Bethenny Frankel No Longer Has to Pay Jason Hoppy Spousal Support


It’s a good week for RHONY star Bethenny Frankel, she was victorious in court against her ex-husband Jason Hoppy. A state appeals court ruled that she no longer has to Hoppy monthly spousal support.

“We find that the broad and expansive language used by the parties in their agreement forecloses the husband from seeking any kind of spousal support, including temporary support. After acknowledging and representing that they are ‘fully capable of being self supporting,’ the parties agreed to ‘waive any and all claims for spousal support and/or maintenance’ ‘both now and in the future,’” court documents read.

Frankel has reportedly been paying Hoppy a court ordered total of around $26,000 per month since they split in 2012, including $12,000 in temporary alimony and $10,000 in child support for their daughter Bryn, 5-years old.

But according to RadarOnline, Bethenny must still put up a fight for the $5 million Tribeca condominium she bought while married to Hoppy, who is currently living in the residence.

“Although the wife funded the purchase of the apartment and ordinarily would be considered the settlor, the husband avers that the parties had agreed that the apartment would be joint property, and that consistent with the intention, he made certain payments towards maintenance and renovations,” the documents found. “Nonetheless, issues of fact exist whether the parties intended to jointly own the apartment, and whether the husband was involved in any fraud in the preparation and execution of the trust agreement.”

The court is set to rule whether Hoppy has rights to the property or not at a later date.

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12 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel No Longer Has to Pay Jason Hoppy Spousal Support”

  1. I think this divorce turned into a nightmare when Bethenny sought to get sole custody of their daughter. Then Jason went after her. They both should be ashamed of how they behaved during this whole process.

  2. Good point Barbara. That set the stage for a slug fest. Well she sure got one. My take is that Jason is an old fashioned, nice guy. I dont demonize him. Or her for that matter. These things get ugly fast and its hard to reign it in.

      1. I liked Jason too, until the documents he presented to the court, the ones supporting his claim on the apartment, were proven to be falsified. That was it for me. Liar, Liar, pants on fire.

  3. In my opinion, Jason is old fashioned in that his Mama, her needs and what she wanted, came before his wife. He wanted to call her every time Bryn had a baby achievement before they, together, even had a chance to enjoy it together. She tried a lot harder than he did, IMO, going to therapy the entire marriage and him just thinking he was normal and right in every way. That’s what I got from watching the show.
    I am stunned that she had to pay that kind of money to him, unbelievable. And the Tribeca apartment, it’s hers. It was her ambition and drive that made that possible. She designed it and payed for it. Too bad Bryn has a wuss for a daddy.

  4. Bethenny is hard for me to sympathize with. To some extent, she has reaped what she has sown (sewn?) anyway, she married Jason superfast to get her spinoff about getting married and HAVING IT ALL. Well, having it all comes at a cost. So I don’t feel bad for her because she profited off of having a relationship with him and he’s trying to profit off of her. Neither of them are saints and they both had selfish motives, at the end of the day or else they would have come to an agreement that didn’t put their daughter in the middle of this conflict.

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