Bethenny Breaks Down Over Her Daughter Bryn


In this clip from this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York City, Bethenny met up with Carole to go furniture shopping for her new apartment and got emotional about not being able to attend Dorinda’s birthday weekend in the Berkshires because she would be spending time with her daughter Bryn.

“I live for her,” Bethenny explains. “I live for her and she’s going through a hard time. I will never get this time… she’s getting older. I don’t care about anybody but my daughter.”

“Everyone understands that,” Carole explains.

“I’m not the only one who has a daughter, but whatever my situation is, it’s pretty f*cking bad and that’s my own thing and I can’t do it,” Bethenny sobs. “I just don’t want to miss anything with her.”

“I was panicking because I’m not good in a very emotional situation,” Carole confesses in her interview. “I mean I’m very nurturing… kind of.”

As Carole goes to get Bethenny a tissue, Frankel admits, “I’m SO embarrassed.”

The tears turn to laughter as Bethenny realizes that she’s having a breakdown in a furniture store.

Watch the show highlight below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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If she wasn’t so rude and dismissive of everyone else, I could feel sorry for her, but instead I think I’ll feel for the kid. These two (Jason and Bethenny) have made quite the mess.


I think Bethenny loves her daughter more than life, wanted her daughter more than anything and shows her how loved and wanted she is. I think she gives everything she has to give her little girl and tries her absolute best. She has always seemed high strung and searching for something to fill her heart with the mother that wasn’t in it. I think she doesn’t force Bryn to fill it because she knows enough to not give her little girl a job no adult could do, and no kid needs a job in her Mother’s life. I think she… Read more »

@Marian– I disagree with your post; of course Bethany should be embarrassed by her bad behavior….not breaking down at the store, but of the public comments she has made about Bryn’s father, and her behavior towards others, very rude like the eye rolling when someone introduces themselves like they did at that blond party for Ramona, or her actions against Heather–no cause for this.

I disagree also. In Bethenny’s going to cry every episode. ? I’ve watched Bethenney cry for all the season’s she has been on RHonj ? Many many people have way worse lives than Bethenney. She’s a tough woman.

I do not believe her tears for a minute. She is so fake!!!

Boy you think – A LOT!!!!

I think Marian’s comment is insightful and pretty much right on. I liked Jason and often felt Bethanny was very dismissive of him pre-divorce. But I do feel she loves Bryn very much and my heart breaks for her when it comes to shared custody. I don’t understand the arrangement – does Bethanny only have her for every other weekend? That doesn’t seem fair.

@ Aunt Bee–seems like this is the arrangement

I wonder if Jason is keeping the apartment just to make it more difficult for her. It is not easy to find good space in the right school district and all. It took a couple years to fix it up, and who would want to give up that closet!? She should get the house and he should move out and on.

Being I don’t have a twitter account and I haven’t read what must be the endless articles about the couple my view is limited. I only go from the shows and the few interviews I have seen on Wendy I think and on WWHL. I think her insides are so full of turmoil that she can’t see out and I am rooting for her to find whatever it is she needs to find peace. It must be argued where the line between what a “source said” and hers and Jason’s reaction to that and on and ….. Not that they… Read more »
I don’t doubt Bethenny loves her daughter. I understand completely why she doesn’t want to spend the time she has with Bryn away from her. I even understand the guilt and the constant crying. I just don’t care. People show you who they are and I have learned to believe them. Bethenny, at her core, is the women who screeched at John, the only parent who stepped up and did his best to help her, “YOU SHOULD HAVE…I AM THE CHILD.” when he tried to tell her how hurt he was when she cut all ties with him. Bethenny is… Read more »

Well said…ITA!!!

I love her she says what’s on her mind and she has no filter so first we need to walk in her shoes to understand what she’s been through what she’s going through she married a man that saw potential in her and knew she was going somewhere it was all about the money i have no doubt that he loves his child but it was about the money the money she made let’s not for get that .this is my own opinion

I quite like Bethenny, but I also liked her ex husband as well & truly do not believe he was treated as he should’ve been. I feel for her & with her, but her tears are ever present like Kyle’s. I hope she finds her happiness.

It’s not uncommon for couples divorcing to each have what they had before marriage and then have some sort of a divide of assests when they divorce. This is a common thing. If one of other wife or husband has decided that theyt want a divorce, and they start to hide things such as money before they file for divorce,that is another thing way different. If the other spouse suspects that is what has happened, they can hire a forensic (sp) accountant to trace money and assests. I suspect that may be what is happening, or has happened.

Really? I don’t think so. He helped her make the deal with the Beam company and knew exactly how incredibly rich it made her. She loved him too and it is really too bad they couldn’t make it.