Bethenny Frankel Believes Fibroids Caused Her Miscarriage


RHONY star Bethenny Frankel revealed on GMA Wednesday morning that she had an issue with fibroids while filming the current season of the show and she was forced to scale back how much time she filmed. She shared that she lost 10 percent of her blood, and that doctors said the fibroids needed to be surgically removed ASAP.

“The bleeding was so excessive and I was so weak,” Frankel said. “I felt like I looked so haggard and had such black circles under my eyes that I had to take care of.”

The Bravo cameras were present when Bethenny was shopping at Home Goods with her co-star LuAnn de Lesseps and realized something was seriously wrong. “It was part of the show and it was affecting the way I was acting during the show,” Frankel said. “I was very stressed and I couldn’t hear something that Luann was talking about. I just felt zoned out. Because when you’re iron deficient and you’ve lost so much of your blood, you just feel depleted. I just felt really terrible.”

“I’m not really good at being the patient, the victim, the weak one,” Frankel added. “It was challenging on the show, and some of the girls were really supportive. It was really amazing.”

Frankel spent three days in the hospital in May after undergoing a myomectomy, a surgical procedure to remove uterine fibroids. “I suffer from a lot of female problems: cysts, and I had endometriosis,” she shared. “I now think—and have been told—that the fibroids probably caused my miscarriage a couple years ago.”

“I think it’s done,” she shared. “I have to start menstruating again and see how that all works. I’ve lost a little bit of weight, which people have commented on, of course.”

“I definitely feel good. I feel better,” she said. “I had a lot of anxiety as a mother, just going under and having to have a living will. It was very stressful.” Bethenny said she was also concerned that her issues were “pulling down the show a little bit and changing the dynamic.”

“I feel good. I think the way that you take care of yourself is really important. I’m drinking more water. Everyone thinks because I have a brand called Skinnygirl that I’m all focused on health all the time and I’m not. I’m stressed. I’m a mom, just like anyone else. But since the surgery, I was drinking green juices and eating more vegetarian foods and trying to just eat healing foods,” she said. “I did go to school for food and healing, so I’ve tried to really exercise that. I think that’s why the recovery’s been more quick than my doctors said.”

But Bethenny says her personal life is really good for the first time in a long time. “I’ve had such a difficult road in certain areas,” she said. “I’m so blessed with my daughter and my career, but I’ve had a couple of difficult years. My personal life is really good. I feel like I’m coming out on the other side.”

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47 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel Believes Fibroids Caused Her Miscarriage”

  1. On and on and on…with still more of her giant pity party to come next week. She acts like she is doing us all a public service…breaking down the wall of silence and increasing awareness surrounding UF. Many women have this issue develop in their lifetime, and although it isn’t a secret, it also isn’t front page news. We talk about it…we just don’t go into vivid detail in the middle of Homegoods. She also needs to eat….and something other than her barkbars and diet booze. She would look and feel much better.

    1. The camera time for Bethenny was about 4 minutes, compared to the spectacular dog wedding and surrounding hullabaloo, maybe half the effing episode, I will have to watch and time it. Quite cute and good for raising money, but a ridiculous way to do it. My next paragraph says why.
      I hope they raised a lot of money for all animal issues, abuse, shelter, everything. It was a wonderful idea, but not worth half the camera time in this episode, IMO. There are many ways to make sure animals are treated properly, meaning educating people that dogs and kitties, ARE NOT HUMANS. This, IMEO, cemented the idea that animals have HUMAN characteristics, and human attributes such as common sense. Ramona doesn’t even have it and she is pretty close to human FGSakes. Many animals are monogamous. They don’t, however, go shopping and get all dolled up and walk down the aisle. They likely spent MANY thousands of dollars on the event itself, which could have been used for so many other things that animals NEED.

      1. Agree as usual, 3 D’s. The money spent would have tremendously helped animals. Not to mention the poor dogs on display at their wedding, they had to have been very uncomfortable in the getups, not to mention the noise. On another note, I wish Bethenny good health always.

    1. I do. Because her own Mom didn’t teach her that she was a human who was valued. Compared to a lot of people who grew up like her, she is doing pretty good. She does go to therapy, because she nows she is messed up. I doubt a person can ever replace knowing you were important as a child, not an excuse, just a fact. That we have an important place in the world, that we are loved by someone more than anyone else in the world, that we always have someone to go to, etc. Can’t be replaced.

