Does Bethenny Frankel Believe Ramona Singer Has Changed?

During their trip to Mexico, RHONY stars Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer were able to put an end to their season long feud, but does Bethenny believe Ramona has actually changed?

“Well, after that, I was waiting to see what would happen, and we shot the reunion. You know, it’s questionable whether Ramona can really change. It’s not that questionable, but the thing is there are certain people in your life, and they’re in different categories,” Frankel said on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Wednesday night. “Ramona emailed me recently saying she was very, very sorry. She’s emailed me a bunch of times. And I said, ‘You know what, don’t worry about it. Enjoy your summer. I’m not angry,’ because I’m honestly not angry. But I don’t think that we’ll be at the same place that we were before, and that’s OK.”

Time will only tell what the future holds for these two. Until them, here’s a sneak peek of the season 9 finale.

Do you believe Ramona has changed?

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  • Bon Vivant

    Ramona has been shouting from the rooftops how much of a changed woman she is for nearly 8 years now, but at her age I think the train to Change Town pretty much left the station a long time ago. It’s very difficult to change certain behaviors when you’re settled into mature age and have gotten along thus far doing the same old things in the same old way. The irony is, on her personal blogs not connected to the show she comes of as grounded, empathetic, and soft around the edges- very easy to connect to as a reader. This must be the other side of her personality pendulum that Bethenny spoke about in the kitchen on the Mexico trip. Oddly, they both share that in common. Scorpio thing, I guess.

  • Watching in Ohio

    I do. I just think Ramona needs more positive friends! I think RS is still grieving over her marriage! She truly loved Mario and trusted him! She was blindsided and betrayed! I think she realized she didn’t listen to him and took him for granted! Change comes slowly at her age and she’s having to reevaluate a lot of things! BF is such a narcissist she’s not a good choice as a friend.. not loyal.. damaged and will turn on anyone because she doesn’t value people.. just herself!!

  • Just Saying

    I don’t know if Bethany really even cares, that night in the birkshires when Ramona revealed how jealous she was Bethany should have embraced her friend with kindness instead of insulting her, Ramona obviously is dealing with some serious issues and to me Bethany is a cold fish

  • 3D\’s Forever

    Just from watching the long term arguments between Ramona and Bethenny I noticed one thing Ramona continuously states in particular. “You can dish it out, but you can’t take it.” People keep repeating that as though everyone is required to “take it” in the manner the speaker does. If anyone is being maligned, for whatever reason, and they personally want to remove themselves from the discussion and situation, they should, IMO. On the other hand, the other person has the right also, to “take it” or NOT. What is this BS Ramona keeps spewing out that Bethenny “can’t take it?” Well, maybe she can’t. Maybe she can’t right now. Maybe she never could. Everyone can get up and not “take it” if they damn well want to. Ramona repeats that as if it is the be all end all of what a proper argument should consist of.
    Then there is Sonja. Always telling others how they feel. Telling Tinsley that who Tinsley names as a good friend, couldn’t be a good friend because of HER relationship with the named person! WTF? I have noticed Sonja saying things like that to Tinsley from the get. Mocking her about a date! Sonja….mocking anyone about anything to do with dates, men and sex is just unqualified. As if she, Sonja, has the answer to how to have a long lasting relationship with any man. In Mexico while sitting with her low rent cohort, Ramona, tells the story of Tinsley’s 5 day date. Casting aspersion on Tins as if she had done something wrong. How the hell is that five day date “friend dropping?” God, she is looking for anything to denigrate Tinsley. Slandering her maybe because she hasn’t had a 5 day date herself? What she is constantly saying about Tinsley is harmful and hurtful. On the other hand, if I was Tinsley, and I had the funds it looks like she has, I would have been LONG GONE. Sonja has made herself look jealous, small, selfish and mean.
    Personally I like Tinsley. She came right into the fray and did her job. Sonja deplores the fact that Tins fit in so well. That Tins was liked by “her friends” as if they can not be fond of Tinsley and be friends with her also. I know we are seeing it long after it happens, but I have to say I would have taken that kind of passive-aggressive BS once. Then, I would have taken my personality and my money and left. I would also have left a few thousand dollars in cash on Sonja’s pillow.