone knows it. Bethenny can’t be fooled by the faceliftmonster

  4. Ya, Ramona has no defense here- she is 100% in the wrong. Furthermore- Bethany DID try to say hey I don’t want to talk about this- when Ramona brought it up AGAIN and Ramona just kept going no matter how mature and centered about it B was. I could tell B was using every trick her therapist has given her for dealing with narcissists but Ramona’s personality disorder is so big that none of them worked. I actually think that Ramona may need some some social emotional teaching so she can learn about verbal and non verbal cues- how to pick up on how the person you are talking to is perceiving you etc.

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