Bethenny Frankel and Dorinda Medley Feud On RHONY

Tensions ran high in Mexico on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. When her co-stars were two hours late to dinner, Bethenny Frankel was NOT happy.

“How am I the first one to dinner?” Frankel said, before she went to track down Dorinda Medley who was clearly intoxicated. “I want to lay in a bath and go to bed and everyone’s like ‘Go to dinner.’ So I get dressed and come down and I’m alone. It’s a little maddening.”

But Dorinda wasn’t taking any of Bethenny’s crap. “You say I’m not on time but it’s vacation time. Don’t worry about it,” Medley snapped at Frankel. “You’re being so crazy, stop! … When you show up at the door and you’re aggressive, it scares me a little bit.”

But Bethenny claimed Dorinda was putting on an act. “No, it’s not a big act. You stop. You stop. Don’t say it to me,” Medley said. “You just show up there and you sit there like I was late. And I wasn’t. No I wasn’t. Don’t say it’s a big act … you do your act too. Stop it Bethenny, it makes me feel bad. I mean really. What the f*ck?”

During the altercation, Dorinda was slamming a dinner knife on the table and ended up with a gash in her hand. Bethenny helped her clean up, but the two continued arguing after.

“I just always feel like I’m late and I always have this internal pressure. It’s the worst,” Frankel said. “I never will disrespect other people’s time. If someone says they’re showing up somewhere, I will always be there, it’s never going to change.”

Dorinda stormed off, but eventually she came back to finish the argument. “So you’re someone special ’cause we went to Skinnygirl today?” Medley asked. “Whatever Bethenny. You’re mean. You’re a mean bitch. I thought we could be friends. I never said a mean word about you or towards you or anything. I stuck up for you for everything, haven’t I? Do your sh*t, Bethenny.”

“You think I don’t know exactly who I am?” Bethenny fired back. “I know exactly who I am. [And] I don’t need to be reminded of it because I already know it and it’s probably not going to change.”

The next day, Dorinda and Bethenny had another blow up. “You win. You’re correct. Are we good now?” Dorinda asked, but Bethenny’s criticism that Medley had “a nasty side” didn’t go over well.

“I do have a nasty side and I regret it sometimes,” Dorinda cried to Carole Radziwill. “I’m very strong and I do try to come from a place of nurturing. [But] instead of dealing with what I really feel, I react aggressively. I’ve had to work on that.”

“I have a problem,” Medley later told Frankel, explaining how her temper has been a problem in her relationships with her boyfriend and daughter. “When I feel what I perceive as attacked, I react. And it’s not even my valid feeling and it’s usually wrong. I’ve had to work on this and I reacted poorly last night. If I said anything negative about Skinnygirl… I had a beautiful time yesterday. I was so wrong and I want you to forgive me for it.”

And Bethenny was ready to let things go. “I have my own stuff,” she said. “I feel like I’m always apologizing for being successful. Like I’m self-conscious that it happened for me and I want to make everybody feel good and maybe I don’t. I’m hiding half the things that I do because I feel that I don’t want to gloat.”

What were your thoughts on this episode?

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  • Watching in Ohio

    It’s all about BF..it’s her vacation..her time..her feelings..her truth..her need to control everything, everyone and be the narcisstic center of the universe! narcissists don’t know they are narcissists..they just ARE! She is Ms. Me,Myself and I! No one will ever SUSTAIN a relationship with her because she doesn’t care about anyone but herself! She cares about “not being alone” and HOW she is PERCEIVED but that is it! Dorinda it is okay to express your feelings and to get fed up with always being lectured and talked down to like you are are a five year old! shevscsn awful little bully!

  • Louise

    Bethenny went out of her way to make everybody comfortable and to make things ‘fair’. Despite being sick she soldiered on; she sat at the dinner table alone for an hour and a half waiting for the ladies to arrive. I’d say the controlling, self centered narcissists are the ones who puttered around in their own world, then made her look like a bitch for mentioning the time! Also, Dorinda criticized Bethenny for the same things she admitted, the next day, that she does not like about herself. Bethenny is growing; she is the one that makes me literally laugh out loud. Love!

