Bethenny Doesn’t Like John’s Influence on Dorinda


Bethenny Frankel is explaining why she reacted the way she did to Dorinda’s boyfriend John in her latest blog entry. The RHONY star says perhaps she doesn’t like John’s influence on Dorinda and explains why Jules’ eating habits trigger her.

“I am a reality star on a reality show. Bravo asked me to return because they feel that I am honest, direct and don’t manufacture drama or edit myself. This episode is a brutally honest example of that. I always say: You may not like me, but you know you’re getting the truth. I will forever stand by my tagline. You will also see that if I say or see something, it usually comes to fruition–often before the audience or the other Housewives see it. Please refer to my eight years on reality television.

I felt for Dorinda but perhaps a little bit too late. Perhaps I don’t like or trust John or his influence on Dorinda. I have made that clear. Last week he attacked my personal life and the business that I created from scratch when I was broke. This is when I become like a lion protecting its young.

Now, two days later, she, in my opinion, mistakenly brings him to my birthday party. He, in my opinion, mistakenly comes. The sight and presence of him was too much for me. I didn’t want him there. I made that clear. I didn’t buy his apology. Now I need to try to suck it up for Dorinda. A bitch I may be but an honest one. I don’t “act” or play it up or down for the cameras because I know the audience may find me harsh. This guy had no place at my house two days after the incident.

Now to brunch. I didn’t want to go and had no idea it was such an intimate setting. Four of the seven in the group are in conflict. Why have John answer the door? Three days is not long enough for me to get over John’s actions.

I made it clear to Carole that I was dreading it, and I made a mistake in being there. I truly thought it would be a big group.

It is my gut and opinion that Jules has an eating issue. It is something I am very familiar and have too much experience with, and it makes me uncomfortable. I don’t want to put myself in a situation with a “smorgasbord” between us. I am very sensitive about this, and it triggers me. You will see the softer side of me come out on this issue next week.

In my real life, like on my reality show, I speak candidly to my friends, one of whom is Carole. In that real world I tell my friends when I think someone lives in a McMansion or tries to show everyone how much money they have. To me, bragging about nannies, not knowing how to make coffee and your religious private Manhattan school needing your money is not for me. It is “all show and no go.”

My house may be smaller than Jules’ 9,400 sq. foot house but then again, she brought that up not me. I live in a beautiful house in a great area in the center of the Hamptons. It is paid in full by yours truly and completely finished. And she is right that you can put a rollercoaster in her living room, but if I have to drive deep into the woods, step on nails and dog sh– to get there then, I won’t be riding it.

Jules has made several nasty age remarks about myself and my friends, blamed the John incident on me twice and called me Debbie Downer. For now, let’s just say there is more to this than meets the eye.

My renovation advice I should keep to myself, and shame on us for going there if we couldn’t be gracious. Fittingly, the Alex and Simon’s home was shown, and that was no accident. There are some similarities here. That said, I own my bitchiness as always. I made a mistake. All I can say is my bitchiness is there for everyone to see versus only when I’m in an interview chair.

This was not the most enjoyable weekend, and I’m sure it showed. Let’s leave it at that. A lot more will be answered in episodes to come.”

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55 Replies to “Bethenny Doesn’t Like John’s Influence on Dorinda”

    1. I like her again Suze, I really do. I love her biting, quick wit and how she suffers no fools. Her truth is what I see on the screen as well. Took me awhile to come back around but I’m back square in her corner. I hope you are doing well and as always I pray for you!!!! Love 🙂

      1. I just can’t understand her! She talks so fast it’s like trying to understand someone with a broad Glasgow accent. I have problems but people here wouldn’t have a clue!
        I’m fine thanks had a nice visit from my SIL today so had a good laugh! Xoxoxo o ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    2. I just saw a pic of Bethany from this weekend on another website and she had on hat and bikini… Oh my lord she is most definitely bothered from Jules’s weight because Bethany looks slickly slim once again. She needs to understand the meaning of those who live in glasses shall not throw stone

      1. She’s the pot calling the kettle black…who would pose for pictures wearing her 4 year old’s pajamas and they fit?
        But even if Jules is too skinny is that a reason to laugh at her and make crude comments about her weight?

        1. Yes they both obviously have an eating disorder. I just don’t think it was Bethany’s place to bring up Jules’s weight when she’s in the same boat. Bethany is the mean girl this season. It seems she is in a bad place in her life right now because she is always degrading others on things she does not have such as a loving relationship, huge house in the hamptons… Her being friends with Ramona was the only red flag I needed to know she turned into a mean girl.

