Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin Not Friends Despite Bethenny Reaching Out to Bobby

We reported that Bethenny Frankel reached out to Jill and Bobby Zarin, sending a gift basket when she heard the bad news of Bobby’s cancer diagnosis.

According to RadarOnline, just because Bethenny sent the gift basket doesn’t mean she wants anything to do with Jill and their lost friendship.

“Bethenny knows how ill Bobby is and wanted to send something nice,” an insider said.

“He was always kind to her and looked after her when she had no money,” the insider added. “She will never forget how he always had her back and she was heartbroken to lose him when she fell out with Jill.”

“But do not mistake this kindness for friendship with Jill again,” the insider said.

“Bethenny has moved on and doesn’t miss Jill and does not want her back on the show,” a different insider added, while another confirmed that Jill “is not coming back to Housewives.”

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13 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin Not Friends Despite Bethenny Reaching Out to Bobby”

  1. I’m sure her assistants picked out something nice and selt in Bethany’ behalf.

    Glad she got her chin/jowl surgically altered.

    1. By her own admission she’s been getting Botox in her jaw. She has TMJ, and grinding her teeth built up her jaw muscles over the years. So last year she started getting the injections to soften up her jaw line. I thought she looked very pretty at the reunion this season. Bethenny’s not a textbook pretty girl. She’s sexy, she’s magnetic, but I’d never describe her as “pretty”. This year sitting on the reunion couch I was blown away at how pretty she’s actually become with a softened jaw. She looked so soft and feminine, just really lovely.

      1. She did FAR more than botox. Thats actually funny to think botox could do that. She clearly had surgery which is her right. She looks great.

        1. Actually Botox can do that. It’s the least invasive way to alter a jawline if your problem is the muscle surrounding it. With repeated injections you can see a difference within a few months.

  2. This week I listened to a bombshell interview with Millionaire Matchmaker’s Patti Stanger not just spilling the tea on the backstory with Bethenny and Jill, she knocks the cup clear of the kitchen counter. The way the narrative of the Bethenny & Jill feud was portrayed on the show was not at ALL the way we saw it : our Bethenny is quite the calculator…glad to see she at least has it in her heart to send a greeting to Bobby before he passes, because sadly…his prognosis is not what anyone had hoped: according to Patti Bobby took care of Bethenny for two years around the time she was losing Bethenny Bakes, she lived in Jill’s Hampton’s home like a member of the family, he paid all her for her to travel and vacation with them, etc. Even if she’ll shut out Jill forever, it’s at least nice to know she hasn’t forgotten his kindness. Beyond that, a lot of MAJOR bombshells were dropped in the interview about Jason, too, and her business machinations (which basically involved Frankel choosing and using Hoppy as a sperm donor to pull a Tori Spelling as per Stanger’s direct advice to secure a spinoff)…lots of tea involving agents and double dealing (with REAL NAMES), the REAL amount Jim Beam paid her for Skinnygirl (FAR less than what was reported but the way she’s diversified her business, she’s still richer than sin)…that Frankel has definitely maneuvered her way to the top…

  3. I remember watching young Bethenny cry at how Jill treated her. I was in tears too. It was heartrending. Bethenny loved Jill and Jill shit all over her for a story line. Now Jill can live with it. Sad that Bobby and Bethenny had to stop being close. They loved each other. Glad she reached out to him.

    1. Because they used to be very close at one time, andif she lied then Bethenny can sue for slander -as well as every other person, network, artist representative, and corporation who Patti brought into the conversation. I listened to the interview in its entirety, and Patti dropped entirely too much intimately detailed information on one of the top podcasts that can reach hundreds of thousands of listeners, if not a million or more for this to be untrue and come back to bite her in the behind. She even dropped agents names who have been involved with Bethenny’s shenanigans for better or worse (which is huge) . For her to lie about any of the things she discussed has too many far reaching legal ramifications, and could endanger her own livelihood. Patti Stanger is too much about her money to do that. That’s where she and Bethenny are very similar, and In that way I can see how they were once friends. But I definitely got the impression that Patti’s not at all intimidated by Bethenny because she does know where all the bodies are buried, so to speak.

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