Bethenny Frankel Defends Herself After Meeting Erika Girardi


This week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was an intense one. Not only did tension build up between cast members Eileen Davidson and Lisa Vanderpump, but things got heated between newcomer Erika Gerardi and Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel.

For those who missed, Bethenny was giving Erika input on her brand saying “sculpt whatever the whole message is” along with calling her video production of PAINKILLER “cheap”. But no matter what anyone thinks, the B did not back down on Twitter.

In response to a fan’s tweet that said “love you Bethenny” she said, “Love you too. And as long as i’m reality tv, I ain’t playin’ it safe.” Yikes.

In response to Erika’s comment, “Anyone can make a margarita” Bethenny tweeted:

Since there weren’t enough characters, she didn’t let people forget that she makes many more products:

What do you guys think? Was Bethenny too harsh on Erika? Sound off in the comment section below!

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131 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel Defends Herself After Meeting Erika Girardi”

  1. I think Bethenny, like many women who have earned their positions through talent and hard work, don’t like women who make their way by being slutty, then parading around as if they are on the same level when they haven’t earned it. I do see her point.

  2. I do think Erika asked from the inference, I would have to watch again or get it on Amazon to see closed caption. I’ve seen a lot of stuff, and heard a lot that I couldn’t before after watching that way. It isn’t like youtube CC where every 5th word is correct. Anyway, Bethenny is driven. That is the one word description I have always used for her. I believe Erika asked her and she answered. I do think her production team would be more about the resale value if Erika needed to make a living with the profits. Now, they are about the value of the live performance and her wardrobe. She said herself that her husband supports her other character.
    That said, I don’t think Bethenny meant to insult her, and I don’t think there is one thing wrong with the arrangement in the marriage between Erika and her husband.

        1. That was an uncalled for comment… Anyone can simply state their comments or thoughts on here without you telling them to shut their mouth. Why the negativity. No need for that

          1. Amy, Rain obviously made a rude comment directed at me. That’s what was uncalled for. Please stay out of it if you don’t have anything fair or intelligent to add, which you don’t.

    1. Bethany is an ugly POS who thinks that she knows it al.. she doesn’t.. she’ll never have a normal relationship with that psychotic attitude that she has.. loser..

  3. I think it’s highly likely Erika is using him for his money and that it’s really stretching to say that’s not the case. She herself even makes little remarks along those lines frequently. I think she is opportunistic and not all that impressive. I knew many girls who were strippers and otherwise acted like Erika and it was really kind of sad, nothing to celebrate. She does remind me of Anna Nicole Smith and I’m a little surprised that so many people, bother here and among the Housewives, seem to think she’s some kind of amazing wonder. But that’s okay, we don’t all have to think alike.

    1. Didn’t she imply there was no prenup though, when she said if they break up she gets half at the lunch?
      If she were a gold digger, surely she wouldn’t be with him 15 years later, with no prenup!

        1. lol, okay fair enough.

          But lets say for arguments sake she is a gold digger, she isn’t one that gets a guy to marry her with no prenup, then divorces him and takes half his money.
          She’s happy enough to remain in her “gold mine” life from her early 20’s into her 40’s, to do it for that long she clearly likes her life and has to like him to do it for that long, and he clearly likes his life. He also seems like a young 70+ year old

          I personally don’t think she is a gold digger, I think she has had enough success in her field and she’d have half his money if they divorced, that if she was a gold digger she’d have left him.
          I’m sure the wealth was an aspect of falling for him, anyone would rather go out with someone with a job than someone without a job, this is the same thing just on a larger scale.

          1. With him being a lawyer, I’d be very surprised if he didn’t have a pre-nup. At the risk of another group ankle-biting for not agreeing with the majority on a couple of topics lately, she just strikes me as an opportunist and phony, marrying an old rich man who I very highly doubt she’d give the time of day to if he wasn’t totally loaded.

            Then most likely getting a “career” that he probably funded when I don’t see evidence of talent or anything but basically a watered down stripper act and acting like a big star. An Anna Nicole Smith. So while that’s legal and up to them obviously, since we’re on here to discuss them, I guess the best way to put it is I see her kind of like a female Slade Smiley or Brooks Ayers. So, I don’t get what everyone thinks is so great about her.

            But the season is young so we shall see!

