Bethenny Frankel Advised To Settle Custody Battle With Jason Hoppy


Bethenny Frankel has been told by her business advisors to quietly settle her custody battle with Jason Hoppy before Hoppy is scheduled to testify this week, RadarOnline is reporting. If Jason does testify, Frankel faces details of her private life becoming public.

Bethenny has been told “to just settle the custody case with Jason, and agree to joint custody, because there is just no way a judge will award her sole custody,” a source tells the site. Furthermore, Jason will testify on his behalf regarding some shocking details involving Bethenny.

“Bethenny’s camp is concerned it could really damage her SkinnyGirl brand, but she isn’t taking anyone’s advice, and won’t voluntarily agree to sharing custody of Bryn,” the insider reveals.

Jason’s parents are also expected to testify on behalf of their son, and “plan on telling the court what an amazing dad he is, and how involved they are in Bryn’s life,” the source added. “Bethenny doesn’t have any family that will take the stand for her, because nobody would agree to do it.”

“Even after all of this messiness, Jason believes that Bryn needs her mother, and would never dream of taking that away from her,” the insider concludes.

Photo Credit: Bravo