Bethenny Frankel: I’m Not in a Relationship by Choice

Bethenny Frankel is taking to her blog to discuss coming face-to-face with Luann’s man Tom D’Agostino and some other hot topics this week. Frankel says she is over the whole Tom thing and says that she wishes the couple the best. She opens up about her own love life and talks a lot about charity and how she liked how this particular episode focused on that.

“This was an episode near and dear to my heart. I’ve worked with Dress For Success for years and I couldn’t feel more honored to represent and work with them, helping inspire women and helping pick them up when they’re down.

To launch #BStrong my charity for women in crisis is an honor and a gift that I hope to share with women who cannot help themselves. We are just getting started.

My dear friend Carole was kind enough to donate $1,000 that morning and Dennis was so generous to donate $10,000. I’m sure many of you want to know about the mystery man. He is a good person and has been a friend for decades that I care about very much.

At the moment, I am not in a relationship by choice. I really choose to spend my time with my daughter and working on passion projects such as this very important charity.

We will be providing funds, counseling, and legal advice for women at a crossroads or in dire straits. So many women are abused or destitute or ill or depressed. There’s a strong need to pull up the ones who are down because that one in a place of weakness could be you. I have been in a bad place in my life and I needed support.

This was the week of charity. Dorinda’s charity was a little bit different, and it was hard to get bidders, but we managed to eke out some bids from some people. I liked seeing her really push for donations.

The Tom thing was fine. Luann is right that he just moved to the next topic. Who could blame him? They are getting married, he has made his share of mistakes, but I wish her the very best. I hope this really works out.

As I told Dorinda, if something or someone isn’t working in your life, remove it. Ramona doesn’t work in my life, so this relationship has shifted. I wish her all the happiness in the world.”

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11 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel: I’m Not in a Relationship by Choice”

  1. Bethanny;
    ” I am,not in a Relationship by Choice”?
    Seriously, what does that mean, specifically?
    All of Choose to be in an intimate Relationship.. Puzzling.
    Work, Family & Professional Relationships are not Choices.

    1. I believe she meant she is by choice not using her passion and time to be mostly in a romantic relationship. I think she has what she believes are more important things to do than be in the “politics of love.” She is very different, and all of us need to be allowed to be who we are, and learn to accept others as they are. It opens up the world enormously. Ramona chooses to be a witch and never grow or learn. She is deceitful and desperate. Without her husband and daughter to make her look good, she has to do it alone, and I have to say she isn’t doing a very good job.
      Who needs to ask every single person they come into contact with whether they should be allowed to ask “anything” of a friend. No is the answer, BTW. A grown, mature woman would be able to figure it out alone. Not try to get everyone on her side like a 5th grader. She also told them how Bethenny SHOULD HAVE FELT, REACTED AND SPOKEN. Like she knows and has the right to say how anyone should feel or react to her stinger.

  2. Bethany the big B which stands for Bitch. She gives negative options about other people and their lives. If someone questions her . It’s a joke. Makes excuses for her down falls . She talks too fast.

    1. I agree 100%! You wrote exactly what I’ve been thinking for a long time!
      I have never been able to stomach her.
      She goes from b*tch mode into Victim mode in a nanosecond.
      Have a great weekend!

  3. She says that to cover for her lack of dates maybe?
    Frankly, Frankel shoild stay single. She is too much of a Me first kind of person. Just her thoughts of constant moves (to new homes) when her child has been back and forth between parents and new places so many times already in her short life, boggles me.

      1. Yes, she has lot’s of manic, decidedly different ways about her. Some very wonderful women do not need a man in their life at all times to count on. She always had to count on herself, so why should adulthood be different? She has done and changed more things in a positive way than any housewife except maybe Lisa Vanderpump. I respect and understand Bethenny. Many of the women are bitches, that’s nothin’ new. At least she works, the rest married well. Her psycho ex married up and well, too. She has been working her ass off her entire adult life, yes, that can make or help a person be or become manic. Big effing deal.

        1. Actually, Ramona did not marry well. I don’t like Ramona- but I’ll give credit where it is due. She’s a savvy business woman who has made her own money.

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