        2. I mean no… She has no reason to comment on anyone’s weight, character, boyfriend, warming family home, business… Nothing. She’s a very miserable person. And she needs to stop talking with a mouth full of food. That’s disgusting when she does that. She does it for a reason too… To make it look on camera she is shoveling food in her mouth all the time when in fact she’s not. She only does it when she’s talking so the cameras will show her stuffing her mouth

  1. Miss “Know it All’ needs only to look at her own party to figure out how the rest of her life will go if she continues down this path. Owning your flaws is not enough. You should work to correct them. Fabulous food and drinks, fun theme, and yet everyone…including the host…had a crappy time. Why? Because the host and a few of her friends (Carole) decided they would use this opportunity to make sure some of the people who were invited were made to feel unwelcome. This is an excellent example of why I think most successful business people are wretched people ….they are just clueless about what really matters in life. Jule’s and her husband were gracious to invite you to their home for food and fun and then you shit all over them.
    Carole…you are much better than this…your behavior at Bethenny’s party and Jule’s “smear” was very rude and very immature. I expect this stuff from Bethenny…who was raised by wolves in her own words…but not you. I’m afraid I might have overestimated you.

    1. she is such a shrill asshole that nobody truly likes, what an insufferable piece of work. carole is just as bad, she’s simply isn’t as loud. you can see why those lowlives get along so well.

      1. I could not have said it any better Kyle, for the life of me I do not know why these grown women allow Bethanny to bully them, I would shut her “mean girl” ass down so quick, she would be avoiding me altogether!!!

    2. “I haven’t verbally assaulted anyone to tears, this is the best birthday party ever.” frankly says it all. Bethenny is so proud of herself, what a champ.

    3. Perfectly said! Bethenny just doesn’t get it.. She is the most obnoxious, hard to watch housewife EVER! Poor Jason.. I hope that he gets the payout that he deserves, because he is a Saint for putting up with her for as long as he did.. Bethenny is the most miserable person and has to make others miserable. She should be ashamed of her behavior.. Unbelievably rude and just plain childish.. Not a fan of Carole’s either after seeing how immature and how much of a suck up to Bethenny she has been

    4. The thing is, I like Bethenny. I can handle the truth and I have always enjoyed her “slice and dice” approach…but she reminds me lately of a child star. She lacks the emotional maturity and restraint to handle the power that her new money gives her and now she is just a brat. Like the Justin Bieber of Bravo, she is lashing out at everyone …because she gives 0 phucks …as she likes to keep telling us. I also don’t hate John, but I think Dorinda needs to learn from Kristen and Josh…and get him off camera as much as possible…before the hoards of haters swarm social media to destroy him.

      1. Emotional maturity is the perfect way of putting it. I hate it when people use traits like “blunt” and “truthful” as a guise for their inability to undestand that their words are unnecessary, hurtful, and un-helpful. She says all these things for personal benefit with absolutely no regard for how the other person may feel which is, exactly as you put it, immature. I used to love that part of Bethenny but now I see it as a way for her to hide her insecurities. I really began to see it full-on when she appeared on RHOBH.
        As for Dorinda, I see a sadness in her and for the most part agree with what Bethenny says about him although she needs to drop it. Dorinda has handled herself with so much maturity when it comes to Bethenny. By now, i probably wouldve pulled an Aviva and thrown a fake leg at her.

    5. Bethany has turned into such a rude arrogant BITCH… Miss know it all that can’t have a stable relationship. She slams everyone for everything. Not to mention the know it all insults. Insulting Jules on her house, he food….. Can’t stand the Negative Bitch.

    1. I’m pretty sure Bethenny and the other housewives were responsible for Kelly being gone. She was using drugs and out of control.

  2. John may not be the most polished person, but then again, in social situations, neither is Bethenny. She can be just as rude, crude, and invasive/dismissive…all the things she hates about John, but manages to pull off this behavior when SHE’S SOBER. I am likely going to be in the minority with this, but frankly I ENJOYED the two of the going at it outside because Bethenny is not your average girl, I knew she could take the heat, AND she deserved every second of his retorts. She’s a tough, street smart New York broad with metaphorical testicles as big as any man and has no qualms about going toe to toe with one in verbal sparring. However, to whom much is given, much is expected: so if you have the chutzpah to say the type of incendiary things that she does to a man’s face, surely in infinite wisdom from the wells of your OWN testosterone storage you know that they’re going to stand nose to nose with you and read you right back. That moment when he said, “so what do you want to do, slice it and dice it..?” I said,

    “OH “S%”T, this just got New York REAL, really fast”

    That’s why I can’t live there anymore: conversations with a REAL New Yorker can go so left, so loud, so quick. Europe has made me waaaay too chill & my blood pressure can’t take the level of aggression that’s needed…just to get to get through a damned BBQ ?Good lord. It’s fun to watch from the sidelines though. Oh, and btw, every party that Bethenny has is ruined by something or other. Much of the madness being of her own making. #neuroticscorpios

    1. There we go I agree with everything you have said. As a Brit I can’t follow half of what B says anyway! She talks so fast! I don’t like her but think she is good for the show but I certainly wouldn’t listen to her radio show!

    2. I don’t find Bethenny tough at all, she comes across as a mean girl in a lot of pain to me, why is it any of her business who Dorinda is seeing, or how someone else renovation is going,it would be fun to see Bethenny try and pull this same shit with some of the other housewives on a couple of the other shows,I seriously doubt she would fair as well.

