Are Bethenny Frankel and Andy Cohen Feuding After RHONY Reunion?


Apparently there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes of the Real Housewives of New York City. According to a new report, former BFF’s Andy Cohen and Bethenny Frankel have “engaged in a nasty war of words.”

“Bethenny and Andy had a significant falling out after the reunion,” an insider revealed. “She has always been his favorite so it’s a shock.”

Bethenny was livid after Andy asked her “a couple questions at the reunion about other’s drug use,” said the insider, noting, “Bethenny really didn’t want to get involved in that drama and they made her.”

The bad blood between Frankel and Cohen came to a head when the two met at a big post-production meeting after the reunion.

“She was upset at him, and she demanded a producing credit for talking about Luann’s cheating fiancé on camera,” the insider told RadarOnline. “Andy explained neither he nor the network ever agreed to that and she got angry and threatened to leave the show unless she was paid $2 million to film, which the network is refusing to cough up.”

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17 Replies to “Are Bethenny Frankel and Andy Cohen Feuding After RHONY Reunion?”

  1. She really is cracking up! None of the housewives are worth $2,000,000! Not even half that. I read an old article on her and Andy and that she didn’t speak to him for ages. It’s time to cut the apron strings Andy there are plenty of other women out there in New York that would be better than B.

  2. I absolutely think Andy likes Bethenny on the show as his mouthpiece. I think she brings the drama that he wishes he could bring up on the show himself. I have no idea if this story is true but I definitely think Bethenny was pissed that she wasn’t defended more by Andy, as she usually is on the show. I also however call bull crap about her not wanting to talk about the drugs. SHE absolutely brought it up on the show by asking John if he wanted to blow lines and in a few other innuendos during the season, so I’m not crazy about her getting upset that she was questioned about it on the reunion. It’s pretty obvious if you bring it up on the show, it’s fodder for the reunion (unless a lawsuit is involved like Adrienne and Brady).

    1. Again, a Radar of Lies “insider” said it. What could we possibly believe about any of it. All of the housewives work for Bravo, and Evolution, I guess. Whatever personal friendships have become from it probably doesn’t affect the show much, IMO.
      On the show during the bra party, though, that is something I do have an opinion about. It was obvious John was hi. Bethenny had every right to ask if he wanted to do some lines, because that’s where he gets the guts to be such a pig. Saying she stole a name, as if he knows anything about big business. She, Bethenny, learned about business from the ground up, by working her ass off for 20 years. She didn’t “use” Jason to get a baby any more than any woman “uses” their lover or husband to get pregnant. She loved him, that was obvious. When she said she had thoughts and feelings she pushed down about the wedding and the marriage, it sounded like most brides who have a little cold feet before the wedding. All of a sudden, because it’s Bethenny, there’s something insidious about it. She had, in fact, signed a contract to do the spin off. So, there were different things worrying her than what most brides have to worry about. She was pregnant, too, having bleeding problems and writing a book, she had all kinds of commitments besides the wedding. She had no healthy marriage to use as a measure, to look at, to feel. I have compassion for her, and I believe she does the best she can at all times. She honors her word, more than I can say for most housewives.
      And for the coward, anonymous poster who thinks I am obsessed, get a name and say it.
      All ANYONE can do is their best. All ANY person can do is what they believe is right. Whether others see it as right or not. It is HER life, her’s and Jason’s daughter, her’s and Jason’s divorce. I watched all 3 seasons of Bethenny’s spin-off. I got a real feeling for who Jason is. He believed she was the only one who should change, never him. At least she had the guts to say she needed guidance, as far as he was concerned, he was perfect. Perfect parents. Perfect upbringing. Perfect everything. That 40th BD party said it all. She asked & asked, then pleaded, then begged him not to make a spectacle of her, during the party she asked him, again, NOT TO SURPRISE her with anything. She had a new baby, hormones are still rioting through the system of the Mom, not the Dad. But NOOOOOO, he had to do what he wanted to do and embarrass her just to prove to her how wrong she was for wanting what SHE WANTED, on HER birthday. She forgave him the next day too, she said she was sorry 100 times. I have a feeling she was always the one who was supposed to be sorry, because she was messed up and he was Mommy’s perfect little boy. Yuck. Makes me sick.

  3. I keep forgetting to tune in to WWHL and seem to miss all this drama. I would hope that Bravo doesn’t cough up $2M to one housewife. I mean, Luann would have a freaking fit. I would never have thought that Bravo would even contemplate paying these women those kind of salaries. Truthfully, none of them are worth 1/4 of that. I knew they were getting paid to be on the shows, but NONE of them are worth that kind of money. Bethenny would be a bit hypocritical if she was offended that Andy brought up drug use questions since she was the one who alluded to it to begin with. As for her wanting credit for the storyline about Luann’s fiance, c’mon….let’s be real here Bethenny. I’m going to have to call BS on you for that one………that is a hoot.

    1. I don’t know about none of them being worth X amount. Based on what? Personalities.. annoying, or? They make a ton of money because these shows are successful BECAUSE of these women with narcissistic personalities sign up, they bring the content for every episode (even if scripted).

    2. Don’t forget this is an “insider” saying it, texuss. Sometimes I forget to read that part too, and I get shocked. Then I go back up ad re-read, whew! Many times I am all disappointed until I see who the “story” came from, no one. That must be some group of “insiders” and “people close to the cast” who, after all these years have not been found out! I’m so glad I looked this time, too. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. If this is true (and it wouldn’t surprise me ONE BIT), it just confirms what we all know. She is a heinous, angry, judgmental, insecure little girl with HUGE Daddy issues, that made a lot of money and thinks all the money will cover up all her bad behavior. WRONG.

    1. I would love if this was true.. Andy loves the drama.. a lot of us viewers want to see more fun hearted things.. She is a trainwreck and her own worse enemy.. None of us want her back.. other than her paid friends that occasionally stick up for her in the blogs.. wake up Andy

  5. Once again “an insider.” Next it will be :someone close to the cast.” Or ” a person inside production…..” Never anyone who says their name, so, IMO, ABOS. I think these articles are printed, then picked up by the blog because it’s relevant, simply to see how we react. If the two of them truly had a falling out, it would be an interview with one or both of them and quoted.

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