Bethenny Frankel Explains Why This Season Of RHONY Is Different For Her

The Real Housewives of New York City returned Wednesday night and Bethenny Frankel was back attempting to resell the apartment she had won back in her divorce from Jason Hoppy. In her blog, Bethenny is sharing with fans why this year is going to be different for her and she reveals it’s because she’s in a different place in life.

“Here we go again. Season 9. This season was like one giant therapy session, and I definitely benefited from it.

I am in a different place, a happier place. I don’t choose to go into great detail here, because I have a beautiful daughter to think of first, but suffice it to say I’ve been through hell.

Finally, I see some progress in coming out the other side.

This is the funniest season yet, and then, there are some not so funny, mean and crazy moments.

It is a very bumpy unexpected ride, and I always say, the show will always be ahead of us. Things happen that you could never predict. Enjoy!”

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  • watching in ohio

    This girl will NEVER be happy.. always moving from one thing to another in the elusive effort to find happiness..no one but God can fix what is wrong with her..she is a broken human being “by choice”..and will continue to be broken until she forgives those who have failed her in life and takes ownership of her issues and allows healing to occur!

    • DaysofWineandRoses


  • Her ex refused to move from the apartment she purchased and built. He actually got a judge on his side. He was involved in her 200 million dollar sale to Beam with maybe, MAYBE 4% of the time and effort Bethenny had since she was 19. So, now she is settled, she was supposed to what? Let a 30 million dollar apartment Sit and fall apart? She chose every fixture, piece of hardscape, every room, every piece of hardwood, EVERYTHING. Jason helped a little with the paperwork stuff. He criticized her and who she was by his continuous effort to change her into his mama. Some of the stuff he said and did during the spin-off was creepy. While they were dressing Bryn at 3 months, he was saying “doesn’t this make you want another baby?” she had difficulty carrying Bryn to term, and had some pretty serious complications. He was the one who was never happy.

    • barbara

      Hey 3 D’s, I have come full circle with Bethenny. Love, love her!!! Jason had his day in the sun and for a long time I was on his side. Not any more. He is fixated on her. Time to move on. Looking forward to Bethenny’s humor this season. Not looking forward to the show being about the WEDDING. Honestly, I could care less about it.

  • Cin

    I thought the episode last night was good. They didn’t hit us with tooooo much nasty drama. I’m sure it’s to come ,, lol

    • Minx

      Not yet..
      The Calm before the Storm..