Bethenny Frankel Launching Skinnygirl Marijuana


It’s no secret that Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel has been one of the first women to conquer the liquor industry, and according to a new report, Frankel might be venturing into the world of marijuana.

That’s right, TMZ reports that Bethenny is currently working on selling a kind of pot that does NOT give you the munchies.

Frankel could have been doing research for her new business last month when she was in Colorado. She was seen walking out of the famous Green Dragon Dispensary in Aspen, which the site says is like the Barney’s of dispensaries.

Bethenny tweeted, “OMG it’s the craziest thing to see marijuana legal in Aspen. People walking into pot stores like it’s the @Gap #prohibitiondone”

First, Bethenny will try to market her new product where recreational marijuana is legal, like Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington.

Photo Credit: Bravo


10 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel Launching Skinnygirl Marijuana”

  1. First you would have to discover what it is in Pot that triggers the munchies and then be able to eliminate that from the Pot your selling. Otherwise Bethanny could find herself embroiled in more lawsuits!

  2. Yeah, how horrible that she wants to help legalize a medicine that helps diabetic pain, cancer pain and nausea, bringing it to the masses of people with many other illnesses. The taxes that are charged for this kind of product helps the communities that it s sold in, schools, roads, shelters, bridges & many other needs in our towns and cities. Yes, her daughter should be proud.

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