Bethenny Frankel Pleased With Her Testimony In Custody Battle With Jason Hoppy


Bethenny Frankel has finally settled her custody battle with Jason Hoppy, but according to a new report, Frankel is “seething mad” about having to come to a deal with her ex, but was “pleased” about getting her jabs in on the stand.

“Bethenny has been saying that she is pleased that she was able to tell her side of the story on the stand,” a source close to Frankel tells RadarOnline.

The source continues, “She is also saying she’s seething mad about how the divorce and custody battle has played out. She has been locked down with a gag order for so long that it was liberating for her to finally be able to tell the world what was really going on. She couldn’t say anything on her talk show, in interviews or really to anyone in case it became public because Jason was so quick to complain.”

“So being on the stand and knowing that there were reporters there to cover her every word was exactly what Bethenny wanted,” the insider adds. “Bethenny doesn’t want anything negative to reach Bryn. She is going to put on a happy face and hope that Jason won’t say bad things about her to their daughter anymore.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Jason doesn’t need to say bad things to the press….Bethany’s actions speak volumes.

Betheny is a spoiled brat.

I like her and I do feel compassion for her. No matter what her relationship with Jason was like, she always loved the baby and was good with her.

Duh! She’s suppose to love her baby, she’s the mother! She shouldn’t get brownie points for DOING HER JOB. lolol you crack me up.

Duh. WTF? By that logic, then what makes Jason any better??

She doesn’t want Bryn to hear anything bad about her, but she’s glad she got to put in public record, preserved forever, accusations about him. She couldn’t say bad things about him on her talk show because he is “quick to complain.” Can we say DOUBLE STANDARD?