Bethenny Frankel: Ramona Is Fishing Rather Than Sitting On The Truth

Bethenny Frankel is taking to her blog this week to say she is grateful she survived Luann’s wedding weekend extravaganza. She also talks about her constant battle with Ramona Singer and has some insight on Singer’s relationship with the truth.

“Well, this week was a little lighter. If I can host a party where Dorinda Medley experiences “just the tip” and Carole Radziwill swigs from a luge, then my holiday work is done.

The Ramona Singer 21-year-old advice panel was almost as desperate as her behavior. She is really fishing rather than sitting in the truth. The truth is challenging for Ramona, whether it is expressed in insults, or dresses, or $10k worth of paint damage in your friend’s house.

The Luann D’Agostino post-wedding celebration was comical. We had all survived the trauma of not being invited to Palm Beach, so I guess our imminent fate and torture was to be cordoned off in some depressing basement to be reminded just how insignificant we are.

Kudos to Dorinda Medley. The toast had a beginning, middle and end, and all consonants were formed.

I love Sonja Morgan, and I am happy if she is, but I am not feeling Frenchy for her. I really think she should be with a man. This will come with time.

I can’t remember what Tinsley Mortimer did this episode besides befriend Sonja’s assistant. Time for her to move out.

That’s all I got for now. This was a lighter and brighter episode. More craziness forthcoming.”

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4 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel: Ramona Is Fishing Rather Than Sitting On The Truth”

  1. What??? Ten thousand dollars worth of paint damage. Dang!!!!! What kind of paint??????? Sheesh! I thought it was just one room damaged. Still Ramona is dead wrong for causing any damage and should pay for repairs!!

  2. Blah blah blah.. blah blah! BF is such a wounded terrible awful witch! Anyone with a brain needs to steer clear from that dysfunction junction! It’s Narcissism Incorporated! One minute she’s falling apart, then lashing out, then the the Bethany truthometer (for others only please) and wise Sage of the west dispensing advice on matters she has zero success in! She is so textbook bipolar and such a sociopath that she’s scarey! Don’t try to be her friend or significant other.. she doesn’t value relationships with anyone but herself!

  3. Romona is nuts, I can’t stand watching her and when she gets in someones face and hugs them I want to change the channel. She has to be on something nobody jerks around like she does and now that we all know about her implants please quite pushing them ahead of your walk. Bethenny is witty and has got my attention when she talks, she has been through much and I give her a pass if she slips….

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