Bethenny Frankel: I’m Sensitive to People Commenting About Me in the Press


Luckily for Bethenny she made it out of the Turks and Caicos with no issues or drama left behind, but once she did the ladies went at it even more with each other! In her Bravo Blog this week she dishes on her opinions of what she missed out on, and discusses her feelings of hurt when reading what cast member Kristen Taekman had to say about her in the press.

“Well I certainly left in the nick of time. Turks was the trip that never ended. I’m renaming it #JerksinCaicos

So Carole gave me the recap that the Countess is back. I respectfully disagree. The old “uncool” countess doesn’t say, “Be cool” when naked men are throughout the house. Luann’s only issue was that she felt her friends were ratting her out trying to catch her doing something. Her issue wasn’t that she was trying to hide whatever took place for the eight hours prior to that moment. There is an important distinction. I like this Cool Countess way better. In a way, I’m the old Countess because I’m Switzerland on this one. I get being alarmed by a naked man, albeit not to the point of dramatic sobbing. I also get Luann’s perspective. Phew. I dodged a bullet on that trip by leaving.

And while it was crazy, I came back liking everyone. Hell, I’d be crazy enough to go away with them again. Maybe it’s me who has changed.

That Dorinda dinner was nuts. They all curse like drunken sailors, and Luann acted like some innocent prayer circle girl. I totally got what Heather was saying and was backing her up. Dorinda likes to get sauced up as much, if not more, than her saucy Housewife friends, and late at night she gets sensitive, paranoid, and lashes out. This is what happened here. You have to just ignore it and move on. Of course karma or irony got in the way one episode after Dorinda told us in her interview that she drinks with the rest of us but she stops. I love you, D, but I hold everyone and myself accountable and that is simply untrue.

Glad to see her and Heather work it out. The Berkshires is too small for two frenemy Housewives.

Thankfully, we made it back to New York to a jeans party where we can potentially stab each other with ice picks, which Luann and Heather wanted to do to each other, staple gun each other, which Dorinda and Heather almost did, and hot glue gun each others’ mouths, which I almost did to Kristen. I’m sensitive to people commenting about me in the press. I have enemies to do that. I don’t tolerate it from people that I know. My issue was that Kristen acts as if she is very green to this process when that isn’t accurate. She has done many interviews and been on many red carpets. What she said in quotes wasn’t kind. I read it, and I know its context. This happens to be something I do have a lot of experience with. Glad we could move on.”

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14 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel: I’m Sensitive to People Commenting About Me in the Press”

  1. You might want to get over people commenting over you in the press! Good or bad. Your on a reality show for starters and I think you read to much into it cos you wanted to! I like you but you act like a real Diva at times.

  2. Bethenny you blew this one and owe Kristen an apology. There was an innocent explanation for what she said and you are a self-important bully. You need to get over yourself. Like Tam said you act like a Diva. It isn’t a good look.

  3. Bethenny is reaching and she is a hypocrite. She has spoken negatively of her castmates in the press but she expects to be untouchable? That’s not how it works, sweetheart. Kristen said nothing bad about her at all.

  4. Love the jab at Heather for the “dramatic sobbing”…really?
    You, Bethenny, should probably not criticize other people for dramatic sobbing.

  5. OFGS Bethenney is sensitive ? With all the crying she does ? She gets upset with people commeting about her to the press ? people say things in the press is not new. for how ever long this hw show people have been talking about her in the press. she also has been commenting about other people in the press. If Bethenney is as sensitive she says she is, she should grow thicker skin.

  6. Phony ass drama queen.
    She has become the clichéd stereotype of everything awful about NYC.

    As was stated in the above comments – If you don’t want anyone talking about you DON’T GO ON A REALITY SHOW.

  7. Bethenny is nothing more than a mean girl and hypocrite. I don’t like watching anymore with her on. She is either putting others down or crying. If you don’t want to be I the press, stay off reality TV.

  8. It is different than “people” talking to the press. She has the right to be sensitive to anything she wants in a group of women that are together on the show. I might have been a little sensitive to someone who just believed the lie Carole told her about B calling her dumb. We will have to wait for reunion to see why Carole made that up in the beginning of the show. There might be an unspoken rule between them to talk all they want on their blogs and not to every reporter who sticks a microphone in your face. I’m always wondering what happened in the many other hours of filming we don’t see.

    1. Your last sentence says it all. After all the editing, we see what is on our TVs, but it may not tell the whole story, and we only have pieces of the puzzle. I am certain there is more said that may make it all look more clear, if only we saw the lost footage. It may appear out of context. Name calling is never good by anyone, and names can hurt anyone. Bethenny seems like the tough girl a lot of the time, so it is hard to see and believe that she has a more vulnerable side. I think being a mother makes her even more sensitive now…especially in the midst of a messy divorce with custody issues.

  9. It seems as if Bethenny used Jason as a sperm donor and thought she could just railroad over him & have their daughter all to herself because young girls don’t need a father in their lives do they?

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