Bethenny Frankel Asks Judge To Evict Jason Hoppy From Apartment


Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy were back in court on Friday as their bitter divorce battle continues. The NY Post is reporting that Bethenny has officially asked the judge to evict her estranged husband from the Manhattan apartment they still share. The couple has remained living together in their 3400 square foot Tribeca apartment, because both sides refused to leave.

The NY Daily News reports Bethenny and Jason avoided eye contact as Hoppy looked Happy and Bethenny looked tense as she consulted with her lawyer. The court appearance comes just days after Hoppy reportedly wanted a judge to rule Bethenny from not allowing their daughter Bryn to be around her new boyfriend, Michael Cerussi.

“Jason had previously asked a judge to issue an order prohibiting Bethenny from having any of her boyfriends around Bryn. The judge denied Jason’s request before, citing the fact that there was no evidence that being around her mother’s boyfriends harmed her,” a source close to Hoppy told RadarOnline. “Jason would like to get the divorce and custody settled, once and for all. Bethenny is making it impossible. He just can’t understand why Bethenny has no problem parading men through Brynn’s life at such a young age, especially since Bethenny complained her mother did the same thing when she was a child!”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Jody

    Bethany is pure obnoxious ambition. Such a princess – mean-spirited and demanding.

  • DebBrenn

    She seems to have as little regard for her daughter’s mental halth as her own mother did, just in different ways. You don’t speak ill of the dad, and you definitely don’t do it on the national stage. Bethany is SO bitter about her childhood, you’d think it would have taught her to be more sensitive for her own child. Her sensitivity seems to be only for herself.

  • Bethenny has the right to date. Jason is a prudish Mama’s boy who thinks people only have sex to conceive children. I wouldn’t be surprised if he thinks that the rest of the time it is sinful FGSakes. She has never “paraded” men anywhere, not even for the press. She is a perfectly loving Mom and coming from where she did I’d say she has not only broken the chain, but done what we all strive for, to give our children better than we had. Emotionally, financially, physically and mentally. Bryn has a Mom who loves her unconditionally, even with her faults. Her education will be top notch and she will always know she was wanted. All kids have Mom’s who have faults, good thing too because that teaches them they are not expected to be perfect either.

    • Debbrenn

      Nobody disputes her “right” to date. It isn’t prudish to teach your kids that all actions have consequences, and that the child has a right to a mother that models taking responsibility for her mistakes and not just blaming everyone else when the hole she dug isn’t as comfy as once thought.