Bethenny Frankel Feels Badly for Dorinda


Bethenny Frankel is taking to her blog after this week’s episode of the RHONY to share her thoughts on the episode. Frankel says she has no words after her argument with Dorinda’s boyfriend John. She says she feels bad for Dorinda and reacts to what Jules said about the women.

“Ummmm how the hell do I write about this insane episode? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Well, happy birthday to myself. And Jules, thanks for calling us “elderly.” It’s just what a woman wants to hear on her birthday.

I mean that was pure insanity. Need I explain it? I think it spoke for itself. I call ’em like I see ’em. I grew up in a crazy world, and let’s just say I get a sense about these things.

I really am speechless. I feel badly for Dorinda for a multitude of reasons. I think what John said about Ramona was below the belt, and I think Jules made it crystal clear that I started it.

But, to be clear, if what I said to Dorinda brought out that beast, then I am glad. It vindicated us for our sixth sense.

Honestly, I have no words. Just trust me when I say it keeps getting better, and next week is challenging for me.”

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42 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel Feels Badly for Dorinda”

  1. Well, Bethenny, I know it is a show and you feel you have to be the star and bring on the drama and conflict, however, you took it too far. I cannot stand John, but Dorinda chose him. Love is blind…very. Dorinda needs to keep her man in check, since he wants to be filmed a little too much in my opinion and gets rude, inappropriaten and mouthy. I wish she would not film with him, but he makes sure to show up when she is filming, like he needs to be seen. Hopefully, Dorinda will see him for his faults, and in the end, what she does is her business. I have noticed that she seems to have a drinking problem, (slurred speech, etc.) at least in all the episodes this season and others, and she makes a fool of herself while under the influence. She needs a therapist…and not Bethenny. Bethenny needs to cut back in the Adderall or whatever stimulant she is on…and slow down a bit. She is a motor mouth and needs to shift those lips into park sometimes, puleeze.

    1. Last week I forgot to mention this, but Dorinda did a GREAT radio interview breaking down the dynamics of that event. I understand Bethenny wanting to be the one that gets in the ring and starts boxing the one two punch to get things rolling on the show, but sometimes these women (on ALL of these franchises) take things too far:

      1. Come on, he went into that room all tweaking and determined to take Bethany down. I guess with a room full of producers and camera people she may have felt secure enough but that guy was unstable

  2. Yes, Jules. Another one still wet behind the ears making a deal about how old some of the women are. Like Karen said on RHOP Reunion, “Honey, you want to make it to this age and look this good!” (or something close to that)

    Jules is a friend of John’s and that’s how she got connected to the show. That’s all I need to know about her.

    I dislike any children on reality tv for the simple fact that I think it’s exploitive. Jule’s children will become targets. I’m sure they are already.

    1. Ehen Jules referred to the others as “the elderly”, I wanted to shut her down right there. Where do they find such empty headed people. She should never open her mouth. What an ignorant, judgmental piece of work Jules is, and She really gets on my last nerve.

  3. John is a walking obscenity. Why does he want to be in front of the camera? All he’s done is alienate the viewers and I can see the rest of the housewives are sick of him showing up and showing out in front of the cameras. Dorinda, even your own daughter can’t hang with John….I can’t blame her. And it’s not jealousy, I promise! I’m not so worried about Jules….she’s just wet behind the ears. She will learn as time goes by and sooner than she thinks in this crowd, lol. I am Bethanny in this disagreement. It may have been better for her to discuss it in a more private setting but she has every right to be sick of the confrontation from John. He needs to stick to his dry cleaning or whatever it is he does.

    1. I agree… John is a freak! Dorinda keeps him around because she is so loaded when he’s being his weirdest! When she’s sober she can’t stand how he wants to hang on her and make out in public. She HATES it! But who else will get so slammed with her and accept their drunken/ wasted behavior? Dorinda is a drunken fool!

  4. Here’s what I think. I think we choose a partner in our life at any given time (when single, like Dorinda) because of the energy we put out there in the universe. Dorinda attracted John and vice versa for whatever they projected. I don’t know anything about those things in their relationship that feed each other other than the obvious. its pretty obvious to me anyway that D wants no real strings attached and to over indulge (alcohol) and not answer for her drama when she is highed up. She lowers herself to his level honestly. He is not her intellectual equal. She knows this inside, but she wants a pass at this time in life to just say f%*# it, I feel. She’s pissed off that her idyllic life style with him is in question. So I don’t think she’s really defending John so much to the girls, she’s defending her right to be Dorinda right now at this stage of her life. Her friends are concerned for her behavior. She wants permission to be as gutter right now as she wants to be. That’s how I see it. She’s got unresolved stuff. I don’t feel she’s worked out her deceased husbands death. At all.

