Bethenny Frankel: I Felt Tortured and Miserable

Bethenny Frankel is taking to her blog this week to explain why she didn’t attend Ramona’s party on the RHONY. Frankel also opens up about what else she had been going through at the time that no one knew about.

“From what I could hear, I dodged a bullet by staying in the car during Ramona ‘s party.

I was completely resolved in missing her 60th birthday party, because I don’t want to be around her, and special events should consist of people who you love and represent good energy around you.

Clearly, Ramona has malicious feelings towards me, so I should not be present, nor do I have any space in my life for Ramona’s calculated negativity.

I wish her health, happiness and prosperity as this significant birthday approaches, and I hope she finds everything she wants in life.

In my discussion with Carole, I am vowing to get strong and pull my personal life together. I have felt tortured and miserable, and I was ready to get off the ride, which required some strength.”

Photo Credit: Bravo