Bethenny Frankel Not Happy With NeNe Leakes’ Reported Salary

Bethenny Frankel is not very happy with Nene Leakes and her reported salary, and apparently things are getting ugly between them, according to RadarOnline.

“Bethenny saw reports about what Nene is getting and is livid,” a source exclusively told the site. “She wants to be the best paid housewife!”

After it was reported that Nene Leakes is going to be getting $2 Million dollars for her part-time return to RHOA, Bethenny started to get very angry.

“The network gave her the most lucrative deal in network history,” a production insider said.

“Along with a lucrative seven-figure salary, Nene has a most favored nations clause which allows her to have preferential treatment when it comes to scheduling filming events around her personal and business scheduled,” the source added.

What do you think of Bethenny’s anger?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • One Rotten Egg

    this is what I have to say to Bitchany – ha HA! Bethany is NOT worth the salary deal NeNe got (but then again, Nobody should get this kind of $$ for being part-time, right? lol).

  • Stephanie

    I believe this 100%! Bethenny wants to be big dawg at Bravo. To know someone is more “wanted” than her I’m sure infuriates her!

    I came from nothing… I’m the Skinnygirl! I’m Ms Bravo!

    I could also see LVP wanting to make sure she gets paid more after this. Every year she pulls the im not sure if I want to come back. It’s so stressful and drama…. this next time around I can see her doing it 1000xs more after hearing Bravo will pay big bucks to keep certain ppl.

  • Rain

    I’m NOT a fan of NeNe but having said that , RHOA declivers DOUBLE the ratings of RHOBH and NYC , so her salary is justifiable comapard to e.g. Bethenny , Vicki or LVP
    it’s simply a numbers game

  • ChristopherM

    Consider the source. RadarOnLine? Yeah, call me when someone credible reports this.

    • starr

      ChristopherM, I fully agree.

    • 3D\’s Forever

      Ditto, Christopher.

    • jay

      Exactly, I call BS on that! Bethenny & Nene are friendly, they were hanging out together recently on B’s snapchat, so I’m sure Bethenny would be happy for her friend getting the dough!

      • Rain

        Bethenny wanting more money doesn’t mean she hate NeNe 🙂

  • 3D\’s Forever

    According to “RADAR OF LIES.” That’s what I have to say. Bethenny doesn’t need the money, and I’d bet some of mine it’s a big, fat bunch of BS.

  • Over This

    Rich people problems ‍♀️

  • Aunt Bee

    What makes Nene worth more than Bethenny?