Bethenny Confronts Ramona Over Stealing Dress From Her Talk Show


During part two of the RHONY reunion, Ramona Singer was confronted about a dress that she allegedly stole from Bethenny’s talk show and never returned.

“Let’s be honest,” Ramona began. “You spilled wine on my dress by accident, and one of your production people… one of your girls said take one of the dresses. So I took one of the dresses, the one I really liked.”

“Ramona you’re lying,” Bethenny insisted. “I could go old school Jill Zarin and pull up all the texts!” Frankel continued, “What happened was Ramona was on my show and we were shooting a Housewives moments on the talk show and we spilled Pinot Grigio on it and I said to her, ‘Do you want to borrow a dress for this shoot?’ she said, ‘No I’m fine.’ So I go into my dressing room, the producers come in with other people and they say, ‘We have a situation. Ramona took a dress. She took a dress, she put it in her bag and just walked out.'”

“Your assistant gave it to me!” Singer insisted.

“If she gave it to you it would have been in a garment bag,” Bethenny clarified. “So I texted Ramona and she said, ‘Oh I made a mistake. I thought the producers gave it to me, I made a mistake.’ So I ask if she would mind returning the dress and I offered to send someone to her apartment. I gave her a Milly dress that was a Halston Heritage dress. I gave her a Milly dress in a box thanking her for doing the show. Now I’m down two dresses. So I text you and you tell me, ‘I don’t know. Mario put it in the trunk it must have fallen out.’ Then you posted a picture of yourself with Avery in that dress! So you kept both dresses. That’s what did happen.”

“I have both dresses, you’re right,” Ramona admits. “I was actually going to bring them to you today.”

Watch the clip below.

Photo Credit: Bravo


9 Replies to “Bethenny Confronts Ramona Over Stealing Dress From Her Talk Show”

  1. This woman is such a spoiled bitch I don’t know what rat whole you found her in, but she needs to be returned!!! She seems to think she is awesome but she is far from that! Talk about gold diggers, they broke the mold with her! Her attitude is that of a snake, she will stab everyone’s back at any time. Her husband will see through her and dump her butt for a woman with class asap, hope he has an iron clad pre nup! She needs to go, she is bringing the show and the other women down!

  2. Oh, just a few more comments, her face is too small, her hair is stringy. her neck is way too long, her body makes her look like a an odd shaped young man (boy?) and she definately stirs up the pot!!!

  3. Why, oh why is this old (isn’t she 70 or 75+?)bitch still on this show? She is crude, nasty, looks and walks weird, and hasn’t any kind things to say to anyone else on the show! She is DESPERAT for a man, ANY man to pay attention to her—I would run screaming if I were a man and saw her heading my way! I am sooo embarrased for her and her behaviour! She lies about EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY and then she denies it oe says “I don’t remember”–how convenient! She is low class and a bottom feeder, get rid of her asap!

  4. I enjoy both of these women, but they have the biggest, loudest mouths! Keep up the good work ladies, but tone it down abit, okay? Oh and stay away from people that claim they can talk to the dead, it is all s bunch of hocus pocas! Stick to the Lord, omly He can hekp you!

  5. I like Shannon, but she seems a bit flaky. She has a lot of really odd ideas about health remedies, and she crys and drags up David’s affair WAY too much!!! You sound like a vroken record my dear! I am 100% on your side with all of that Meghan crap, she’s a bitch, stay away from her if possible!

  6. Of course menopause ramona was lying and she did steal the dresses….. she is so obnoxious and karma served her marriage for being such a horrible mean drunk girl………..

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