Bethenny Frankel Hints At Feud With Ramona Singer

Bethenny Frankel is taking to her blog to weigh in on this week’s episode of RHONY. Frankel admits that she didn’t speak to Ramona Singer all summer and hints that we will find out later why that is. She also shares her thoughts on the new girl, Tinsley Mortimer. Bethenny admits she likes Tinsley, but isn’t ready to get friendship bracelets and matching tattoos yet.

“Now the show will start to heat up.

Just how no one knew how to react to my cat suit, I didn’t know how to react to Ramona.

We didn’t speak all summer, and there are very specific reasons for that. Watch what happens.

Carole and the election: We are friends. I love her and, like many people we love, we may not see eye to eye. Our communication styles are different.

I feel this election lacked a healthy open dialogue, and I think that day at my house lacked it as well. People are very heated and passionate. Ramona’s vote counts just the same as mine, yours or Carole’s.

Welcome Tinsley. At the mad hatter party, I brought a bottle of Skinnygirl Peach Margarita, said hello, talked to my friends, wore color, and even shoved a sandwich in my mouth. Sorry if my greeting wasn’t up to Southern standards. I like Tinsley, and that is how I am when I meet someone new. I go with a handshake and a hello. I wasn’t quite ready for friendship bracelets or matching tattoos.

I know. I know. I’m good at playing the bitch, so I’ll take an unwarranted hit here to keep the folks at home and at Bravo happy.”

Photo Credit: Bravo