Bethenny Frankel: I Felt Tortured and Miserable

Bethenny Frankel is taking to her blog this week to explain why she didn’t attend Ramona’s party on the RHONY. Frankel also opens up about what else she had been going through at the time that no one knew about.

“From what I could hear, I dodged a bullet by staying in the car during Ramona ‘s party.

I was completely resolved in missing her 60th birthday party, because I don’t want to be around her, and special events should consist of people who you love and represent good energy around you.

Clearly, Ramona has malicious feelings towards me, so I should not be present, nor do I have any space in my life for Ramona’s calculated negativity.

I wish her health, happiness and prosperity as this significant birthday approaches, and I hope she finds everything she wants in life.

In my discussion with Carole, I am vowing to get strong and pull my personal life together. I have felt tortured and miserable, and I was ready to get off the ride, which required some strength.”

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18 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel: I Felt Tortured and Miserable”

  1. There goes Bitchany taking a jab wherever she can…so Ramona is 60? I think Ramona looks younger than Bitchany. However the plastic Ramona looks bad…still better than Bitchanys face with her jaw correction.

  2. I love Bethny & I agree, remove all negativity. She has endured a great deal of that already. Ramona said what she said & it was uncalled for. But when has Ramona ever said anything that was called for.

    1. I like Bethanny and don’t believe Ramona has ever said anything worth taking to heart. To me Ramona is a joke.

  3. IMO Ramona isn’t worth a friendship, but she’s also not worth a moment of thought. Her nasty comments are always ridiculous and transparent, and the only interesting thing about her is as a test subject for how awkward a person can be. I will never understand how she has one friend, or even how anyone spends a moment in conversation with her. That said, Bethenny needs some really serious reprogramming. She is miserably unhappy and bitter at the core, and she needs to rid herself of that.

    1. I also wonder what the deal is with her hair. It seriously looks as if she never brushes it or styles it. If she’s trying for the hippy look, she is WAY OFF. And, she is WAY too old to have the “hairdo” of looking like it’s naturally drying after swimming. She needs to cut it, & although she does look good for 60, she doesn’t look at all sophisticated, as she should if she is a business woman. Plus, I feel sorry for her daughter, always having her mom partying with her and her other 22 year old friends. I wouldn’t have even considered “partying” with my Daughters and their friends, even when I was invited. I went to plays and shows naturally at the Pioneer or one of our other many events centers, but I parted ways if they were going to a bar etc. But hey, that’s just me. Ramona is a two-faced b**ch. This BS about “being able to discuss anything” with a friend” is just that, BS. It is unkind and not at all classy ( what a shock that Ramona has no class ) to bring up the most negative thing she could think of at the lunch. Then getting everyone to pile on, turning to Luann to discuss what had just happened and how wrong she thought Bethenny was for her reaction. She is so jealous of Bethenny’s success that it eats her up inside, and turns her ugly heart outward.
      I do wish Bethenny and Luann would come to terms, she does owe Luann, as much as I
      don’t like Luann, a sincere apology. Off camera or on. If the entire group is fractured the entire season will be mostly nasty arguments.

  4. I actually am really enjoying the scenes without Bethenny. I really hope she stays mad at Ramona and refuses to film with her or anyone else for the rest of the season.

  5. I like B, flaws and all.
    Ramona’s words should be taken with a grain of salt. She’s not known to be a wordsmith and she was coming for B big time by bringing B’s daughter into it. SMH

  6. I’m surprised Bethenny was still friends with Ramona. I would have cut Ramona off after the walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

  7. All’s well here as I hope it is in your world too. Thanks for asking 3 D’s.
    Dont know why, but Ramona is getting from bad to worse & she’s become bitter too. Maybe a combo of things. Her divorce, Luann being married to a so called ex, or just the fact that Luann has found love. She’s lashing out to whoever & whenever & she acts sluttier than ever. She’s 60 years old, looks awful, her face & hair is a mess & she’s trying to recapture her youth by hanging out with her daughter & friends. I wonder if her daughter is not embarrassed, but refrains from telling her mother to hang out with her own age group for fear of hurting her feelings. I’m sure the friends would also prefer her absence, but also refrains from saying anything to her daughter for the same reason I stated above. The hardest part to digest is the fact that Ramona has deluded herself into thinking the friends loves her company. Sadly, she’s losing friends one by one.

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