  2. This acute bleeding with fibroids is not the same as Yolanda’s ongoing journey. FGSakes, she has no Mom, no sister, no Mother-in-Law that gives a shit about anything but her little boy and the baby she thought she would help raise. She DOES, however, in opposition to many opinions, have many long time friends, and women on the show who love her, and a daughter! Give her a fucking break. I don’t know about any of you but I was in a hospital a few times for this kind of thing, and it is pretty fucking scary to feel like your guts are falling out and blood gushes down the side of the bed all over the floor when you stand up and you slip on it and realize there are blood clots the size of your fist all over the floor!! Jesus, this is not something Bethenny set up for the show. When you have children, and there is a minute chance you will bleed to death or die during surgery, it is a REAL thing, it feels like someone kicked you in the chest and gave you an overdose of SPEED, and she is a real person. She isn’t traveling all over the world having stem cells from sheep IV’d into her spine. She is planning a business trip and she starts bleeding. She is frightened, and a hysterectomy, requires more cutting than ANY OTHER SURGERY, so much cutting. It is very, very serious. Female organs are attached to a lot of inner parts, and very closely attached to our feelings, our main female hormones. Maybe just once everyone could think maybe some of her anger was caused from a SERIOUS hormone imbalance, when female hormones deplete like that it screws with every part of us as women.
    I have a very vivid memory of laying on a hospital floor, all white, the lights, the floor, the walls, I could not feel by body at all and I turned my head to the side and blood was spreading out around me, it was the most surreal experience I ever had. I woke up a day later after surgery that saved my life, and saved my uterus. I didn’t even have children yet, but I did lose my baby son at 5 months and almost bled to death. I did have 2 children at home that time. So, even if you don’t like her, maybe you could have a little kindness for something that is REAL, that WAS happening TO her while she was filming the show.

    1. Also, it looks like they aren’t going to actually SHOW the parts they have to remove like another show I saw recently, hmmm, let’s see, OH YEAH, Yolanda’s boobs all laid out. Why is this any different or more distasteful than Meghan’s IVF? And Heather mentioning they have two frozen “embryos” IOW, two babies, frozen in a tank somewhere. As much dichotomy as I have for infertility, I am sickened when I actually hear the words, frozen “embryos.”

    2. ITA 3 D’s Forever. I too have had that kind of bleeding and I was scared shitless. The clots looked like raw liver. I can relate.

      1. It is SO SCARY. But, when I couldn’t feel my body, I was totally at peace, laying there, and would have simply bled to death in total fearlessness if they hadn’t come running, that was my last memory, hearing the running and the loud medical speak. I probably would have felt different if I had been a Mom already, though. That doctor saved me and did it right so that I was able to bear children, even though I did have trouble after the first 2. Lost my third, & almost lost DeAnna at birth.

        1. 3 D’S you have been through so much pain and sadness in your life . I am so sorry for your suffering . I admire and respect the strong lady that you are and wish you peace and happiness . Love you

          1. I got so, so lucky in that I had 3 children, and was blessed with 2 Step-children when I was 27 that I have led a wonderful life. There has certainly been tragedy, and I have learned a lot from having my Daughter be who she was, from all of my children, and I continue to learn from them all, and the rest of my family, being my husband and the rest of my kids, not my own folks as they were gone long before Nan left us. In her short 27 years, DeAnna taught me acceptance, she taught me to look beyond what I could see with my eyes.

    3. Oh my gosh ths horrible 3Ds I’m so sorry that happened to you. I’m sorry for bethenny too but she’s a b&$ and that’s her own fault. Your sympathy will have to suffice for both of us

      1. 🙂 I think she does the best she can, and has travelled many miles above where she came from. We all do better, or try to, than our folks, no matter how great they were or are, there are always things, at least all the women I have spoken to about it, friends, who see things and remember things and say to themselves “I will NEVER do that with my kids” She came from such neglect and abuse that her whole life as a child was fraught without knowledge of being loved or wanted. So, that is where the sympathy comes from, and other than that, I just like her.

