Bethenny Frankel Gushes About Her Daughter Bryn Hoppy

One thing we don’t get to see on The Real Housewives of New York City is Bethenny Frankel being a mom to her daughter Bryn, who is now 6-years old. But in a new interview, Bethenny is sharing tidbits about her relationship with her daughter and what they like to do when they spend time together.

“She’s sassy. She’s funny. She’s cute. She loves animals. She likes art. She’s creative and she wants to have a good time,” Bethenny told Personal Space.

“We adopted dogs. My daughter feels proud about that. She’ll tell anyone who will listen,” Bethenny shared. “She’s realizing that not everybody has clothes or mommies and isn’t as lucky and you have to keep reinforcing that. I’m telling her how blessed we are. I’m telling why I work so that she can go to school and have nice clothes and go on vacations and have a home. It’s good. It feels good.”

Photo Credit: Bravo/FameFlynet

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I’m sorry we can’t enjoy little Bryn grow up on the show. But I certainly understand.

She is a little sweetie who looks so much like her Dad

I love the fact that she immediately named her Bryn, in Memoriam of Brian, Jason’s brother who passed. So many think Bethenny is heartless, I have never seen her that way. I have seen a heart with tearing and pain and sadness. Fortunately she is learning how to put those old habits behind, and live in the warmer, more generous part of her memories and life. No one knows what another feels, or truly why they do the things they do. I remember her wanting a child from the first time I saw her in the 1st season of RHONY… Read more »