Bethenny Frankel Divorce Turns Ugly! Jason Hoppy To Fight For Money & Custody!

Jason Hoppy

According to RadarOnline, Bethenny Frankel’s divorce is going to turn ugly. Bethenny, who filed for divorce from Jason Hoppy two weeks after announcing their separation, as filed for primary custody of their daughter, Bryn. Radar is reporting Jason intends to fight for custody to be a prominent role in Bryn’s life.

A source close to the situation tells Radar, “Jason was blindsided by Bethenny’s request for primary custody of Bryn. The plan all along had been for them to have joint custody of the two year old. Jason believes that Bethenny has filed for primary custody so that if her talk show does shoot in Los Angeles, he won’t be allowed to object.”

“Jason will file his response and will most likely seek joint custody of Bryn. Jason is also floored that Bethenny is asking for child support from him since she is worth at least $50 million. This divorce isn’t going to be amicable, by any means,” the source reveals.

“Jason wanted this to be an amicable divorce, but when it comes to Bryn, all bets are now off. He will remain in her life as her father, and Jason won’t settle for seeing his daughter whenever Bethenny allows it. Jason is a fantastic father, and absolutely devoted to Bryn. Jason won’t be bullied by Bethenny or her lawyers,” the source states.

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4 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel Divorce Turns Ugly! Jason Hoppy To Fight For Money & Custody!”

  1. Most divorces have standard procedures for the original filing exactly as stated. Full custody, suport, etc. That is how it starts. Then the lawyers and parties negotiate back and forth. Just because it says one thing doesn’t mean that it will be the outcome. They will battle back and forth. If it takes a long time to be granted then you will know they aren’t reaching an agreement and are being stubborn or cutthroat. So hold tight. It’s probably going to be a long bumpy ride and by the time Bethanny gets through tearing Jason apart the judge will decide what is good for Bry and both of them anyway.
    Bethanny, Bethanny, Bethanny will you ever learn to play nice!

  2. I am so bummed with Bethany. After all her whining about her childhood, you would think that she, more than most, would understand the importance of joint custody and not plan to take Brin to the other side of the US! This child really needs her father in her life EQUALLY to avoid emotional problems, etc.. I am afraid Bethany is a tad unstable and seeks way too much of everything in life to satisfy her unhealthy yearning for power and money. How rich, how much celebrety will ever be enough for her? And at what cost to her child? Poor Jason won’t be able to afford the fight she will end up persuing. Only the lawyers will really win. SAD!

  3. I don’t blame her! She is asking for what all woman request!!!!!! She works her ass off to have what SHE EARNED and he has worn her down with all about HIM!!!! My gosh, he will regret not rolling with life’s blessings. He wants to be a man, he pays half too!!! She has nothing left for BS with as much work and responsibility to run her stuff!!!!! Why do people that work hard not see how much Bethenny works like the rest of us. Unreal.

  4. I use to be a Bethenny fan; not anymore. I understand about her childhood, and we’ve seen her roller coaster ride and hilarious one-liners, but this is her baby and her baby’s father. Jason is an absolutely amazing father, and nothing like her father, Bobby Frankel. Let’s focus on Jason as a father. Jason and Bethenny’s marriage is now history so let the judging go in another direction. Joint custody vs. primary custody isn’t a laughing matter. Jason deserves to have joint custody with his daughter, Bryn. The fact that Bethenny is going back on her word, and attacking Jason with her demands shows me who the immature “parent” is in the relationship. Jason would NEVER EVER had blind-sided Bethenny the way she has with Jason in regards to the primary custody. Jason is an honorable man and a loving father; while Bethenny is coming across a spoiled, obnoxious brat who is only looking out for her own well-being and not Bryn’s. Why is she even asking for HER medical, dental, and etc? She makes more money than he does. I understand the child-support but come on. Why should he pay for Bethenny? She isn’t a struggling, single mom…she’s a spoiled media savvy diva wanting constant fame and fortune. I hope you enjoy sleeping with your money, Bethenny. Fame is a cold and lonely “husband” to have. A happily ever after to you, B. You’ll always have attention, fame, booze, money, and notoriety.

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