Bethenny Frankel: I Never Said Kristen Was Dumb


With returning to the Real Housewives of New York City drama has come upon the B! In last night’s episode of RHONY, Bethenny had some tension with several cast members at Ramona Singer’s holiday party at her Tribeca hotspot AOA, especially with Kristen Taekman. In this week’s Bravo Blog,Bethenny explains why she walked away from Kristen and the conversation she was trying to have with her.

“Ugh…the Berkshires lives on. I just wanted to end the dynamic with Heather. Although I am a reality star, I don’t always want the spotlight on me. I love doing reality TV, because I love the connection with the audience, the running commentary, the interaction with the women, and ultimately, the humor of it all. This doesn’t mean that when I’m going through some personal sh– that I want people up in my grill. It takes me a minute to get warm. Dorinda hit the nail on the head. I am like a squirrel and too quick and too fast makes me skittish and run. I own my stuff.

I just wanted to hug and make up and keep it moving. I am high strung and uptight. I know. Add that to some personal stresses that are indescribable that I cannot discuss, and you have a situation.

Aside from trying to give Sonja some guidance in the past, I am not on top of anyone trying to do anything. I just want to ease in and keep it easy breezy light and bright. Heather and I have different approaches.

As for AOA, I felt like the Don waiting to put out fires and deal with everyone’s issues. Luann and I have a good dynamic. I tell her what is up with me, and she knows that roundabout moves do not work. That moment about Heather was asked and answered. Luann herself told Heather to back off in the Berkshires. I didn’t need to revisit this in the opposite way a week later. Keep it moving, Countess. She gets it.

I approached Heather, because I really didn’t want this to become some insane Housewife rivalry that it isn’t. She came on strong. I backed up. That is it. Different strokes for different folks. She is not my frenemy. Life is too short.

Now to Kristen. I saw her winding up the whole party and simply couldn’t do it. We didn’t click. J’adore Carole, and I genuinely consider her a friend, but but she has no idea what she is talking about. I never said Kristen didn’t register the trademark. I never said Kristen was dumb. I had no idea about either of these things. I simply questioned Kristen choosing a name that is remarkably similar to another much larger brand.

I applaud Kristen’s entrepreneurial spirit and through Dress for Success and various channels, I support women in business. This moment was nonsense. You will take this ride with me and see.

Sonja impressed me. She was so humble and earnest and eager and wanted to learn at my Skinnygirl brand summit. She could have left early, she could have been negative (particularly because I was skeptical about her brand meeting), and she could have been a know-it-all. She did none of that. She listened. She connected. She worked the room. I shared all of my contacts and wanted her to learn.

I think we can all agree that this was a good episode, because I didn’t weep. I believe I cry next week and then we are all free from my salty tears.

Thank you for watching as always. It is a fun ride.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Kristen said it herself in her tag line last season. Something like I may not be smart, but I’m pretty!

I like to read what Bathanny says in her blogs but I can’t follow her when she talks so fast. Please slow down so I can understand what you say.

Carole was stirring up trouble. There’s no reason why she needed to say what she did to Kristen. She knew it would hurt Kristen’s feelings and cause drama with Kristen and Bethenny. I don’t think Carole was being Kristen’s friend last night.

I think Carole was trying to be a friend to Kristen but she did it poorly. She could have conveyed a message using more diplomatic language. The word “dumb” should never be used.

Bethenny continues to tell everyone how to be and what to say…and no one else’s feelings are valid or “interesting” to her. Nobody came to her for advice at the party…like she is The Don of the family…they came to ask if she was OK (LuAnn…cause obviously Bethenny isn’t) or to ask her if she said something (Kristen..which is when Bethenny should have called Carole over and cleared it up)…and both women got blown up… because Queen B isn’t interested. I am sick of the Skinny Girl hype and product placement and I am tired of every episode filled with… Read more »

Even though she is going thru a stressful divorce Bethenny is just over the top rude.

Apple loved your comment,Well done!
It’s everything I wanted to say but do not have the patience to do so I wish I was able to fast forward B’s scenes but my cable/service doesn’t allow me to do so, omg tat chick is highly annoying

Thanks, Allie…I used to be a fan, but her Talk Show and now her return to RHONYC fixed that….seems even her “fan mafia” (her words, not mine) are getting fed up with her. Ramona (who could certainly also be described as “tightly wound”) is also going through a divorce and being sued for alimony and yet she seems to be able to deal with it without stomping all over anyone who crosses her path, and LuAnn managed to stay focused several season’s ago when the Count left her for the Ethiopian Princess. Bethenny’s recent behavior makes me wonder about all… Read more »

I’m with Bethenny here. Why is Kristin even asking Bethenny for advice—isn’t her husband Josh the branding “expert”?

