Bethenny Frankel Fears Her Financial Empire Is Going To Be Ruined By Divorce!

Bethenny Frankel

Amidst all of Bethenny Frankel’s divorce drama RadarOnline is exclusively reporting that the former Real Housewife of New York fears her divorce could ruin her financial empire, including her new talk-show. “Bethenny’s biggest concern is the financial hit her empire could take because of the fallout from her divorce,” a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline. “Bethenny had hoped that the divorce would be amicable, but Jason isn’t going to just stand by and let her have primary custody of their daughter, Bryn. The couple did have an iron-clad prenup, and Jason could make a bid to have it thrown out. Bethenny’s talk show is scheduled to premiere this fall, but producers of the show are carefully watching how the divorce plays out.”

“Bethenny is beyond obsessed with money, sadly. Bethenny has worked tirelessly to control how she is portrayed in the press, and she is watching it now all start to unravel with divorce, and it has her freaked out,” the source adds.

As we reported yesterday, Jason intends to fight back for custody of the couple’s daughter, Bryn.

“Bethenny feels that all of the hard work that she has done over the past five years to craft and hone her image is just unravelling. Bethenny desperately needs the approval of the public and is obsessed with being in the press, but under her terms. However, she won’t be able to control that as much now that she is getting divorced, and negative details about her life that she has been able to keep private, are going to all come out,” the source reveals.

Photo Credit: Getty Images