    1. Amen!!! She’s just like Rinna! A broken bird who rather than looking within projects her issues onto everyone else. This woman with a thousand excuses for her wretched behavior once dressed in her 4 year old DAUGHTER’S CLOTHES!!! If that’s not a trigger to someone I don’t know what is. She is someone I would never allow in my inner circle. Nastiness for days. I can be made to laugh without having to watch my back for some unscrewed harpie to lay into me about God knows what. I swear it would do her and Rinna a world of good to heal their baggage rather that keep projecting it onto those around them. I don’t care if they ever do but like I said I would walk the opposite direction if they were in my life.

      1. Ok let me add to my rant for a second. Kim is not Rinnas sister & Jane or whatever the new girls name is is not bethenny’s mom. This is real basic right? Me personally I talk to someone I trust be it a therapist or close friend when someone triggers old feelings in me so I can….. heal!!! Good lord. No one else is going to do it for you. You can despise and condemn everyone who reminds you of someone who hurt you or you can use their presence in your life to heal the past. Most likely after you do this ppl will stop showing up to test your growth. And chances are if you are a nasty ogre spewing your vitriol to the entire world about a person who reminds you of someone else- you’re not healed- or happy! Who suffers? Not the other person. They’re not attached to your drama. You put it on them. So at the end of the day it’s a personal choice to be healed or to defend your inner broken self so she/ he can continue feeling unsafe & miserable. I’ll take my simple life.

          1. Thank you Daisy! I think I need to take my own advice and avoid all bethenny posts. She’s vampiric & I just can’t give her any more energy

  3. the “party” was a drip. despite having all the nice food and all of the welcome, back, middle, and barn bars there was nothing in the air that made the party look and feel like a nice atmospher. The negativity of the host ruined any possibility of that.
    B is the worst kind of person there is, she constantly critizices left and right, pours her guests liquor with one hand and judges with the other if they take it. wouldnt want to be around her even if im being payed for it, Dorinda and John shouldnt of even bothered… thats mho

  4. Bethenny, you certainly play the part of the “mean girl” very well. I suppose you took lessons from Jill Zarin along those lines. It does not look good on you. Not at all!! How you acted at Jules house was a disgrace, and you should take a long hard look at yourself. You have always been my favorite, and if this continues, you will move to the bottom of my list.

  5. I am a Carole fan but was upset by her schoolgirl antics following Bethanny. Last week Bethanny was told LuAnn was coming to her party and B said “but I haven’t invited her”. This is typical countASS action. She is the one who started the war with Carole and as Carole said on WWHL last night LuAnn started the Twitter war and Carole’s fans spoke for her. LuAnn is a mean girl and I think she is pushing herself where she is not wanted.

    1. Me too, Bee. I usually find Carole to be the voice of reason. Last night, I was remembering of the trip to London Carole and Dorinda took last year to pick up Carole’s husband’s ashes. They seemed to be bonding and really enjoyed being together. But, last night, I saw very little evidence of that friendship. She was stuck to Bethenny like velcro. I am disappointed in her behavior.

  6. Whew, I don’t have anything to say between apple and Bon Vivant it sums up my thoughts pretty well. I will say I had a worse headache than I started off with after watching the show, the negativity and dysfunction at all their functions – I question why I watch anymore. I guess I’m a masochist.

    1. I am with you Miss M. I have always liked Carole ( long before the RHONY) but I don’t want to watch her become a Bethany mini me. If this continues I am done because I can’t stand the countASS and not fond of R and S.

  7. Carole seems really…..bitter and judge-y so far this season.
    Bethenny’s behavior at her own “party” was disgraceful.

    And, hey Bravo? Is Bethenny going to talk over everybody in every scene, then do a talking head repeat narration of what she just said and did? Please please please no. Please. No.

    1. Hi SharonH: in defense of Carole – she had a really rough season last year with the countASS and then was hit with a Twitter war from said countASS so I think she is on edge not sure what to expect. I really like her and not happy that she is following motor mouth around.

      1. Aunt Bee–Great post. I’ve really enjoyed Carole’s “Isn’t this crazy” attitude in the past, her humor…I just hope she doesn’t lock herself into Bethenny’s Bitter Barn. Run, Carole, run!

  8. Love B! I trust her intuition 100%. Its true she reads people and situations before some viewers and the other HW’s. I love that the B is back!

    1. Me too. If people don’t like what she has to say why don’t they confront her instead of whining about it behind her back?

  9. I really used to like Betthany for her quit wit but she has just gotten mean and full of herself. You don’t have to say everything you think. It’s called “filters.” And being polite and kind. She didn’t like it when John was unfiltered so why does she think her opinions are different, special, or even correct?? She is just getting nasty and unlikeable. Looks like Carole is drinking the koolaide.

  10. I like Bethany, but I feel like she’s Heather 2.0 for Carole. I see a lot of similarities between interview chair tough guy between Carole and Jules. I don’t like either of them and wish we could do without. I’m going to have to agree with Bethany about Jules though…even if she can’t see a hint of what she dislikes in her in her new buddy Carole.

  11. That party was as fun as having a root canal with no anesthesia…she was a total failure as a hostess…ad I don’t really think Dorinda gives two phucks for what Bethenny thinks

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