Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy Scolded By Judge In Court Over Custody Battle!


Bethenny Frankel is still battling her estranged husband, Jason Hoppy in divorce court and for custody for their two-year old daughter, Bryn. The couple appeared in court last Thursday and RadarOnline reports the judge warned the couple their actions were affecting their child and they need to stop bickering. Jason accused Bethenny of not allowing him to see their daughter, even though the couple is living together in the NYC apartment. Hoppy claims Bethenny is spending all of her time at a friend’s apartment with Bryn.

“The judge has made it clear to both Jason and Bethenny: This ongoing fighting and nitpicking of the most trivial of details including Jason allowing Bryn to eat junk food, has just got to stop,” a source told Radar. “They were told they were acting like school children, and their actions were harming their daughter.”

“Bethenny was told she needed to communicate with Jason about Bryn’s schedule, and whereabouts. She didn’t have any issue with that. She just wishes that they could come to a resolution about who will keep the apartment. Both of them living under the same roof going through this divorce is just reaching a breaking point,” the insider continues.

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5 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy Scolded By Judge In Court Over Custody Battle!”

  1. Jason is a schmuck! The only thing he wants is Beth’s money and apartment so he doesn’t have to work.

    I don’t feel the prolems are Beth’s….It’s Jason. Beth tells it how it is; very straight forward. As for Jason
    wearing his wedding ring….boo hoo boo. No one is being fooled.

    1. I totally agree with you he is a schmuck. I lost all respect for him when he threw that ‘surprise’ party for Bethenny’s birthday after she repeatedly and clearly told him she hates surprises and never has had good birthdays and doesn’t celebrate them. But he went ahead and made a big deal to catch her meltdown and attempt to make her look bad on camera. He is the worst kind of man.

  2. Not only poor Bryn, but, poor everyone who has to endure these two idiots shenanigans. Do as the bible says, take both adults into court and have the ultimate judge ask the parents, cut the child in halve. The one who gives up the child unharmed, walks away childless. That’s the parent who is willing to cause NO harm to the child. These two are greedy, selfish pigs, both have their own personal agenda & will stop at nothing to achieve it.

  3. It’s really simple actually. Years ago on RHNY I recall Bethenny saying she knows one day she’ll have a kid, no matter what, she’ll have a kid.

    She used Jason. Plain and simple. 2 40 yr olds who chose to not use birth control, were un married and in a relationship barely 2 yrs old. Betheny used him to get a baby, had a disgusting immoral wedding for tv and when she was done with him she threw him to the curb.

    Keep the damn ugly appartment and give Jason equal rights and time to his daughter and a few million dollars (to buy him out of his share of the apartment).

    End this nonsense.. He deserves some compensation for what she’s done to him and his life.

    BTW, to the post that claims he wants her money.. fyi, he has a job, always has had a job..

    That little girl looks exactly like Jason and his mother.. not a thing like Bethenny.. cracks me up Bethenny will have to deal with that and be reminded of it the rest of her life everytime she looks at her child.

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