            1. The thing is she kinda is a star.

              You and I may not have known of her before housewives, I’m not a big dance music fan but she is a hitmaker in her field.
              Her first album was released by a reputable label, E1 Entertainment ,so it wasn’t like her husband paid to self publish her music.
              Her first 4 singles from that album went to number one on the dance/club chart making her one of only 13 artist that have done that since the chart was founded in 1976.

              After her first album she founded her own music label, Pretty Mess Records, which she now releases her music under, which means she has full creative control and sees the full benefit of profits.

              She’s gone on to have a further 4 number ones (8 in total) under her own label.

              I have no doubt her husbands money got the ball rolling and gave her opportunities that she wouldn’t have had before, but there are a lot of rich people out there that release music just cuz they can and they usually don’t go anywhere. Housewives are the perfect example of that, we see housewives release singles and they are mostly one “hit” wonders – they don’t build a career on it. Erika has, and you can’t just do that with money.
              I wish she’d said some of this to Bethenny and kinda shut her down even more. I just found it in a google search, and there is quite a lot written about her career you can find on articles spanning years, so it’s not like they just turned up when she got housewives.

              1. Okay then, I’ll look it up. As you say, so many of the Housewives with rich husbands are suddenly singers, fashion designers, and so on while having absolutely no training in those fields. I mean like to try new things too, who doesn’t, but putting on airs like they’re big shots in an industry they’re only spoiled enough to be allowed to play at is being an annoying phony. Maybe this one really isn’t and there’s more to what she does than what I’ve seen so far.

                I really appreciate people who you can have a conversation with rather than everyone has to think the same thing or the little digs start coming.

  4. She was out of line regarding Erika… Like I said Erika seems to have a very successful marriage. I don’t think Bethany would have appreciated her unsolicited advise on how to have a happy marriage

    1. Amy, I totally agree, Erika has been married for years maybe there is a big age difference but if it works for them fine. Look at Ronnie Wood there is a thirty year age difference there and they seem happy and in fact are expecting twins in June. She is a year younger than his eldest son! So many celebs are the same it’s quite normal in their circles. I think B is coming across as bitter and twisted more and more lately! Although she is the best with her one liners!

        1. It would be like if your kids come over with their friends and you disappear into the bedroom with one of them. Gross!

          1. I’m sorry but anyone who sees that and thinks, isn’t that sweet rather than “Anna Nicole” just does not have a lot of snap. I bet later on in the season you will all get the obvious.

            1. There’s also a TON of childish, cliqueish conformity going on here. What a coincidence that everyone nearly always has the very same opinion. LOL!

              1. It’s not a coincidence, you’re pointing fingers at what you define as a wreck, you should take a look at yourself they way you misjudge people you don’t even know. You’re a hateful person. Maybe…. “Jealous” ? 😉

                1. Wow, JJ it seems is a rabid hater and trouble maker and someone with entirely too much time on her hands. It would be nice to go to one of these sites and read reactions about the articles and not J.J. opinions and hate filled rants.

                  1. I’m not sure but I don’t remember seeing your name before, love it, but welcome and it is extremely rare to be like this here. Hang around and you will see! 😀 😀

              2. Do you really have nothing else to do then spend hours on these stupid blogs fighting with virtual strangers, over some scripted “reality show”? I can actually see why you would have the time, because I cannot imagine any one in real life wanting to spend time with you.

            2. See, right there you insulted every person who has a different opinion than YOU. This is about our opinion of the show. You were griping that we gang up about you, which is bull. You said you want to talk housewives. A person disagrees, not a GROUP, a person thinks differently than you and all of a sudden you take some cheap shot at the intelligence of an entire group. You are the one doing exactly what you accuse others of doing by saying something like they don’t have a lot of snap. You are the most judgmental, nasty, pissed off person on this blog. YOU are the one that comes after others for thinking different than you. Independently posters address you because you provoke others with your derisive rude taunts.
              I just saw this. You have exactly no idea what goes on in that marriage. You say indecent and unreasonable. Why, because he is older? 32yrs to 65yrs is completely different that 16 yrs to 48 yrs. It isn’t robbing the cradle and it isn’t digging for gold. Both people are adults and have chosen to be married. You judge them when you are the one now who doesn’t even know them, like you accused me of the other day. How do you know how she feels? And it isn’t a judgment on anything she has actually done, just the fact that she is married to an older, wealthy man and she deserves your sanctimonious attitude simply on that fact?

