Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill Dish on RHONY


Last week on Bethenny Frankel’s Sirius XM show, her and Carole Radziwill had a lot to say about the Real Housewives of New York City, their cast mates and more and thanks to RealityTea we have a recap of the show.

The two taped the radio show the day before they shot the reunion. Bethenny joked about calling in sick to the reunion. “I mean Jules can call in sick because it’s not even like she’s going to be there, but I don’t think I can call in sick tomorrow.”

Frankel explained that the women are sent the last five episodes to watch before they sit down to hash things out at the reunion. They talked about how amazing their trip to Miami is. Bethenny says “there’s a person not on the show that provided a piece of information that literally changed the season and I believe that that person should be rewarded in some way because they gave us three more episodes.” Frankel teased that this person was asked to sign a release for some photos but they were too scared to sign it.

Carole also shared the current status of friendship with LuAnn de Lesseps. “I haven’t spoken to Luann since we stopped filming. We don’t really talk when we’re not filming.” Bethenny shared that she only speaks to Ramona and Carole when they’re not filming. Carole added, “My friendships off camera are what you see on camera.” Bethenny shared that Ramona has been a great surprise in her life. Carole added about LuAnn, “I feel like we’re just colleagues.”

Frankel also revealed that she thinks she knows who the next new Housewife on RHONY will be because she recommended the person. “It’s somebody that I met on a vacation,” she said, adding that she’s married, wealthy and has several kids and that she’s currently the front runner.

Both Bethenny and Carole also noted that they will not be invited to LuAnn’s wedding because they were not sent Save The Date cards and they are perfectly fine with that.

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10 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill Dish on RHONY”

  1. That’s Bethenny, already casting for the next season of her show. Hopefully the next Housewife will be her or Carole’s replacement. Carole hasn’t been the same since she had that dream of having sex with Bethenny. Maybe they carried out that dream cause Carole sure has turned into Beth’s lapdog. That must be some pretty powerful stuff Beth has down there.

  2. carole brings nothing to the show. last yr she ran for president of her building association…this yr she participates in a dog wedding. boring. she has no storyline…which is why she keeps the feud with luann going. she is bethenny’s lap dog. i hope she is gone soon. bethenny and carole are so mean to jules. i don’t even like jules that much on the show, but she doesn’t deserve to be treated the way they treat her. they were so rude at jules’ hamptons home. how can they watch that and be proud of their behavior? #teamlu

  3. The only one I currently really dislike is LuAnn. Bethenny does deserve someone to give her a good dose of her own blunt honesty right back but I don’t want her to leave the show.

    1. I bet Bethenny would respect anyone with the guts to talk her down. When as a child you have no voice, the one you find is not tempered by any parent. There are no memories to count on, to look back on, to use for help in decisions etc. So, her own voice was all she ever had. Just like if a person can’t learn language by a certain age, they can NEVER learn, that’s a fact. There is really no way to change that, I believe her to be an empathetic person, and protecting herself with Jules. She has the right to do that. It was a little harsh when she said it would have been a joke to have Jules along for the emergency, but it is the truth. Jules can barely complete a sentence and has some really serious troubles ahead. She needs help. But, we all make mistakes and say things we might not have under different circumstances. Bethenny was also on a bunch of meds, she just didn’t try to put them in her pizza.

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