    1. Interesting. I agree with a lot of what you wrote. However, I am not sure what her intellectual equal is, since to me, it seems that her prior husbands were probably above her in that regard, based on what I am seeing in Dorinda. I don’t think she got over her last husband, Richard, and John is nothing like Richard most likely. He just helps numb the pain as does alcohol. She is 50 and when she talks, you would think she sees herself as an old woman who is most likley settling for John…just my take on it. She really needs psychotherapy, and I hope she gets it and that is because she has many angry outburts, seems to drink too much, and other issues.

    2. That was the most intuitive comment regarding this as I have ever seen. I will say, from Sandy’s comment also, we never “get over” the death of a partner or a child. Our parents, we grieve for, certainly. It is the natural order of life to lose our parents. And believe me when I say this is no way demeans the loss we feel or the love we have for them.
      When someone close to our own age, a partner, or our child dies, we might seem to get over it. We don’t. We go on, we even laugh again, we exist for quite a while. We accept, after a deep fight within, that they are gone from our daily life in their physical form. We even continue on, getting married, celebrating events in our lives, but I promise every one is a reminder that they should be here with us, laughing, crying and celebrating just what it is they have lost, their life. Many moments bring us close to tears, and many times we feel as though we will fall, again, to our knees, and our guts will once again be ripped out. People might say during “the grieving period” “you are being strong” to which I used to think “don’t you see me here, on my knees, a shell of the person you used know?” No matter how well we have made it through “the stages of grief” which IMO is BS, there is no therapy for death. No matter the war within, at the end, the person we love is still dead.

      1. No, getting over a death is not forgetting the person or their passing. It is learning to remember the person or persons and move on in a healthy way, dwelling on the positive memories and not on their demise or any negativity. It is getting over the extreme grief to a better place where we can live our lives. I spent so many of my adult years grieving my mother, and I cried a lot. Working and seeing patients and helping them when my mom died home alone while I was at work, made me upset. So much reminded me. I felt guilt for no reason. I just stopped caring about myself for a time. It was not good. I had to learn that death is a part of life. We cannot try to understand why then, why so young, why anything. It happens. We do grieve. We do not forget. We just have to live our lives and be there for our families in a positive way. Being angry is the worst. Being depressed is terrible. There are stages of grief. Our loved ones who have passed would not want us to be sad all the time. There comes a point of acceptance in a healthy way. Dorinda has to remember Richard, and if she is not able to put him in a safe place in her memories, she should not be serious with anyone else. I believe in the love of your life. None will compare, but they can help with the loneliness of love lost.

        1. Nice post, Sandy. The people I see that seem to struggle the most are the ones who seem to freeze after the loss, probably because they are afraid to feel the immense pain, and just shut down and find ways ( booze, drugs,) to avoid accepting and working through their loss. I think Dorinda may be one of these…John is a friend of Richard’s and was there right after he died. Maybe instead of feeling the loss, she started drinking too much and partying with him…and is still running away from what she is afraid she can’t handle.

          1. Thanks apple. I agree. I think John was just easy…meaning that he was readily available to be there for her. She was on the rebound with a huge void after Richard.

  5. And give Jules a few years when she stumbles upon her mid to late 50’s like me. She’ll feel really foolish for her insensitive old age remarks lol. Cause in two minutes she’ll be 56 too, that’s how freakin fast time flies.

      1. Funny that. Now that I’m approaching 57 in September, 90+ now looks old. I have great friends in their late sixties/ early seventies and I think of them as young!

    1. Jules has to wear her name around her neck. Is that in case she gets lost and forgets her name? Like Bethenny said, like English as a second language. That phone call? Et tu, Brute? She was completely clueless.

  6. So Bethenny can say that Jules “can’t count that high”, is “special needs” and dumb, but Jules can’t point out spiteful and bitchy behavior in this bunch of crabby old broads?

    1. Exactly, Stacey….I think Jules was and is surprised by these women’s immature behavior….and expects women in their 50’s to have learned that attacking the host while they are eating her food and drinking her booze is not cool….but very uncool.

  7. “I call ’em like I see ’em!”
    I love Behemny but no my lovely, you do not have to comment about EVERYTHING.

  8. dorinda is still mourning. when a mate dies the world, as you knew it, changes forever. insecurity and fear set in. the pain is excruciating and the memories of watching the deterioration of your loved one are always with you. you are desperate to fill the void…and, for dorinda, john stepped in. he distracted her…he comforted her…he cherished her when she needed it most… and he saved her from her unending tears. this is what she needed and still needs to survive. circumstances allow her to accept his unacceptable ways. she no longer is the woman she once was….she is simply trying to exist in spite of her sadness. those around her cannot understand her need for him. they are not expected to. only someone who has experienced it can. sadly, i do.

  9. B comes up with some great one-liners, but I agree that she is on Adderall or something. She is just WAY too fast with everything. She must be EXHAUSTING to be around.

    1. lol Gigicat I have an older sister that’s like Bethenny, it’s exhausting alright. I need two days to decompress after seeing her I shit you not.

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