  5. I think it’s impressive Erika had no problem standing up to Bethenny on the show, I think its even better that Erika’s dig had Bethenny so frazzled that she had to list all her products, as if we don’t know what she’s selling from her constant talk of products.
    I hope she sells less on the show next year, and she doesn’t grab onto every half descent line as a catchphrase, Get off my Jock was a great line when she said it, now i never wanna hear it again.

    1. Bethenny is one of the most insecure people I have ever seen on a reality TV show. She has to constantly promote herself, how smart she is about everything. It’s one of the reasons she talks so fast.
      I’d like to see her and Erika round a couple more rounds, my money is on Erika!

        1. I’m just adding this on! I don’t know if it’s me but I can’t understand a lot of what she says, She speaks so fast and with her accent I need subtitles!

      1. I liked Bethenny a lot better when she was kind of the underdog of the show who couldn’t get it together. She was nicer than and I think more of us were rooting for her. Lately, she just seems nasty. Not sure if all of the stress from her divorce and heavy business dealings is bringing out the worst in her or if she’s just turned into a snot now that she’s “made it.”

        1. She’s not nasty, she’s highly opinionated. Nasty would be someone calling another obscenities, that hasn’t happened since brandi left.

          1. Very good point, ISME. Besides she has made it. And she made it by working her ass off for 20 years. She negotiates with the big boys, and I bet money a lot of men don’t like that about her. I also doubt very seriously she is jealous of anyone for beauty. Maybe for a happy marriage, she would envy them. She has always been honest about wanting to be married. But she did try it and it didn’t work out. She was able to have her Daughter, and just because there is infinite gossip and articles about her custody and divorce battle doesn’t mean she isn’t doing everything in her power to be the best Mom she can. I am a fan, and a few harsh opinions won’t turn me against her. She would have to DO things I believe to be immoral or cruel all the time. Not simply make a mistake and/or say something a little out of line.

  6. Here is to Erika the gold digger!! Hand me a shovel girl, and let me help you 😉 the silly childish minimalisation of Erika in the name of morality is just lame and tedious! I guess it’s Christian now to call women sluts, hookers , home wreckers etc.

    As to Bethanny, she BLINKED big time , I’m surprised actually. Her ego is probably a little bruised

    1. What’s silly childish minimilization is your continual attempts to safely get brownie points with the majority opinion by taking little ankle bites, Rain.

      1. JJ We are just having a joke that’s all no more no less! Smile please or I’m stuck with Macrame and a)I don’t know what it is and b) I don’t want to know! 😀 😀 😀

        1. No Sally, if you actually read Rain’s beginning comment on this section you will see that it’s not a “joke,” it’s nasty and directed at me. When anything 10% like this happens to YOU, it’s a giant deal and you go on and on about it.

          1. No, JJ, her comment was directed at ME. Again, you assume something you know exactly nothing about, and again the exact thing you accuse everyone who has a little banter on here of doing.

  7. I’m not crazy about Bethenny lately either though. She does come off with some witty one-liners but she also often just comes across like a chickenzhit little Mean Girl. You know, like Rain, for example.

    1. People should be able to state their comments and opinions, just like you do, without you harassing them… So negative this early in the day too. Don’t take this blog so serious that you feel the need to insult others opinions.

        1. Define nitwit… And I’m not accusing u of anything… It’s fact you are a negative person and degrade others opinions. I’m sure many agree

          1. Amy, you obviously spotted it that I’m not in favor this morning and are jumping in on it to get brownie points with the group. That is how I define “nitwit.” That is a problem with celeb gossip sites. Some of the people are nice but it does draw in the ninnies, too. Hint: This is not the junior high cafeteria and you are not popular, lol.

            1. Group??? I have no group and I don’t feel the need to earn brownie points. Don’t need them. Thanks for your unnecessary assumptions however

            1. You are one miserable sour bitch that you have to stoop so low to make fun of adults and call them names… Hey whatever makes you feel better inside Judge Judy.. !

              1. Actually, I’m quite happy but thanks for weighing in. So, you are calling me a “bitch” and more at the same time saying it’s low to call people names. You’re not very bright, are you.

