Bethenny Frankel Doesn’t Want to Compare Marriage and Divorce with Ramona Singer

This season of RHONY has been mostly about Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer’s feud, with the topic of marriages and divorces seeming to be one of the major factors.

Bethenny spoke with The Daily Dish and talked about why she doesn’t want to compare marriages or divorces with Ramona. “This isn’t divorce wars,” Bethenny said. “We’re not in a divorce relationship competition show.”

Bethenny then talked about why both of their circumstances were completely different. “I mean Ramona was married for 25 years and got divorced in six months. It was the quickest divorce in history and they still speak and that is all kind of good. I was [married] for two years and it’ll be almost six years to get my whole situation done and it’s been quite negative and, and documented and publicized,” she said. “You can’t compare — they’re not comparable. And I don’t try to compare. I don’t even talk about mine really on the show at all. I mean I have a daughter and I think about that.”

Bethenny has been more open this season than in the past regarding her divorce from her ex-husband. Bethenny and Luann D’Agostino have talked about it this topic, “Luann has navigated the Real Housewives seasons like walking on hot coals. She just wants to sort of get to the other side. Whether it’s her having a tryst with a pirate while she’s engaged or trying to dodge the Tom questions, Luann really just wants to [act] like it didn’t happen. Like, ‘Let’s not talk about it, let’s just talk about somebody else.’ She plays hot potato. It’s like, ‘Oh, no Tom is perfect. He’s the second coming. He didn’t do anything wrong. Let’s put it on Bethenny. She’s the wicked witch of the West whose bad divorce is really what this is all about.’ Whatever she wants to do to make herself feel better is just fine with me,” she said. “It’s like you can’t really cover up a pile of sh*t with some perfume.”

Photo Credit: Bravo