Bethenny Frankel Mentions Drama with Ramona Singer is “Off the Rails”

This current season of RHONY has a lot of tension between Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer, and they will finally face-off on this Wednesday’s episode.

Bethenny recently spoke with ET saying, “It just gets really intense,” she said. “I’m so mesmerized and stunned that I just don’t know what to do with that friendship anymore. I mean, I know what to do with the friendship, but then you have to deal with the person. You know, I can’t just stick her in a box. I mean, I would and I may, but I haven’t yet. So, while she’s not stuck in a box, I have to deal with her.”

Ramona didn’t have much to say but what she did say had some meaning.

Bethenny is moving on from the drama, “I don’t have anger,” she told ET. “I’m so happy right now, in so many areas of my life that I don’t feel any anger, resentment. I want the best for her, completely. But I don’t want to have to be her good friend, and that’s kind of a little liberating.”

Are you looking forward to this week’s episode?

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5 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel Mentions Drama with Ramona Singer is “Off the Rails””

    1. Yeah, Bethenny has just a little more going on in her life with the psychopath Jason. She also works like a dog, travels all over the world, does a lot of charity work until her Daughter is home, then it is camera’s off and life with Bryn. Ramona apologizes, then when Bethenny tries to explain why she was upset, Ramona IMMEDIATELY goes to cruelty. She goes in to the least healed most hurtful place she can find, she believes it gives her power. I’ve been watching some old seasons, or listening I should say while I do my art, and I realize Ramona says B runs away, but Ramona does too. She always says “Let me finish” then says she is going to shut up, never does and shuts down the other person and starts with that s**t like at the party where she was asking for her wedding invitation. Then in the Berkshires she won’t stop until Luann “admits” she knows what Tom is! WTF? She kept it up and up and up, God, then she left like she always does. If you really look, it isn’t so much Ramona can dish it out and not take it, she dishes it out and hears NOTHING the other person says if it isn’t in total agreement with her. I have never, one time, heard Bethenny say anything that she hasn’t personally seen about Ramona, or her personal opinion, which is what they get paid for. Like she said at the season 7 reunion “I know where ALL the body’s are buried.” Ramona spreads and stars rumors all the time, then gets ugly and insulting when she is called out on them.

  1. My ongoing question is how is ANYONE friends with Ramona? What does she bring to the table besides insults and idiocy?

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