                  1. You said earlier you are well educated and wealthy… Well you sure don’t act like that. People with class don’t degrade people you have today. However I guess money can’t buy u class. You don’t know my education background, my personal or financial suitation. You don’t know me so please don’t judge me.. And make fun of my spelling or grammar is out of the question especially with the notepads these days. All I was simply stating was you don’t have to be such a bitch to other people . And YES it is OK now I call you that because you have called at least three people names on this blog alone today. So yes I can now say you are being a rancid bitch that needs to find another hobby if you insist on degrading people on this blog that are only stating there opinions. No need for your hostility and calling of names and making fun of people. This is just for fun Judge Judy. There is no need for your degrading behavior towards others. But like I said it that makes you feel like you win, then go ahead and do it . You should really find another past time that doesn’t get you so worked up web you don’t agree with someone’s opinion. It’s not healthy to act that way towards others

                    1. Amy, you came after me earlier and just don’t quit. If you don’t want a fight then don’t start one. When you start it with people, expect to get it back. Stop bothering me. I am not interested in you.

                    2. Wtfe Judy.. You were the one attacking people for their comments. That’s NOT ok. I don’t know these people and I’m not on here all the time but your insults are uncalled for. You don’t know anyone or their stories and for you to insult them, me included, for stating their opinions and telling people to shut up is just uncalled for negativity. No need for it

                    3. I would just ignore her in the future, she is seriously a disturbed person and the best way to respond to them is to ignore them. I know that is hard to do, cause you just want to bitch slap someone who is so annoying, but that is what they want, they like to keep the argument going, because they have no life so this is how they get their kicks.

          1. ? Was this for me or jj aka sour bitch with so much hated and hostility in her life she feels the need to degrade everyone to make herself feel better ?

  8. Bethanny had the ugliest outfit in that scene , did she lose fire her gay stylist?? She’s usually better pressed than that ‘costume’ she had on

    1. It is ugly but I think a lot of her clothes are!

      Have you heard Alan Rickman has died? Cancer again and he was the same age as Bowie!

      1. Oh no. Cancer sucks!

        I thought Bethenny’s outfit was kind of strange, close to being cute but just “off” in my opinion. The two mismatched dark stripes on either side didn’t look right and also the whole thing was off in proportions or something. If the top was tighter or the shorts were shorter, I think it would have worked.

      2. Sad about Bowie! I’m not going to pretend I was a Bowie fan, only song I ever liked was Modern Love but I recognize his tremendous influence . I remember first time I saw a pic of Adam Ant, I thought wow, Bowie is doing that again lol?

        1. I think I have talked to you about Adam Ant before! I never ever liked him but my office junior wanted to go to see him and her mum wouldn’t let her go so I volunteered hesitantly! Wow he was great such a showman! But I did love Bowie, I’m going to download more of his music this coming weekend! I will have my own tribute! Lol

          1. Adam didn’t last long did he ?? I remember a few hits but that’s it . I wasn’t a fan but he sure looked pretty and you know I like mine pretty 😉 . I’m not too old and need my pretty, damnit!!! oh that reminds me, where’s my morning dose of Michael Fassbender??

              1. Hahahahaha! And Adam was very pretty! But no Sean Connery but I know I know he is about 30 years too old for you! It’s just his voice for me!

        1. I know he was 69 but I’m only a few years behind that so it is sad. That’s two I like in the last few days!! He was a brilliant actor!

          1. Indeed brilliant and charming and Bowie wicked talented. In my teenage years and 20 I would have thought 69 was a ripe old age to pass but now that my parents have surpassed that age and I’m not that far away, I see how many good years are yet to be had, so it’s sad to see them pass at that age.

    2. I KNOW!! She used to have some pretty dresses and outfits. I personally don’t think any of this stuff with Erika even touches her “bother” meter. I really don’t. She is driven and has always been driven. With the things she heard about herself when she was a child, the years and years of watching her Mom be in an abusive relationship, hi’s and low’s that no kid should suffer through, I think she is too busy and driven to allow something like she has been hearing since she became a great success honestly bug her. I just have this feeling about her. I don’t believe she is jealous of anyone. I think she is happy and content. Just like people’s first impression of her would be that she is a hardened business woman who is all dried up, Erika gives off a first of being kind of a joke. Both of them put that impression in the dust when they start speaking on anything they are passionate about. I think both of them are great. I wish they could be friends, what a pair they would make.