Bethenny is exhausting to watch. She talks way too fast and over everyone. She’s made comments about Kristen’s tag line on WWHL even before she returned to RHONY. These women act like Kristen is beneath them. She seems out of her league in NY. And Bethenny acts like she’s above them all even if she keeps saying otherwise.

I like Bethenny, but not her attitude. We all have tough stuff in our lives, but somehow it’s not right to treat people so rudely. I hope she tames her ways. She is that way, ok, we get it, but does not mean it’s acceptable or should be accepted.

You owe Kristen a BIG apology and I hope it is coming. You’ve treated her like garbage and worse than that like she isn’t alive. That is worse. I am sorry for your problems but its not right to hurt innocent people God puts in your path. I hope you chill a bit going forward. And I pray things get better in your personal life.

I agree Apple I’m thinking the same thing concerning her hatred 4her mother I get she didn’t have a good upbringing it’s not like u get a manual when u give birth , lol ,some women just aren’t cut out to be a parent & when substance abuse comes in to play it takes over everything , I bet her mom had guilt ,regret & shame at times . Wats the saying there’s always 3sides of the story I think this is why she uses her daughter as excuses to get out of participating in outings w/girls she’s hell bent… Read more »
Oh I am a Bravo addict and pretty much watch it all, Allie, including OC. They were my gateway drug 9 years ago and even though I am sick of Tamra and Vicki (or Shamra and Icky, as I prefer), I can’t help myself and watch anyway. Bethenny testified in court that Jason and his father tortured her at theTribeca Apt by leaving big ole turds in her bathroom when she was out and locking Cookie in a closet . I don’t believe Jason’s father would do that….so now I don’t believe Bethenny about anything….including her childhood. I also think… Read more »
Bethenney is obnoxious, abrasive and her voice is grating, sounds like someone scratching their fingernails on a blackboard. She doesn’t know how to play nice so it’s hard for her to know when someone is genuinely being caring about her, as Heather tried to do. She described herself as uptight and wound up, but she left out crude, rude plus she doesn’t know when to shut up!! She may be business savvy but socially she sucks, no wonder she has no close friends. She’s been going to therapy before her marriage to Jason and honestly I don’t know if she… Read more »
I am a huge B fan. I am starting to feel sorry for her as there are signs that she is headed for a fall. she can be obnoxious, but I really believe she doesn’t intend to be. The verbosity is a symptom of depression, although most don’t see it as a depressive characteristic. I honestly don’t think she can stop. I hope she gets it together, and it does look like she is trying and has been for years. She is trying to outrun her childhood, and I now a lot of folks think she is using it as… Read more »

The B#*@# is definitely back. So disappointing. I almost can’t watch anymore. So tired of hearing her excuses for her abominable behavior. Like Heather said, everyone has problems, but they are not shoving them in everyone’s face as Bethenny’s is. She needs to go to crazy island with her old friend Kelly B until she figures out her life and is ready to be a willing and active player in society. She claims to be ‘real’, I hope that is NOT the “real” her she presents to her daughter. She is becoming unhinged.

Hey kiddos there is a new poll down below on IPads.

Congratulations Bethanny, you’ve now officially become Kelly Bensimon. I’m surprised she hasn’t said to either Kristen or Heather, “I’m up here, and you’re down here”!

I like Bethenny but with her added to the mix this season, there is a lot of quacking going on with her bickering with the other ladies. RHONY takes the cake for giving me the biggest headache! As for Kristen, she shouldn’t try so hard. The more she complains about Bethenny being cold towards her only makes her look more pathetic each time.

Love B! It is ridiculously funny how the Heather an Dum-Dum think they can just go up to any new person and act as if it is ok to ask personal questions, give snide remarks and have plans to ask for branding business advise in order to use B’s expertise for free. It was one thing for B to invite Sonia for inside peek of her company bc there is a history between them. All of the women know B’s issues. It’s public knowledge! So, why not just try to get to know her in these group settings like other… Read more »
Love B! It is ridiculously funny how the Heather an Dum-Dum think they can just go up to any new person and act as if it is ok to ask personal questions, give snide remarks and have plans to ask for branding business advise in order to use B’s expertise for free. It was one thing for B to invite Sonia for inside peek of her company bc there is a history between them. All of the women know B’s issues. It’s public knowledge! So, why not just try to get to know her in these group settings like other… Read more »

If the”b” is that sensitive then she probably shouldn’t be on a reality show.

Bethany is the most self-centered person ever known to mankind. Please, someone explain to her, that not every event, party, or occasion is about her and her grief. Nobody is too worried about her being “homeless”. Does she have even a tiny bit of sensitivity as to how that would be perceived? She has the emotional intelligence of a gnat!