Bethenny Frankel Fights Back Over Photo Where She Looks “Too Thin”


Bethenny Frankel posted another controversial photo on her Instagram account this week holding her book, Skinnygirl Cocktails. What shocked people about this photo was how thin and unhealthy the RHONY star looked and now Frankel is firing back at her critics.


In a new interview with Elvis Duran, Bethenny said that anyone that thinks that she looks unhealthy is “crazy.”

“The way that my body was, it made me look like I was a skeleton and it became this whole Internet thing yesterday, that I’m anorexic and all this crazy stuff,” Bethenny said on the show.

“…In some circumstances you do [have to be careful] but if I start filtering myself and being so careful walking on eggshells with everything I say or post, I won’t even be me or be on this radio show or on that television show, or as successful as I am,” she continued. “So this is who I am, and sometimes you make mistakes!”

Bethenny also discussed how she is able to be herself on a reality TV show rather than hosting a talk show.

“I thought it has my name, I can just be myself and I can say whatever I want. But it really wasn’t like that. It’s very, very structured. You’re very corralled, you’re very handled, and you really are directing traffic at every moment… I really did not appreciate my experience on reality TV, until I did a talk show,” Bethenny said.

Frankel will return to RHONY season 7, which has already started filming.

Photo Credit: Bravo/Instagram



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  • Kat

    I’m glad she is coming back to RHONY 🙂 The last season was awful.
    Bring back the season one cast, that I would watch!

  • Judyk

    Shut up, Bethany.

  • ceebee

    I might start watching this show again now that she’s coming back.

  • Lisa

    She looks like Karen Carpenter in her worst anorexic days. People like Bethanny have body image psychosis and need therapy badly.

    • Mktb

      It’s so sad how people can’t see a skinny person without thinking anorexia. She’s always been teeny tiny. I think people are just jealous they weren’t born with a naturally skinny body. No offense to anyone but it’s the truth. Everybody has different metabolisms. Everybody struggles with different shit. I personally don’t think she has an eating disorder. I just don’t think she’s aging well, that or she drinks too much.

      • Lisa

        I am thin and have been my whole life. Not jealous or hating. There is a difference between thin and skeleton / boney thin. Ask any hetero man! For goodness sake, she made her fortunes on a brand with Skinny in the title! This is beyond skinny, she looks like someone with an eating disorder. … Period.

  • Aunt Bee

    I like Bethany. I’m not worried about her physically. Emotionally and mentally is another concern. I believe she is very self centric and that her daughter should be in the primary care of her ex and his parents. She should have lenient visitation but that child deserves a balanced and caring home life. That is something Bethany has never had and her daughter deserves a better type of upbringing. IMHO.

    • Binky

      Once again Aunt Bee is spot on! However, I do have from very good sources she’s bulimic and has been for years.

    • Karen

      I think shared custody like it is is fine Aunt Bee, but I understand your concerns, and Bethsny needs to be watched.

    • Mktb

      I don’t think that’s fair, Aunt Bee. Just because Bethenny herself had a “crappy” childhood doesn’t mean she can’t provide a healthy life for her daughter. She seems to be a great mom who is very hands on with Bryn.

      • Aunt Bee

        You may be right MKTB but after seeing that picture – in my opinion she not only looks very thin but she looks ill. Look at the dark circles under her eyes. Like I said, I have always enjoyed Bethany but my heart goes out to that child.

  • anab4

    she doesn’t want to be filtered, therefor she puts a picture of her on the web again ? why not just stop putting pic. on the internet, instagram, or whatever. I don’t want to look at a 40 something year old woman, acting stupid, she obviously wanted the picture on ,. what ever. just like her pajama picture, she knew that this picture would not come off well. the picture is of her, lord hope it isn’t one of bryn’s dress.. she barely had that book open. stop taking pictures and putting them anywhere. but then you wouldn’t have people talking about you. be nonfiltered in another kind of way, surely pictures is not the only way to be nonfiltered.