Bethenny Frankel And Jill Zarin Have Ended Their Famous Feud


With rumors that Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin are in talks to return to The Real Housewives of New York City, a new report claims that Jill’s husband Bobby is “attempting to make peace” between the former BFFs and it’s actually working!

During a recent party in the Hamptons, “Bobby, Jill and Bethenny were all in attendance,” a source tells RadarOnline. “There was no drama and Bobby even asked Bethenny to dance, and she agreed. They had a great time on the dance floor. Bethenny has always had a soft spot for Bobby. Everybody loves him! He’s attempting to make peace between the ladies.”

“Bobby even invited Bethenny to attend a party Jill was hosting the next day, but she politely declined, citing a prior commitment with her daughter [Bryn, 4]. She was very sweet and polite,” the source said, adding that Bethenny and Jill were smiling and there was no tension.

“Both of the ladies have moved on from the past. It would be very interesting to catch up with them on camera on RHONY, where it all began,” another source tells the site of their possible return to the show.

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19 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel And Jill Zarin Have Ended Their Famous Feud”

  1. I always loved these too together. In my opinion, when they left the show is when it started getting incredibly boring. Jill Zarin is annoying but the show was so much better back then. I hope they do bring these two back. It would be epic!

  2. I have to agree. Those two together were so much fun to watch. The RHONY is SO awful now. I’ve watched a couple of episodes and called it quits. Horrible.

  3. Both women are famewhores. Jill got jealous of Bethany on the show and it really made her look bad. Bethany got consumed with fame after she hit it big time with her branding and own show “Bethany after after”, then she tanked when she started bashing her husband. Jason hoppy.

    Only reason for “make up” talk is because both know viewers are sick of the bad blood between them and they both want back on TV in a good light. I think deep down Bethany won’t ever be close to Jill any more.

  4. I love both of these two. I sided with Jill during their fight, mostly because they were two peas in a pod and equally guilty, the difference? Bethenny had Andy to edit her into the victim and Jill into the victim. Also, I always remember Ramona calling Bethenny out, on the Brooklyn Bridge, for planting stories and blaming it on Jill. Jill got the last laugh by rejecting Bethenny’s offer to come on her talk show though, it seems she isn’t that desperate for attention after all.

    I hope they make up for real and return. The show needs them. If, at least, one of them return then New York might be saved. I’d totally be up for these 2, Ramona, Heather, Aviva & Kelly returning with Luann, Sonja & Kristen ‘friends of’. I would like Alex to return but she said she’d never.

  5. I’m glad they’re working things out. They were friends for a long time. If they both come back, I might start watching this one again.

  6. I think the series would definitely improve by bringing them back as friends, as long as it is authentic. Viewers hated seeing Jill and Bethenny fight because they were the two antagonists. In my opinion, the producers should keep Ramona and Sonja because they are just insane, but Luann’s story has gotten boring. Lu is definitely better at being a friend of the housewives and I think that Heather could also serve ths purpose. Bravo also needs to keep quirky Carole around because she adds a different personality to the show, and Heather could pop in for guest appearances. Axe Aviva and Kristen!

  7. They were fun together until Jill got jealous and told everyone not to film with Bethenny.
    Jill is dying to return to the show. I agree One Rotten Egg I don’t think Bethenny wants to or
    will ever be friends with Jill again. She tasted the apple and she want’s her own show.
    I still get stand Jill.

  8. I have always thought Bethenny got the wrong end of the stick with the break up with Jason, I also watched Bethenny ever after and thought Jason was the phony I will never forget his sulking with the prenup and I think he was playing nice guy for the cameras and what’s up with not getting out of the apartment!!!…at first I thought not a good idea to bring these 2 back but now I am convinced it could be good…Just as long as Bethenny doesn’t do a talk show again lmao that was pretty bad TV

    1. I agree with you about Jason getting the good press. I actually know a couple like this. The husband’s public persona is reasonable, soft-spoken and kind, but he’s emotionally abusive behind the scenes. Remember how Jason kept telling Bethenny how damaged she was? Bethenny knew that but who needs a spouse to keep you in that damaged role.
      Jill coming back? I don’t think I’d watch. I’ll never forget her one-on-one with Andy on WWHL telling him he needed her and that she mistreated Bethenny for a storyline. In my opinion, Jill is self-absorbed and clueless.

      1. Mclia, I know this has been horrible to watch a successful women being duped and for her money and success…I read the tabloids and thought this is bizarre, we call it the Tall Poppy syndrome when someone becomes successful people for some reason people don’t like it we tear them down until we feel satisfied we have ripped them apart enough to our liking(fucking awful stuff)..I wish her well!!!

  9. They deserve each other. I used to like Bethenny, but somewhere along the way, she turned me off. Maybe it was her talk show. Thought she was a chef, maybe she should of been on the Food Network, instead of interviewing HW’s. I agree with the other posters though, if they bring both of these ladies back to NYHW, it could save the show. I find Kristen and Aviva to be desperate, and really have no interest in watching them. I watched some parts of the reunion, and thought they were all ridicules. Stopped watching NY series a couple of years ago…they live in NY and should have exciting, interesting lifes…would love to see what the city offers, instead of bickering and fighting over, what? Much ado about nothing…

  10. Lia with the exception of bringing the two back, I agree with you all the way. I also thought that
    Jason was being a phony in front of the cameras. Bethenny did mention that a few times. As for
    him not leaving the apartment, Kandi on WWHL said that Bethenny told her that she was sorr;y
    and never thought to include that in the prenup. As far as I know read that she rented an
    apartment and he is still there. I bet that Bethenny mom is saying NA NA NA NA NA NA.

    1. Ann, I have checked that website out but somewhere I heard it wasn’t correct for some of them??…as for phony Jason I heard he tried to settle for 10 million dollars and Bethenny wouldn’t be having that, he doesn’t deserve a penny she begged him to be motivated and told him she would help him do whatever he wanted to do but the bum didn’t want to do anything but sulk and sponge off Bethenny and hold her to ransom over the cute little girl, is her name Brin?…beautiful day today Ann sun is shinning!!!

  11. I say bring them both back! There is no way the show is going to survive with the disaster of a cast they have now.

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