Bethenny Frankel And Jason Hoppy Settle Custody Battle, They Will Co-Parent Bryn


When Bethenny Frankel took the stand in court over her custody battle with Jason Hoppy, some of the Skinnygirl mogul’s dirty secrets were revealed. RadarOnline reports there was a laundry list of the couple’s exchanges revealed including that she once threw water on Hoppy, he was sleeping at the time, and he once called her a “witch” in front of their child.

“He would sit with Bryn and look over and say, ‘You be the princess, I’ll be the prince, Mommy will be the witch,” Bethenny testified, noting an occasion Jason and Bethenny were leaving Bryn’s school and he said to Bryn, “You don’t want to go with Mommy, right? You want to be with me,” to which Bryn “started crying.”

After Frankel’s business advisors told her to settle the custody battle with Hoppy so her secrets wouldn’t be revealed, the couple has decided to co-parent Bryn.

“My client is delighted that this custody dispute has been resolved; that his co-parenting status has been acknowledged; that the parties’ child will have the benefit of being raised by both parents; and most importantly, that his daughter will no longer be at the mercy of a high profile courtroom battle,” Bernard Clair, Hoppy’s attorney, said in a statement.

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