Bethenny Frankel: Clearly LuAnn Does All the Work in Bed


Bethenny Frankel is dishing on this week’s episode of RHONY in her blog. She says watching Jules and Michael at dinner reminds her of what she doesn’t miss about marriage and shares her thoughts about her meeting with LuAnn.

“This is my favorite episode ever. It has the absurd humor, the vintage RHONY feel, the side eyes, the drama and none of me ripping someone a new —hole.

I laughed from the minute Sonja said “my Tom” through the conversation with Ramona about #braceletgate. It was two, not one, bracelets by the way. I continued laughing at Simon and Garfunkel, I mean Carole and Adam with his long hair and guitar get up to her hideous terrarium and his reaction to it. I laughed even more when cracked out Luann in her white wedding cape didn’t let me get a thought, much less a word, in edgewise. I mean you gotta love a woman who does the inviting and accepting of an invitation.

Clearly Luann does all the work in bed.

That dinner with Jules and Dorinda was actually painful. This was Dorinda getting all lit up and waxing poetic with metaphors for days.

It’s looking like Jules and Michael are having some trouble in paradise. That I don’t miss, and that I don’t envy. I do “suck at relationships,” but I’d rather be solo than feel like that. Tensions have arisen over there. John was trying to break the tension, and at that dinner, he was definitely my favorite Housewife.

What can I tell you? The ratings are flying, the drama is real, and I give zero f—s if people love or hate me. This is a reality show and in dealing with this particular group of women, THIS is my reality.

I’m happier than ever and enjoying the success of the show. I give it my truth, and that’s all I can promise.

If you can’t handle the truth you can’t handle me. #thebisback.”

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  • apple

    I love Sonja and Lu together. Sonja had some great moments last night. That whole “my Tom?” thing in her kitchen was priceless…and she looked fabulous on WWHL last night. Jerry O’Connell, Lady Morgan, and Bravo Andy were so funny …and Sonja was very clear. The story is she is still not drinking. I hope so. I am pulling for her.

  • Penny

    B is so nasty.
    She wants Lu and Sonya gone. Wants them fired, to lose their jobs. The less screen time Lu and S get, the less they are paid. That is what this season is all about. The B and what she wants. She is unbearably ugly both inside and out.

    You can see how some of the other women are concerned about S losing her meal ticket, try to make things right, grovel to the B so she can keep her job. Same with Lu. It’s horrifying.
    B is the most hateful human being on tv.

    • Jane

      I agree

    • smh

      I agree.. Bethenny is controlling things.. I have totally lost respect for Luann though. She is so self absorbed, I would go nuts trying to sit with her. I actually gained a smidge of respect back for Bethenny in last night’s episode. She sat and listened to Carol talk about herself, nonstop.. forever.. then did the same thing again while Luann talked about herself.. nonstop. It was refreshing to see an episode where Bethenny wasn’t going off on someone

  • Jane

    UGH‼️ Everything she says about Lu is exactly how she is. Look in the mirror Beth‼️
    I’m not looking forward to the reunion

  • Cin

    I found it entertaining when LuAnn twisted the conversation into an invite… hillarious and fun. That one scene does not change my feelings towards B this season. She’s awful, arrogant, mean, jealous…. Carole & B’s behavior speaks of JEALOUSY of the other women…

  • Bethenny, Bethenny, Bethenny…I have to quote your own words to Heather in Turks and Caicos..re: she couldn’t get a word in edgewise with Luann….”Somehow I think you can always get a word in edgewise”. lol.

  • Gaild

    LOVE me some Bethenny!

  • Lisa

    I though the conversation between Luann and Bethenny at the bar was one of the most hilarious scenes ever. I laughed out loud. SO FUNNY.

  • moriah

    Luann came off so desperate and pushy. If I were her I’d be embarrassed when I saw this on TV. She was trying to shove Bethany into inviting her even though it was clear she didn’t want to. Don’t go where you’re not wanted Luann!
    The Bethany/Carole relationship is so high school too. In the end they’re just a couple of rich mean girls who bond by laughing at others and being too uppity to let anyone off the hook….as if they’ve never done something that would require forgiveness.

  • Penny

    O me too. Lu OWNED Beth! Beat her at her own game, sitting there in that fabulous white suit, controlling the convo completely, with little effort, then sailing out the door leaving the B rattled AND with the bill! Priceless.

  • DebBrenn

    LuAnn looked ridiculous. She also looked like she swallowed a couple of uppers.

  • Penny

    I think she’s just high on loove!! Lol. And the fact that she not only survived the B’s vicious attacks but, drumroll …, strolled on out of that bar like a BOSS. Didn’t screech or shriek or spit like B does, while she served her up a steaming plate of zero f**ks. Hilarious.


    I think B wants her own show again. Maybe her and Carole can hook up?

  • Shaunna

    B is so jealous of LuAnn being in love. Her facial expressions and body language said it all in the last episode. Because she is jealous she will say only nasty things about Lu’s new relationship.

  • Janice

    LuAnn is obviously crazy in love!! Good for her…. Even if it goes against her “girl code”! Think Carole , her boyfriend and the niece!! I get it! You’re in love!! But it’s always about LuAnn. Admits she talks over people while she’s talking over people! And inviting herself… She knew what she was doing! Anything to stay on the show. What shocks me the most is that Bethany let her!!!!!!!!!!!