    • Aunt Bee

      I agree with you Louise. I like both of these gals and do hate to see them fight. I think Carole handled Dorinda well when they were both in bed and Carole was trying to help the situation. I love the friendship between these three women.

    • missrox

      you got that right

    • Miss M

      I agree too Louise. Bethenny is definitely growing and I’m so happy to see her smiling and taking it on the chin as she did with Dorinda. D. sometimes goes off the rails when she’s shitfaced it’s actually kinda scary really. She just went there all of a sudden and man I thought B. might slug her but she dealt really well. And D. apologized the next day so kudos to her but she really needs to work on that cause it’s ugly when she gets drunk and goes off. I liked that B. and Ramona made up too I hope R. takes it to heart.

    • starr


  • Bon Vivant

    There was no FEUD, lol. They had a spat, it blew over, and they wrapped it up beautifully with apologies, tears, and expressing love for each other in the end.

    I absolutely LOVED this trip. It had all the comedy AND conflict you needed without having to destroy anyone’s life in the process, and was basically just a wild ride of 7 girlfriends on vacation livin’ it up. Other BRAVO franchises should take note: THIS is how you do a Girls Trip for Real Housewives. All their hijinks couldn’t have been any better than having Nora Ephron and Rob Reiner write and direct this themselves. We need more of this: good times.

    • Aunt Bee

      Well said Bon V.

  • missrox

    here is my take do Not set meal times with this many drunk women on vacation !! time and time again this happens… set up buffet style food warmers eat when you want RHNY can not get it together stop fighting it

    • Bon Vivant

      Now in REAL real life, that’s a great idea, lol! But for filming purposes, it doesn’t work. Bravo vacations only film for 3 days, so outside of a few mini scenes or excursions, these women have to be in the same space as often as possible to play off their relationship dynamics. Group dinner scenes are integral to keeping the story arc flowing and on schedule. Without them, it’s a waste of crew and film time, and the editing and story producers have little to pull from to round out these vacation episodes. Across all the Housewife franchises the scheduling is very tight, and these women literally fly in, get changed and film for 3 days straight with only sleeping breaks – before boom! they’re back on the plane homeward bound. There’s no time or enough cameras to follow everyone around separately. I was laughing at Bethenny because her complaining about dinner broke the fourth wall a little; she already had some sort of flu bug which couldn’t have been nice, but to me obviously wanted to get to “work”. I think it was in her mind that they all only have a certain amount of time to get as much filming done as possible before they were due to head out home. But you’re right, the rest of us on a “vacation” with all of that liquor and being in the sun all day…give us the Sterno buffet!!!

      • missrox

        ITA The NY crew half the time most all of them are late or the drama is so high that half will not even show… and maybe their big meals need to be daytime cause these ladies carry a grudge for years so what is wait til next day when they are hung over the crew may have certain times when they film but they are there the Mexico trip they are showing days of filming so I am guessing they are there more than 3 days

  • jimmy

    So…BETHENNY claims she “never will disrespect other people’s time”…yet she admits that she herself was an hour and a half late for dinner. So…if the others had been on time, they’d have been waiting for her.

  • Reality_Bytes

    I think you misread what Bethenny said. She wasn’t late, she sat there for 1.5 hours waiting for the others to show. She was on time. They were late.

  • starr

    I love how they fight & make up. I have to say this is a far better group than the OC group that holds on to bitter resentment relentlessly.
    Bethnney tried her hardest, but to please all is an impossibility.

    • Bon Vivant

      I definitely prefer the ” we had a spat-okay let’s get over it” thing over these long standoffs that kill the other shows. Previous seasons of NY were horribly dark, but this year the franchise has really figured its own rhythm of how to work together, play together, nearly kill each other, but most importantly how to APOLOGIZE and bounce back.

  • Heather

    I like both women but thought Bethenny was really hard on Dorinda “the morning after”. It was sickening. Dorinda didnt say anything that wrong and she was drunk on her ass. Get over yourself Bethenny. You arent the Queen.