Did Bethenny Ever Date Eric Stonestreet?


Last year there were rumors circulating that Bethenny Frankel was dating Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet and today Frankel addressed those rumors on her new Sirius XM radio show.

Bethenny explained that she first met Eric at a “douchey, Hollywood industry party” and he added that Bethenny “had no idea” he was straight in real life, considering his Modern Family character Cam is gay.

And Eric had no idea who Bethenny was at the party! “I had no idea who you were,” he said. “Sorry!” From there, it does sound like there was some light flirting. “I came over to you and I tapped you and said, ‘Why are you talking to these guys? I’m the most interesting person here,'” Eric said of what he told Bethenny when he noticed she was leaving with another guy.

“I asked my assistants, ‘Is Eric Stonestreet — because I didn’t even know your name. I knew you were Cam [on Modern Family]. I said, ‘Is he gay?’ And they said, ‘F*** no! He’s from Kansas City. He’s such a guys’ guy. He’s into sports.’ I was like, ‘Oh!’ And then we had lunch the next day, and here we are getting engaged.”

Listen to their convo here.

Do you think Bethenny and Eric would have made a good couple?

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10 Replies to “Did Bethenny Ever Date Eric Stonestreet?”

  1. As the actor who plays Mitchell on the show calls him, “gay for pay”. He calls himself, “openly straight” too. He was always straight from what I read, and because he is a great actor, he plays his part well. I am sure, however, that is next to impossible for people now to think of him as anything but gay because he has played gay so well for so long too. Of course, liking sports does not make you straight or gay either, I agree.
    I have never seen him linked to any women in a relationship other than Bethenny when I search, so maybe he does not date so much or keeps it quiet. Maybe his dating life is affected by many women thinking he is gay too.

  2. She had him on her Sirius Radio show yesterday…on Radio Andy. He is a really good match for her and calls her out on her bullshit. But I like him too much to hope they actually do become a thing….I think she is one of those women who tone it down when they are dating…but once they are married…engaged…exclusive….she unleashes the dragons. He is a nice mid-western guy…and I am afraid she would destroy him.

    1. I agree. I don’t think Bethenny should marry again. She is too much of a strong personality and seems too controlling, with a masculine energy IMO. She is a go-getter, very successful, and one smart woman (also full of herself) but she could scare a loy of people off.

      1. I didn’t see the Sirius link at the bottom of the blurb…so I guess everyone can listen for themselves. He is nice guy and really fun…and I like their energy together, but The B gives zero phucks…and ain’t nobody got time for that.
        I used to really like her, but last season …the constant crying and whining, and now this season …she is just so full of herself and so rude and mean….I just can’t relate anymore.

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