Bethenny Frankel Has Concerns About Jules Weinstein’s Weight


Season eight of the Real Housewives of New York City premiered Wednesday night and the ladies were back feistier than ever.

Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer were excited about their single lives and caught up over lunch. “When you’re in your 40s, dating is much more difficult. I don’t want anyone in my bed because then I have to get them out, and I have no interest in sleeping somewhere else,” she told the camera. “When you’re 20, you don’t care about having your underwear in a brown paper bag and running across town in a taxi. Now I don’t want someone past my doorman.”

Soon, the conversation turned to Sonja Morgan. Ramona claimed Sonja drinks too much and is “too frisky” with men, so she stopped hanging out with her. Bethenny then made a similar comment about Dorinda Medley, saying she turned into “crazy late-night mercurial” and that she drinks too much when she is with her boyfriend John.

“I have to ignore certain things about John, just the way Dorinda does,” Ramona admitted. Bethenny agreed that Dorinda knew what kind of man John was and that it “makes her self-conscious.”

But Dorinda seems to be progressing in her relationship with John. In fact, her daughter Hannah has plans to move out and when she does John will be moving in with Medley. Dorinda admitted that despite her wishes, there “certainly hasn’t been a meeting of the minds” in terms of John and her daughter’s relationship. She explained that it was a “natural progression” for Hannah to move out and for him to move in.

Carole Radziwill is still going strong with her boyfriend Adam and the two even got a dog together. However, the new couple are about to face a new challenge as Adam is preparing to leave for his first international trip since they started dating.

Lastly, Dorinda, John, Bethenny, her date, new Housewife Jules and Jules’ husband, Michael, all met up for brunch. After sitting down for their meal, Bethenny brought up an incident that happened over the summer in the Hamptons that involved Dorinda and John being extremely drunk. Dorinda argued that what happens in the Hamptons, stays in the Hamptons.

Bethenny made a comment to Dorinda that she thought Jules was way too skinny. “She looks like a really thin girl… like, she looks like there is an issue,” Bethenny said in her interview. “I wrote a book called Naturally Thin. This is not naturally thin. It’s the kind of thin that makes people around you uncomfortable. I never had an eating disorder. I had a mother who had an eating disorder, and I’ve been around it, and I understand it.”

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