        1. 3D!!! Some modern trend!!! You make me smile ( in a good way) my mother use to say exactly that! I can say that as I know I am older than you!!! Xoxo

  9. I count how B can depend her behavior… She thinks she knows everything.. The lady didn’t ask for her advice so shut up and be nice. Seriously, how could anyone agree with that.. She comes off as a rude, mean, bitter, ugly person and lets not forget big mouth.

    1. I do believe someone, it looks like it was Erika, did ask. It shoots to Bethenny saying “are you sure you want to know” or something like that. Erika got the phone with the vid out for Bethenny because everyone else had seen it and was talking about it. I don’t think any less of Bethenny for saying exactly what she thought. She has always done that, before her millions and after. I don’t think the entire thing really bothered either one of them on a personal level. When someone negotiates for a million dollars a season, they better “go big or go home” as B likes to say.

      1. I think Erika did ask or at least say okay when Bethenny offered. Still, Bethenny seems to have enough snap that she knew she was calling Erika out in front of everyone and embarrassing her, saying things like “It’s cheap.” I think there was definitely a dose of Mean Girl in it.

  10. I love Bethenny, but she needs to get over herself. her tweets mentionning all her buisnesses are kinda pathetic. Yeah, you’re a millionaire, we know.

  11. Bethenny is beginning to remind me of one of those people who achieve great success, then spend time trying to prove their superiority. Bethenny forgets that her business model may not be applicable for others. Bethenny is well acquainted rules of polite language and candor but chose to use word “Cheap” can only be construed as insulting.
    In my opinion, Erika showed great restraint as she could have recommended her hair stylist to repair Bethenny’s stringy, thin hair.

  12. When RHONY was new I related to Bethenny more than others as she appeared to be down-to-earth. Since the whole Skinnygirl buyout and her coming back on housewives, she is, as Heather said on RHONY last year, acting like a “know-it-all.” For anyone to break into any part of the music industry, not just as a newbie but to have eight number-one hits, is phenomenal success. My husband worked in it for years and was an RCA recording artist, it is a super tough industry. So in reality, they have more in common that it would seem, as Bethenny had a “breakthrough” as a businesswoman selling her formula to a liquor company for millions, while Erika’s success in dance music is also seen as a major breakthrough in that genre. Just because Bethenny may know a lot about marketing a product, that doesn’t mean she knows what will be a success artistically or otherwise in the dance music industry. Really don’t get why she keeps telling others what to do with their businesses…ugh…..

  13. Bethenny has turned into an obnoxious mean girl. While she may have done so much, I think she is just an insecure person threatened by other successful women whatever their field who are prettier and in relationships. Erika may have been right when she said jealous.

    1. I agree, Mally. I think she is jealous, Mally….Erika is much prettier than Bethenny and they are the same age. I was OK when Bethenny gave her opinion regarding the video…she was harsh…but Erika did sorta ask. But when Erika went to the bathroom and Bethenny called her Bambi…and said she was married to a mogul by day and a whore at night…or something like that…I thought that was really nasty…and an attempt to belittle Erika. Not a good look for a woman who proclaims to be a champion for empowering women.
      But it seems Erika can’t be belittled…she doesn’t allow it…and Bethenny was the one who looked small and coarse and common to me.

  14. Bethenny is psychotic . Erika is such a sweet harmless sensitive woman and I felt bad for her. And I think anyone calling her names is disgusting it’s not expressing your opinion it’s bashing. Pure jealousy

    1. I’m gonna defend Bethenny on this one. She’s not psychotic for voicing her opinion or even taking a dig at Erika, which I don’t even believe she did. Lets not throw words out like “disgusting” and “psychotic” they aren’t warranted.

    2. Donovan, I really like Erika and think she is a breath of fresh air for BH but sweet harmless and sensitive? She his a strong gutsy woman who I don’t think cares two hoots about Bethenny!

