Bethenny Frankel Explains Miami Meltdown

Bethenny Frankel stopped by Watch What Happens Live earlier this week to talk about her meltdown in Miami. Frankel admits it wasn’t only Luann de Lesseps that set her off.

“It was an explosion and reaction to many things, obviously. No one acts like that in any restaurant no matter what’s happened. There was a boiling point. But there was really something that I was observing in her that just really triggered me. I mean, you’ve seen it before with her, with me, there’s something that happens where I’m like, ‘Why are you saying you invented the Skinnygirl margarita?!’ I just, I had had it,” Bethenny said.

Frankel explained that she had been listening to what her co-stars had been saying about Luann, coupled with the time she spent helping Luann during the intervention really set her off.

“I went all in…I just felt like…How are you so not self-aware? Even right after that moment she was like, ‘Well, I’ve been going through a lot.’ I don’t want to be like, ‘I’ve been going through a lot,’ but I’ve been through a little bit this year. So, that’s what happened. It popped off. It seems like people understand it. I felt terrible about it just for myself,” Bethenny said.

She also revealed that her friendship with Carole Radziwill may be on the mend.

“I ran into her at a charity event a couple of months ago and we had a really nice time. I saw her at the bar, we had a conversation, we talked about Adam and just life, and it was nice. We actually just had a moment and it was clean. I like when things are clean,” Bethenny said.

What were your thoughts about Bethenny’s meltdown in Miami? Was she justified in the way she acted towards Lu?


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