Bethenny Frankel Hints At Feud With Ramona Singer

Bethenny Frankel is taking to her blog to weigh in on this week’s episode of RHONY. Frankel admits that she didn’t speak to Ramona Singer all summer and hints that we will find out later why that is. She also shares her thoughts on the new girl, Tinsley Mortimer. Bethenny admits she likes Tinsley, but isn’t ready to get friendship bracelets and matching tattoos yet.

“Now the show will start to heat up.

Just how no one knew how to react to my cat suit, I didn’t know how to react to Ramona.

We didn’t speak all summer, and there are very specific reasons for that. Watch what happens.

Carole and the election: We are friends. I love her and, like many people we love, we may not see eye to eye. Our communication styles are different.

I feel this election lacked a healthy open dialogue, and I think that day at my house lacked it as well. People are very heated and passionate. Ramona’s vote counts just the same as mine, yours or Carole’s.

Welcome Tinsley. At the mad hatter party, I brought a bottle of Skinnygirl Peach Margarita, said hello, talked to my friends, wore color, and even shoved a sandwich in my mouth. Sorry if my greeting wasn’t up to Southern standards. I like Tinsley, and that is how I am when I meet someone new. I go with a handshake and a hello. I wasn’t quite ready for friendship bracelets or matching tattoos.

I know. I know. I’m good at playing the bitch, so I’ll take an unwarranted hit here to keep the folks at home and at Bravo happy.”

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  • DaysofWineandRoses

    She had good quips this episode. That’s all i got.

  • Aunt Bee

    I missed this weeks episode but will catch up in a rerun. Bethany I enjoy because of her quips but wish she would speak slower because even with CC I can’t always catch it.

    • missroxmiss

      that fast talking is a side effect of Adderal I really think she takes it to keep weight down

  • Jay

    haha love bethenny. She’s the only real person on this show. Ramona is all fake like Lisa Rinna, she’s being dramatic and now feuding with Bethenny (And sonja?! wtf) just for the show, she knows she needs drama.

    • I love her, too. I think she has a little sociopath in her from her upbringing. But she certainly does care about others, and to say that because her marriages didn’t work makes her a loser is crap. My sister who is 74, still has her own editing business and also edits huge grant proposals, dates and turns heads still, never remarried after her first one and had her 3 sons. Sonja and that “play” is simply embarrassing, with her no life, no business and no class is just boring. Ramona is just pissed because everyone has stopped giving her a receiving line every time she enters a room. She looks like shit with her hair, it’s too long, does she still brush and style it? Carole and B are good friends, and her friend, Terry and her have been besties since they were 13. So, just because they didn’t air it, doesn’t mean no one loved the puppies. I doubt B gives a golden s**t whether anyone in the world cares for her. But, she does have friends, has been dating the same man for over a year, and gives regularly to charities. I would take a friend like Bethenny over any of the other women. I would befriend Carole and Dorinda too.

  • Am I getting SO old that time really does fly, or did we not just have the reunion for this franchise? I swear, when I saw the articles, I thought it was trailers and teasers. Then, I get the feeling it’s happening and go to Amazon, sure enough, 2 episodes! So, just started watching my season pass, and so far, Ramona looks like shit, she should have kept her hair short, Sonja is getting tiring, and Bethenny is the only one with anything to add. Luann and Dorinda walking talking about all of them is more of the same, so let’s hope it gets better.

  • Cassandra

    HAHA ITA. I talk fast too and have people all the time look at me like huh? Even my mother and husband who should be used to it sometimes look at me like I am speaking another language. Bethany has her moments but for the most part I like her. Wish I had the set she has to be able to tell some people off…

  • barbara

    Hey sweetie, I think B is the smartest Housewife from any of the cities. I love her quick wit and her ability to say she’s sorry when she out of line.

  • Apple

    No one cared that Bethenny was sitting around in a cat suit with a Cher wig…or about her new puppies….or about her gift basket…or because Bravo is finally pushing back on her season long Infomercials… that she was reduced to listing all the Skinnygirl products it contained, one by one, to the Borrowed Butler at the Tea Party.
    Good. I hope we eventually reach a point when the entire cast and crew barely look up when she enters a room. Because that’s what normally happens when someone uses people and treats them like shit. People distant themselves and stop caring.
    Best line of the episode…when Beth prattles on about her relationship with her super smart boyfriend (he’s smart enough to dump her) and says she is in “me, myself, and I” mode.
    I wondered how none of her robotic assistants maintained their insipidly pleasant masks and didn’t laugh out loud….paycheck, I suppose.

  • watching in ohio

    Bethany Frankel can’t get along with anyone on a sustained level. She lacks the basic qualities of empathy or even genuine affection for anyone but herself. She can’t hold a man or a friendship. I believe her to be a sociopath without conscience . Not a nice person or good human being.

  • HowdidIgethere?

    I’ve always thought Carole was the most mature and intelligent of the cast (not that she had a lot of competition), but after witnessing her continually spewing how she’s the most politically informed, I am so turned off and disgusted. She only came across as a boorish jerk. And Tinsley! Did the producers have such a difficult time finding a new cast member that they had settle on that pathetic twit? They come no more shallow, insecure, and phony than she. Oh, and I loved her comment about old New York money, listing the Rockefellers, the Vanderbilts, and the Mortimers?! Dream on, honey – do you really think people are buying your shit? RHONY has hit a new low.

  • Daisy

    Woo hoo. Hi sissy. How are you beautiful?