Bethenny Frankel Granted Restraining Order Against Ex-Husband Jason Hoppy After His Arrest

Jason Hoppy was arrested for allegedly stalking his ex-wife, Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel. As we previously reported, Hoppy was arrested after he confronted Frankel at their daughter’s school, allegedly saying, “I will destroy you.”

Now, Frankel has been issued a restraining order against her ex, TMZ reports. The order requires Hoppy to stay clear of Bethenny’s home, Bethenny’s school, and place of business. It also requires Jason to have no communication with Bethenny.

The only exception for Hoppy is if a judge allows him access at the various locations to facilitate the custody arrangement.

Jason is also not permitted to have any “third party contact.” Although the order does not specify the identity of third parties, it’s assumed it includes Bethenny’s boyfriend, Dennis Shields, who was with Bethenny when Jason got arrested.

The restraining order will be in effect for 6 months.

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6 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel Granted Restraining Order Against Ex-Husband Jason Hoppy After His Arrest”

  1. OoP’s are great, in theory, but I still say, Bethenny, round the clock protection for you and your daughter. I’m not saying this to rub it in but oh how you must rue the day. Truly sorry, you’ve always been my favorite of all, not just NYC.

    1. Hey!!! RMAN 56, I love what you said. But….she wouldn’t have Bryn without “the day” and she always wanted just one child, a daughter. But, I am totally with you on the round the clock protection. I said it on a different page even. I have been a fan of Bethenny’s since her try on Martha Stewart’s Apprentice. There was just the one season, then I was channel surfing back in the day I actually watched a TV screen & accidentally came across the 1st reunion of the NY Housewives. I said “self, that is Bethenny from the MStewart show.” She is very unique looking. Ironically, I just yesterday, before seeing this decided to watch the “Bethenny Gets Married?” seasons. Her and Jason used to laugh their asses off. I do wish she would stop the botox, because she is a great laugher. It makes me laugh too. In the second and third seasons I could feel the control he wanted to have over her. Especially about the baby. He was talking SECOND baby when she first became pregnant. Now many people might not find that chilling, but I did. I lived in a controlling relationship for 7 years, so I took my 5,3 and 1 year old children and left him. I have now, ( not that anyone cares or it matters to this topic, really ) been married to their Daddy, their step Dad who they call Daddy for 31 years. Anyway, when you are on the way home with your newborn infant, IMO, it is NOT NORMAL to begin speaking of the second child, that is just weird, period. The baby in the car seat that your wife has just given birth to is what you should be thinking about. And, AND, you should not want your own MOTHER to have as much to do with the raising of that child as her MOM, BRYN’S MOM, who is Bethenny. He has a Mommy complex big time. Anyway, hope we can be blog buddies, you say what I think. And I bet you are young, please don’t consider that an insult if it isn’t true, no Human on Earth controls the Sun coming up and going down or how old we are, that was an observation from your picture, & maybe you and I will see that age difference is not necessarily a big chasm of negativity.

    1. Almost 2 emails a day for 3 months and texts also is concerning to say the least, IMO. The messages in those emails are a crime. He was charged afterall, by the NY D.A, right? I think that is what I read. If I am wrong, I will know soon hopefully.

  2. Even in the second season of Bethenny’s spinoff, they go to his folks house, a 4 hour drive, and are expected to stay 2 NIGHTS AND 3 DAYS, every other week. Then his parents come to the city and stay with THEM, IN THIR LITTLE APT. for 2 NIGHTS. Get an effing hotel FGSakes. He is saying in interview, “I don’t want to hurt my parents feelings” so already, just like an abused wife starts getting abused during the 1st pregnancy statisticly in a lot of cases, her feelings, his WIFE’S feelings are less important than his MOM’S feelings. So, at that time the marriage started breaking down. Because of him being a Momma’s boy instead of a married MAN with a wife and child. TEAM BETHENNY.

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