Bethenny Frankel Dishes On New Children’s Book


There’s no question that Bethenny Frankel is business savvy and this week she added to her resume as she released her first children’s book, Cookie Meets Peanut. Now, Bethenny is opening up about what inspired her in her life to write the book.

The book is about a dog, Cookie, who must learn to adapt to sharing her human mom with a new baby, Peanut.

“Well I once met a woman that said when she had her baby her dog became a dog,” she explained on GMA. “Your dog is your baby and then you have a baby and your dog has to kind of take second position. And it’s such a relatable dynamic and you really worry about it.”

“Bringing a baby home from the hospital, how they’re going to get along and they kind of turn into a Snoopy and Woodstock,” she added, noting that the book was based on her own dog Cookie and four-year old daughter Bryn.

“I write about what inspires me and what’s around me and my dog has been my life for fourteen years. She’s a complicated canine and then my little girl came along. I was really concerned. Cookie rules the roost. She runs the show,” she shared.

They get along really well. The dynamic actually reversed,” she said. “Now it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

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  1. Someone feed her! Wow she is shrinking before our eyes. So sad. She really needs to get help so she can be there for her daughter and set a better example.

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