        1. Well between all of us on here I think we have most of the girls covered with love & support. Which is good bc we all need love. Nice to see you!! XOXO

  3. Yes, 3D! She didn’t make this a story line, it caught her by surprise. She was fulfilling her obligation to shoot, and just got too sick to continue. It’s not like Yolanda, who would beleaguer the point (when anyone pointed out she was obviously feeling well) about that how bad she felt most of the time. Bethenny was on WWHL last night embarrassed at her emotional breakdown in the car. I thought dissolving into tears worried about dying with a small child to worry about was about as REAL as anything we’ll likely ever see on these shows.

    1. Wow! Thanks DebBrenn, I wondered if anyone of the many women i know here were going to say anything at all, even a debate is better than no attention at all. Yes, there is nothing more important than life or death, do ya think? I know you do, I was being sarcastic. And, there is nothing closer than a child, being that they started their life INSIDE of us, can’t get any closer than that. I had family around me when my illnesses happened. And I was still scared shitless. A nurse before my Hysterectomy was standing there right before you go into surgery, you know how they ask “what are you having done, what is your name,” stuff to make sure, once again, they have the right person etc., nurses are the kindest of all medical personal along with para-medics, anyway, she said “one of your teeth could get chipped from the breathing tube” and I said I didn’t care just don’t let me die that I had 3 children at home. She was so sweet, she held my hand and said “doctor is the best ( which he was ) and he isn’t gong to let anything happen to you.” I had many cases of being rushed to hospital for what B was going through. Before, during and after my children were born. So, I have a particular connection to this. Anyway, ❤️you.

            1. Thanks for letting me know. I was concerned when I didnt see her or hear from her. I love her and am praing for her. I wish we could all visit her and bring some smiles.

              1. I think Bethenny eats a lot, but her metabolism is simply very fast, like everything else about her! 🙂 I would be shocked if she stopped herself from eating, she just prefers real foods to processed, and I bet she eats her own snacks, but meals, I bet they are big and healthy.

              2. OOps, that was for Real Sandy.
                Me too, Lisa. I love her too, she is so missed here. I will tell her you asked, she can’t bring her i-pad to hospital. Just her phone, and the dizziness makes it hard to type or read. Sad face, and painful heart.

                1. Bethenny did suffer from an eating disorder in the past. I don’t think she is a big eater.
                  We all miss Suze. ❌⭕️❤️

                    1. Yes we all love Suze. Sending lots of prayers to Suze! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

        1. Nurses and para-medics have gotten me through the worst times of my life with their kindness. And their touch. They hold your hand, rub your back, just touch. Para-medics speak with surety that all will be well if I just do what they say, and I always do. Even the young, handsome guys treat me like I am a doll!

  4. I can handle all of the medical talk, but I know others don’t want the details, and it gets to them. It is scary to be going through what Bethenny did, and her emotions made sense, given her situation. She is not my favorite, but she is human, and Luann may not be human, based on all that I have seen, especially lately. Talk about narcissistic. I laugh to think that Luann ever was an L.P.N., since she has absolutely no empathy for anyone. She tuned out Jules more than once when Jules was visibly upset, and now Bethenny. Bethenny does need to eat from what I can tell, but she did try to be filmed, yet was too weak and upset to continue. She should have gone to the Emergency Dept. and not waited for the doctor’s appointment.

  5. I was watching WWHL last night and Bethanny was on and she actually said that she was at a fundraiser or somewhere and Martha Stewart was there. In the past, B would go up to Martha and say “hi” since B was on Martha’s show (B didn’t win and was just as annoying as always). This last time she saw Martha, B said she didn’t bother saying “hi” to Martha because now she and Martha are on the same level. I thought to myself… ARE YOU KIDDING ME? B is delusional. And I realize her fibroids caught her off guard, but I don’t want to hear about her feminine issues. Ever.

  6. Maybe the embryo was able to listen to what she says and the way she treats others and decided not to be born….

  7. So she was preggers ?..who was the father?…was she slutting around and got knocked up ?

    And she has the nerve to call LuAnn a slut !!

  8. I totally get it!!! I had the same problem but I let mine go until I couldn’t walk or think or breathe! I just thought I was overweight and that was the problem! When I finally went to my doctor… My hemoglobin was 3.2. Normal level is 12. Had blood transfusions and a hysterectomy. Please ladies… We take care of everyone else… Take care of yourself!

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