  15. I still enjoy Bethenny and I like Erika. I think in B’s world she needs to say quickly what she thinks and move on. If I quit liking every housewife who made some snarky comments I would have to quit watching. When something does nothing but piss me off I go somewhere else for entertainment. But that’s just me. Sally, fat fingers made me have to correct and delete more times than usual this morning. 🙂

  16. There is no defense of Bethenny’s overbearing and inappropriate behavior toward Erika.
    For all her success, Bethenny is no authority on the music industry. Indeed, she had not even heard of Erica until just before their first meeting. Bethenny should not have shot her mouth off about “branding” something she knows little about- especially to someone who’s been successful without her advice.
    Additionally, I recall when last season poor Kristen sought a bit of Bethenny’s advice about her fledgling nail polish business, Bethenny was dismissive and nasty.
    Bethenny is a favorite of mine, but here she was just wrong and kudos to Erica for not having it!

    1. There was a little more to the Kristen thing than her asking for advice. Carolle told Kristen that B had called her foolish or something, if I remember right. It never showed Bethenny saying that on the show. Then after Heather had already gotten into it with Bethenny at a party, Kristen comes up and, with no diplomacy whatsoever, starts telling her off. It turned out B didn’t call her foolish, she said the name of the polish was very much like another polish. Not foolish. So, B walks off and won’t allow Kristen to yell at her for something she didn’t say. I don’t remember her ever asking Bethenny for her input before that whole thing. When she did actually ask her, Bethenny told her what she thought, and then Kristen didn’t like that either. I believe when anyone asks her to tell them what she thinks, she does. Kristen went to everyone but Bethenny telling them she wanted her input. I don’t think B does any of it out of jealousy. That isn’t the pat answer whenever women are involved in a little tiff. I don’t think she is jealous of anyone, and I don’t think she means to insult anyone. She knows she is seen as a know-it-all. It is a personality quirk, or flaw. hers is just easier to figure than some flaws of others, right up front. In the 60’s we used to call that “Up front.”

      1. That’s just it, B typically walks off when it’s something she doesn’t want to hear. Her one line remarks are funny, but IMO she’s rude!

      2. Prior to that bar kerfuffle, I seem to recall Kristen speaking in a confessional about wanting to get some pointers about her business from Bethenny.
        Be that as it may, remember that Bethenny’s belabored point to Erika seemed to be that Erika was not effectively using social media to illuminate the duality of her show biz persona vis a vis her real-life personality.
        Excuse me, but what in heaven’s name could accomplish that purpose for Erika more than her being a cast member of RHOBH? And who should know what being a RH does for a career more than Bethenny?!?
        Bethenny wasn’t being merely “Up front”. She just was rude and wrong and should apologize.

  17. Can’t stand Bethanny.. she thinks that she is a know it all.. she is a POS.. she treated Jason and his parents (who were so nice to her) like sh^t.. She is not a good person.. She is way too quick to judge and throw in her unneeded opinion.. She’s not always right.. She’s not funny.. She needs to go away.. TEAM JASON (and I don’t know the guy) that’s how repulsive she is.. wouldn’t drink your crap if you paid me!

    1. I loved the Bethenny series. She didn’t treat them with anything but respect. She explained that she didn’t understand the way Jason went running to them every time the baby burped. That’s all. Jason didn’t try nearly as hard as her in that marriage. He just thought she was the one who needed to change. He thought she was abnormal in her feelings, and he was normal. He was a Mama’s boy. Bethenny said she loved his parents. It might have bothered her a little, later, when her Mother-in-Law had signed a document as a Notary Public about the apartment SHE BOUGHT AND DECORATED. With the money she earned. Turned out it wasn’t really signed at the time of the date and was found to be a fraudulent signature. He still lives in her apartment.

  18. Has the world forgotten the first rule of decency? It’s kindness to others, the Golden Rule, whatever you want to call it. Money, business prowess, financial success isn’t the measure of decency. Clever retorts and snarky erode any decency faster than anything else. Let’s not pretend any of us got married without looking at some of the practical considerations. Nobody looks at a troll and considers him an equal choice with an Adonis, other things being equal. Nobody searches the sidewalks of homeless men looking for a mate. Of course, Erika is LOVING the life Girardi gives her, but I’ve also noticed that she treats him like she enjoys and respects and cares for him, as well. Bethenny, on the other hand, is just getting more and more unkind and dismissive. First to the father of her child, and more and more to everyone around her.

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