Bethenny Frankel Knows Why Tinsley Mortimer Thinks She is Cold

Now that Season 9 of RHONY is well underway everyone seems to be fitting in together except for new Housewife Tinsley Mortimer and Bethenny Frankel.

Tinsley has mentioned how she’s received a chilly reception from Bethenny on a couple of occasions this season.

Bethenny appeared on Watch What Happens Live last Wednesday and explained why she thinks Tinsley feels that way. “Here’s what it is. This is my real life, this is a reality show. If I meet somebody at a party, I go, ‘Hi, nice to meet you,’ I don’t go down on them,” Bethenny joked.

Bethenny added that Tinsley may have expected “a little too much” from her. “Everyone has this preconceived notion when they come on a show that’s been on for 10 years, they’re gonna come and like, ‘Ooh, I’m gonna make Bethenny love me or hate me or I’m gonna fight with her,'” Bethenny said. “It’s like, ‘Hey, hi, how are you?’ That’s it. Basic. Nothing. We don’t know each other.”


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Tina Cerami

Tina Cerami

Tina is from Chicago, Illinois and loves The Real Housewives. She's even met several of the ladies while traveling. This sweet Italian girl is currently a student, and loves to blog in her spare time.

  • One Rotten Egg

    yes, it is reality show but it is also a JOB, and Bethany has to WORK with this chick. So why not just play nice and not ignore?

    • NOT A HOUSEWIFE, neither RU

      When has B ever ignored Tinsley tho? Every time she sees her she says hello and is perfectly polite. So anything less than 4 air kisses and 10 continuous mins of telling Tinsley how gooorgeous she looks is the equivalent of being ignored.
      Its really crazy SOME ppl rather have a fake, bs greeting to feel better than just accept a normal, “Hello, how are you”….

  • starr

    A newcomer is still a stranger. Tinsley needs to give it time for Bethnny & the others to get to know her. This is pre-judging.

    • 3D\’s Forever

      I agree, Starr. A lot is expected of Bethenny, even from Tinsley. Just because Tins wants to open up about every single thing in her personal life, Bethenny doesn’t. B was polite and nice to her, if she seems cold, well, too bad. Gotta give people a chance beyond the first meeting. Whether she works with her or not, what difference does that make? Bethenny thought her return season would be the hardest time. Now she has a psychopath stalker as an ex-husband & the father of her little girl, and is heading a major company, she has just a LITTLE more to do than any other HW on the show. She works, BTW, a long day most of the time when Bryn is with Jason. She has to keep up this facade of strength so she won’t break, IMO. Ramona used to work, I guess it either isn’t shown, or she has enough money now. Bethenny also spends a lot of time doing charity work. She isn’t greedy with her money or her time. Every other HW married well, Jason is the one who married well here. I guess she feels like she still got the best thing in the world, her daughter. I’ve read here that Bethenny constantly speaks about her ex and her upbringing to get sympathy. I saw that in her appointments with her doctor, but otherwise have never seen or heard a word about any of it. Carole speaks of it out of defense of her friend. I loved the Be Strong Dress for Success breakfast. The way Dennis feels about Bethenny was written all over his face. I don’t care how many people say it, she does know how to love, and as we all do, deserves love in return. Obviously no one has to like her, but some of the things said about her are blatantly untrue, as rumors commonly are.
      Dorinda was so spot on when she stated that Sonja is jealous and holds a grudge. She treats Tinsley like crap, and says childish mean things about her. She invited her to come stay, and now wants her to what? Hide? Not do her job? She was also hired to be part of this housewives group. This “friendship” makes Sonja look worse than she has ever looked, to me anyway. If Tinsley needs to get away from anyone, it’s Sonja and her precious townhouse.

      • starr

        My goodness 3 D’s, you are an impressive writer–really clear thinking. Enjoy your posts so much.

      • justanothermary

        I’ve been really shocked by some of Sonja’s behavior this year. It seems to me that she is slipping further into her own delusions and it’s a bit scary. Knowing how much Bravo loves to exploit mental illness, it may be exaggerated in editing, but no one can force you to say the words you say. I hope I’m wrong, but Sonja truly is turning into Edie Biel, at least to me.

  • Apple

    And how can you get to know someone who blows you off every time you are in the same room?
    Move on, Tinsley. You will be happier.

  • cat62

    Don’t push it – that’s how life is – in real and reality

  • Duchess of Narnia

    Bitchenny is cold that when she pees she expels ice cubes

  • Tammy

    She hasn’t been with Tinsley in an intimate setting yet. I didn’t think she was rude at all. She doesn’t even know her. Bethenny has never pretended to be someone she isn’t and isn’t going to make an exception for the cameras.
    I am a big fan of hers , but can definitely admit some of her shortcomings, Nobody is perfect.
    I also like Tinsley, we’ll see where that goes.
    The way Sonja treats Tinsley is baffling to me, that I don’t understand yet.
    Anyways, can’t wait for the next episode!

  • 3D\’s Forever

    Jeeze. When are the NYHW going to write their blogs? Is that still part of their contractual obligations, I wonder? I haven’t seen enough weekly blogs to get anyone talking here. If there is a story, it’s old. That is not the doing of the administrator here, I don’t think. The most important stories are the ones from the show or shows that are airing at the time. The other shows from Bravo have some interesting informative articles and things happening to the cast, but that is not the bread and butter of these blogs, in my opinion. I don’t go to other blogs anymore, but I might jump over to one to see if there are any episode blogs like there used to be. I always liked reading their own explanations on the episode being we see so little of what was actually said and done each week. It got fans and detractors talking, and when we all quit talking, there will be no more housewives. Sometimes the shows get a little stale, but the blogs made it deeper and more interesting to watch, again-IMO. And, I miss all my fellow posters.

  • Aimee

    I have completely different feelings toward Bethenny, as I do toward TINSLEY. Presently, it’s TINSLEY who driving me nuts, the most!!!
    Why on Earth does TINSLEY, moving back to NY from Florida, act like she moved from Jupiter to Mars? I keep hearing words like “Reintroduction” and phrasing such as “left my life”…” getting back my life”…”coming back into”…”picked up and left”…
    SHE MOVED!! ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT!! It’s ridiculous. It’s as if she was SENTENCED to Palm Beach and they finally let her out on leave. I don’t know if it is the way things are edited or not, but, as if we are supposed to believe she is in some kind of fragile state where Sonja, using her EXPERTISE, has crafted the DELICATE INTRICACIES OF REASSIMILATION into NY high society. It sounds more like a Science Fiction movie. Somehow, I don’t think that joining the REAL HOUSEWIVES, is in the play book for resocialization into NYC HIGH SOCIETY. Did she RUNAWAY from NY, as well?…and with a NET WORTH of $45 MILLION, I doubt she got KICKED OUT of ANY society. Which brings me to another point…
    WHY DID TINSLEY FEEL A NEED TO LIVE WITH SONJA?? Thats got to be the Producers of the show, because…who wants to live with someone? Why didn’t TINSLEY just move into a beautiful Hotel or rent a beautiful Condo, temporarily, until she found a permanent place? I would bet she already owns a few places, in NY.
    AND… BY THE WAY…TINSLEY told a lot more people about her arrest, from being on the show, than would have known.

    You know, like JILL said in the first season…she runs with a FABULOUS group of women. Which I would say,was true…but they sure aren’t Society ladies. The woman who really came from High Soçiety, we’re Carol Radizwell, Luanne Delessep and Sonja Morgan, all through marriage. TINSLEY is the one who comes directly from “Old Money” “High Society”!! So, all this talk about her readjustment, is all just talk!