Bethenny Frankel Is The Reason Aviva Drescher Is A Housewife!

Former Real Housewife of New York turned Mega Millionaire, Bethenny Frankel, is the reason Bravo welcomed new housewife Aviva Drescher to the show this season. Aviva made a lasting impression on viewers by calling Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan “white trash,” and continued to talk about herself and her phobias through the season.

After Bethenny and Jill Zarin feuded and Bethenny left the RHONY for her spin-off, ratings took a huge hit. So Bravo decided to shake-up the cast for Season 5. They ended up hiring Aviva Drescher, who was recommended to Bravo by Bethenny Frankel. Bethenny thought that Aviva would be good on the show years ago when she was feuding with Jill, but Bravo never hired her.

Now that the cast needed a change, Bravo hired Aviva to become a “Bethenny Frankel” figure who could be strong and dramatic with some of the other women. I’m sorry… I don’t see many similarities between Aviva and Bethenny, do you?

“I said, ‘Go back and find the tape of that woman. I think she would probably be a good Housewife.’ So here we are,” Bethenny has explained of Aviva when she was speaking to producer, Andy Cohen. Aviva is confirming the news this week, by saying “Bethenny is the person who is largely responsible for my ‘Housewife’ status.”

 Bethenny and Aviva aren’t friends these days, but they did see a lot of each other a few years ago.

Tell Us- Do you think Bravo made a good decision hiring Aviva?

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3 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel Is The Reason Aviva Drescher Is A Housewife!”

  1. Aviva got annoying towards the end, sort of like listening to a recording over and over and over and over, again. I would not be sad to not see her next season and Carol, too.

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