Bethenny Frankel Confirms Return For RHONY Season 10

We pretty much were not expecting Bethenny Frankel return for another season of The Real Housewives of New York City, but in a new interview the Bravo star confirms she will be back.

“I think I will probably be back, to be honest,” she shared. “I mean, I don’t play that game where I pretend I’m not coming back. Bravo’s a great partner, the show has been great to me and vice versa and, I mean, you know, it’s a good gig and I’m lucky to have it.”

Frankel also shared her thoughts about her experience on Shark Tank, and gave advice for those who want to open businesses.

“You have to be focused if you really want to be an entrepreneur,” Frankel expressed. “You have to be focused. I would say to myself, pick one thing and do it really well rather than grabbing at straws everywhere. But, you know, you have to go through it. I don’t know if I would’ve listened. You have to just go through it and you gotta stick to your idea.”

Bethenny also opened up about having her skin cancer removed and what’s happening with that situation.

“I’m OK, it’s here. There’s a mark that I had removed,” Frankel told ET. “I had to have it tested … So now I have to get what’s called a Mohs procedure and have it removed. And then a plastic surgeon, close up, so it’s not great and I do wear some protection and I do wear hats. But it’s, you know, it’s scary. It’s kinda, you hear the word cancer in any form and it makes you nervous. But I am OK, totally OK.”

Are you happy to hear Bethenny will be back for another season?

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7 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel Confirms Return For RHONY Season 10”

  1. The show was a gag-fest without her. The trip to Morocco was weird, the argument about the gay marriage legalization was rehearsed, the chemistry and dynamic was just off without her. I’m glad she is honest and doesn’t play the “maybe” game. I’m also glad because I am down to just 3 HW shows now, and if she left it would be 2. It would be like Kyle or Lisa V. leaving BH.

  2. I always got the impression she was coming back. I am surprised that you expected she wouldn’t come back. Seeing as she has another show coming with Bravo I suspected they sweated the Season 10 deal with that other show. I am sure I saw an interview with her after season 9 where she pretty much said “yeah I am back”. I reckon it will be all season 9 cast with some “friends” to spice it up.

  3. That was clear. They had a really good run with this year- fans were raving about how much fun it was compared to the manufactured trash they bought during the previous 2 seasons – and how much they appreciated how quickly these women chose to rebound from drama. With all the positive feedback, I’m sure the girls were justly rewarded for their efforts.

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